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  1. The Open Floor Plan is common in new construction, and remodeled older construction. It's great if you want to have a deluxe man cave.
  2. Yeah, in Europe, and other countries that use DD/MM/YYYY, but in the US, we use MM/DD/YYYY. So 6/10/2016 in US English is: June 10th 2016. How's that for an amusing factoid?
  3. These are the 5 biggest gaffes in Nobel Prize history http://www.denverpost.com/2016/10/01/gaffes-in-nobel-prize-history/ STOCKHOLM — Nobel Prizes cannot be revoked, so the judges must put a lot of thought into their selections for the six awards, which will be announced in the next two weeks. bla,bla,bla When the medicine committee awarded a cancer discovery that wasn’t Danish scientist Johannes Fibiger won the 1926 medicine award for discovering that a roundworm caused cancer in rats. There was only one problem: the roundworm didn’t cause cancer in rats. Fibiger insisted his research showed that rats ingesting worm larvae by eating cockroaches developed cancer. At the time when he won the prize, the Nobel judges thought that made perfect sense. It later turned out the rats developed cancer from a lack of vitamin A. Oops.
  4. The answer is about 8 hours. It will be slightly less. The fact that the exact positions of the planets are unknown makes a more accurate calculation questionable. Sun to Neptune 4.1 hours, Neptune to Earth 4 hours. An 8 hour difference is significant, and it doesn't matter if it's 7 hours and 30 minute or 8 hours and 30 minutes. Accuracy isn't the question. The time lag is obvious. You shouldn't have needed to do calculations. The answer to which body goes dark first was obvious. I want to thank you for all the information you supplied in the thread, I used your data for the calculation. In the future I will be more careful in the use of hypothetical events. But, I doubt it would have been any different if i said a flashlight as bright as the sun. That's impossible too. The Speed of Dark = the Speed of light
  5. We are part of the Universe. We are the Center of the Known Universe because our telescopes see out to about 14 billion light years in all directions. We have no idea of our relative position. We might be at the center, or near the edge. I wouldn't use imploded. Collapsed is probably a more suitable word. Implosion infers a difference in internal and external pressure where the external pressure is greater than the internal pressure. In building demolition explosions are used to trigger the implosion of the building by removing the internal pressure produced by selected structural components. Tremendous force would be required to propagate the event. "Nobody can hear you scream in space." That makes gravity the usual suspect, and I think the gravity mass distance relationship makes the aggregation of sufficient force highly unlikely. We don't really have a handle on the totality of the Universe. The problem with a Theory of Everything is; it's a moving target. They're trying to hit a moving target from a moving platform, and the target and platform run straight and fast, like a kangaroo .
  6. Since the Implosion isn't likely to eject mass, gravity shouldn't be affected. For the implosion to affect atmospheric pressure, you would need an atmosphere in what is now space. The vacuum of space protects us.
  7. The Normal Reason is irrelevant. This is a hypothetical event. You don't need that much detail as the position of Mars cannot cause it to remain illuminated while Neptune goes dark. The question was very simple, and the answer is very simple. Mars will go dark first, Neptune will follow. If you remember when they were bouncing laser pulses off the moon, the dark and light pulses maintain their relative distance and size through a vacuum unless they are affected by the Doppler Effect.
  8. We live in different real worlds. In my world Sheldon would be a hoot, and get just as he gives. In the early days of computers, programmers had to share terminals. If you walked away from a terminal that someone else needed, they would log you off. Sometimes they would change your password so you would have to walk around asking "what's my password?" In one instance I changed my friend's log on message to say "Janet is a dummy because she can't make this message go away." When I logged on later that night my log on message said "Your mother swims after troop ships and catches them." I busted a gut laughing.
  9. Penny's Maiden Name is BUNDY!! Like in Al & Peg, King Kong, Kelly
  10. This isn't about likely scenarios, it's a geek game. The points you bring up are valid in that they will be considered by the Aliens before they wipe us out. One option that they had was arriving in peace, but where can you actually find peace in today's world? They probably figured out that we would steal their technology and kill them. Don't forget that they've been watching Broadcast TV for years. What would they see that would convince them that their Rights would be respected? Now I want to start out with an Asteroid Attack to generate tidal waves. The attack will be in 3 waves; the first will be a swarm of 15 asteroids with 4 hits on the earth. The Mass will be low to create moderate sized waves. The misses are intentional to conceal the fact that the attack has begun. The second will occur 3 days later with 15 asteroids, 15 hits, Mass to produce large, not massive, waves. The idea is to give people time to reenter the target zone. It doesn't matter if they are looters or rescuers. The 3rd wave will be 5-6, all hits, Mass to produce Massive waves. The idea is to get the people who didn't catch on, and to wash some rubble out to sea.
  11. Why does everyone assume that they would want to turn the earth into asteroids? While rapid transit discourages attempts to make voluntary inter-stellar voyages, when you have no choice but to evacuate rapid transit becomes secondary. The problem then becomes surviving a long space journey in a slower craft to an unknown destination. They really don't need super high tech that's eons ahead of us. Guided meteors isn't on a list of impossibles at the Pentagon.
  12. Not exactly. You're assuming that they'll travel in the plane of the solar system, not come in from above or below the sun. If you look up or down at the solar system, the sun would be in the middle, and I think Mercury would be number 1.
  13. My turn I'll guess 3rd Rock from the Sun. Did they move Pluto closer to the sun?
  14. Currently the Aliens only get broadcast TV, and they want cable, or fiber. There's a prayer that ends "World without end. Amen." Unfortunately, it's wrong, the earth will end in a few billion years when the orbit of the earth is below the surface of the sun. In a few billion years, it will be Homo Dufus sending out scouting parties to find a new home. How do you know the dinosaurs didn't tick off space aliens who did it on purpose?
  15. Yes, but the benefits outweigh the cost. Wiping out Washington, London, etc. would cause a governmental meltdown. The Financial system would also take a hit. Wiping out ports would hinder trade and evacuation. Remember we want them to feel trapped. They need to be encouraged to fight each other. The real critical infrastructure, IMHO, are energy, water, and Hawaii. The coastlines need to be leveled and rebuilt. One more thing, you wrote " the challenge is to remove the human "infestation", . I prefer to call them Homo Dufus"
  16. If they were going after resources, yes they would pick the low hanging fruit. There would be no need to seize the earth. But if they wanted the planet, they would need to wipe us out. The 1st episode of TBBT is how many light years from earth? Broadcast TV has done us in. Sure Leave it to Beaver, and Father Knows Best are out there, but so is Jerry Springer. Fortunately Glenn Beck was on cable, so the aliens aren't aware of his mental prowess.
  17. I wrote " Traveling at very high speeds affects the passage of time, and the aging process. " You reference close to the speed of light articles, but very high speeds much less than the speed of light produce time distortions too. They have to reset clocks in the GPS Satellites to adjust for differences in the passage of time. If a planet has been abandoned the prior inhabitants will be looking for a new home. The speed they travel isn't that important as long as they make progress. Traveling at less than 1/2 the speed of light will get you somewhere. It just takes longer.
  18. There is no shortage of natural resources in the universe. There is no need to invade earth to obtain anything other than a lap dance.
  19. Yes you did. You posted " The asteroids are likely easier to exploit for resources than the earth. " And I said : Why do you think they want our resources? Maybe they want the PLANET!!
  20. It's all about logistics. Neutron Bombs have a limited lethal radius. You'll need lots of them. Remember you have a 100 years to work with. A swarm of computer piloted Kamikaze Asteroids plopping into the ocean would create some interesting tidal wave patterns. A method to build sun glasses for the Planet Earth to combat Climate Change has already been researched. They'll just use darker lenses. Reducing the sunlight that reaches earth will cause food shortages which will cause a breakdown of government and civil wars. Grasshopper will was right "guns to help Earthlings kill off each other by themselves. " The question is; what's the plan? Do you use asteroids first, or block the sunlight first? If you want to reduce food supplies quickly, leave as many mouths alive as possible.
  21. Why do you think they want our resources? They would probably want our planet without the pesky people. The Time Share contracts are waiting. The distances aren't vast. Traveling at very high speeds affects the passage of time, and the aging process.
  22. That's the point, they don't have to invade to wipe out Homo Sapiens. First they clear the area, then the settlers arrive.
  23. Sure, you can be whomever you want to be. Just keep in mind that your invasion force will number in the low 10s, probably between 20 and 30 persons. The number is based on producing a harmonious social environment, not mission duties. If Howard brought Sheldon, Howard, and Raj to the space station, he wouldn't have needed sedation at the end of the mission. Your ship will be unarmed, but you will have Fabricators, like 3-D printers, to build what you need. It has a small supply of raw material, but for the most part you'll be living off the land, harvesting minerals, water, methane, solar energy, and whatever else you run across that's useful. Remember, time is on your side. They can't hit you. Put maps of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres side by side, what do you see? Does that affect your strategy? Do Tunguska, Chelyabinsk, and Soddom and Gamorrah affect your strategy? Do weather reports from 1816, the year without a summer, affect your strategy? 1816 = Eighteen Hundred and Froze to Death
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