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  1. You don't need body bags to extract Soylent Green. Your plan has some interesting ideas, but they require you to mingle with the targets. Why not block the sun, and make all food unaffordable?
  2. It's not gonna be a Will Smith Independence Day. Your mission is to wipe out Homo Sapiens, while leaving a core infrastructure to support the new inhabitants when they first arrive in a hundred years.
  3. Computer Science: Airlines can't fly because of software upgrades; flash market crashes, identity theft, hacking, and the computer virus. The mainframe has been on it's death bed for some time now, but as far as I know it hasn't fallen victim to a virus. In the early years, us mainframers followed what was happening, and we laughed our Azzez off as the attempts to shift the paradigm ran into real world problems. It was usually scalability, but sometimes calculations weren't accurate enough for BIG business operations. They couldn't get calculations in floating point to always agree with fixed point results. My favorite fiction site isn't Fan Fiction here, it's LinkedIn. I was told by a director that getting a BS in CS was easy, she chose a school that gave credit for what they called work experience. So she earned her BS by using BS. I've worked WITH, not FOR, some CS people, some are awesome, most aren't. In the early years, there were Scientists working in the field, quite a few were Biologists. Most got their computer experience using the computer in their studies. Today the field has too many Diploma Mill graduates.
  4. What does Sheldon think of Psychology? I bet it's right up there with Geology. I recommend following the link vonmar posted. I liked this; " Contrary to common belief, eccentric individuals are often happier and more well-adjusted than "normal" people since they are much freer to break away from society's norms." I guess they don't buy the "non-optional social convention" rational. How 'bout this: " There is even a wikiHow page titled, "How to Act Like Sheldon Cooper" I like Sheldon the insensitive man-child who says things we wish we would/could have said. I just wonder why Sheldon doesn't lash out at Computer Science? Kurt would think that it's a true science because there's more than one right answer.
  5. I love the way she portrays her character. The Miss Quiznos 1999 was hilarious.
  6. Some people are resistant to HIV due to a genetic mutation know as CCR5-Delta 32. If your great, great, great, great grandmother was wooed by Vikings, you may have the mutation. There have been unfounded reports of a cure. Either a cure or a vaccine is on the horizon. So, for the time being, carry a public restroom kit when traveling.
  7. From Ben Bernake on wiki; Since Dillon High School did not offer calculus at the time, Bernanke taught it to himself. Bernanke scored 1590 out of 1600 on the SAT. I wonder what Sheldon got on the SAT. Ben did better than me, did he do better than you?
  8. The incidents predated TBBT. If you want to find TBBT fans to date, when someone touches you, you say "1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi". If they laugh, you've found a fan, and broken the ice. You're on your way to Coitusville if you play your cards right.
  9. Early to bed. Cactus or Toilet Paper?
  10. I would like to see Larry, his brother Darryl, and his other brother Darryl in a Bob Newhart scene.
  11. I moved from NY to Colorado, the land of Recreational Marijuana. Edibles are a major part of the legal market. So, I have a clue. I tried an appetite stimulant strain that made carpet squares with ketchup more appealing than spaghetti with hot dogs. The pain killing strains work as well. The ROTFLMAO strains are great an hour or so before TBBT.
  12. Amy's fondness for her (electric) toothbrush. In one episode she runs to the bathroom claiming that she needs to brush her teeth, and adds that she will be a while. There's the episode The Adhesive Duck Deficiency S3.8 where Howard, Raj, and Leonard go out to see a Meteor Shower. Howard meets some middle school teachers wearing Grateful Dead T-shirts who give him some cookies. Leonard, Howard, and Raj eat the cookies, and miss the meteor shower. Their attack of the munchies is hilarious.
  13. Speed of Dark = Speed of Light. It's night, and when you look up at the sky you see light from light emitting bodies, and light reflecting bodies. Let's focus on the planets. Each planet is a different distance from the sun, and it takes longer for light to reach the outer most planets. If you can observe the reflections from Mars, and Neptune, and the sun suddenly goes dark, which planet will lose illumination first, and how long after that will the 2nd lose illumination?
  14. I used to say that I could do anything with a computer, except balance my check book. I have been all over the place, and as I wander I click the like key when I see something I like. I just gave Tripper a like, but it's just an attempt to suck up to TPTB.
  15. Male or Female? This is a bigger question for males, especially Jewish males. The Circumcision is both medical, and religious. A benefactor of the religious ritual received $1 Million as a result of somebody taking a bit too much off the top. (True). (Doctor or Mohl, that is the question.) The Catholic church recognizes any baptism. As far as I know, the Mormons are the only ones who don't have a Baptism reciprocity agreement with the other churches. I'm a former Catholic. When I was about 7 years old, I baptized several of my Jewish friends so they could get into heaven. I remember their parents reaction; not so much the words, but the volume. While Jews for Jesus aren't Catholic, they are Christian, and Jewish. My family has Jewish/Christian hybrids who are now Druid adults.
  16. When there was a science show on TV, and someone said "infinite gravity", I would yell at the TV, "there's no such thing as infinite gravity. It's only a very large number." After several years of my yelling, Neil DeGrasse Tyson adopted my position. Yelling at the TV works, but it takes too long. My current rant is the Size of a Point. A point has no size.
  17. Deerslayer, Being a know it all isn't really bad. There are 2 types of know it all; those who think they know it all, and those who really do. It depends on which group others put you in. Your intelligence is a random act of nature, there's nothing you can do about it.
  18. Right now, I collect Social Security for a living. Before that, I designed and built software to run on IBM mainframes for businesses in the NYC Metro area. I supplement Social Security with my lottery scratch off winnings.
  19. Several years ago, an attempt to regress adult stem cells to the pluripotent type was partially successful. The stem cells regressed, but went past the pluripotent type, and regressed to the totipotent type. The difference is that pluripotent cells can't produce a placenta, while totipotent cells can produce a placenta. So if you're male or female, you can produce a perfect clone of yourself down to your Mitochondrial DNA. The difference is that females can give birth to an exact copy of themselves. They're Identical Twins born years apart to different mothers. Males, on the other hand, need to find a female surrogate. If the girls begin to ponder their options, it could be amusing. Sheldon would see no problem in populating a small city with clones of himself, but he would need a willing female. Amy might reconsider mixing her DNA with Sheldon's to produce a superior offspring, and opt to mother herself instead. The Sheldon clones would be left without an oven to be a bun in. (Spin-off "In Search of The Sheldon Oven") Leslie Winkle (Sara Gilbert) would head up a movement to encourage female self reproduction with the slogan "go mother yourself". Bernadette has a multiple birth advantage. She could mother a basketball team of herself in one shot. Amy or Penny could sneak an extra Bernadette in. It's all about numbers. I think the writers and cast might have some fun with this. The robot arm might cause men to pause before mandating medical procedures for women. This is a political hot potato, but it might be thought provoking. Welcome to the forum, please read the forum rules, and the update by our admin.
  20. After my final major project, I was accused of being a creative genius. It was a face saving ploy by the person who claimed that what I did couldn't be done. I didn't see the Show until 2016, and I now have a CD collection of seasons 1-8. I can't wait until Season 9 hits the stores. I'm a retired data processing consultant, aka migrant programmer. I designed and built custom business software solutions in the NYC metro area. When I started computer programming in the 1970s, an IBM Mainframe might be 40K, or 64K, etc. A machine with 196K was a monster. The computer programmers of the day weren't quite as strange as the BBT characters. I worked with a Leslie Winkle type (a real hoot), and I worked with an Amy Farrah Fowler look alike, ironically we were building a Research Animal Inventory System at Columbia University. (Ironic? I have a HS Diploma; a NYS Regents Scientific Diploma. My 1964 SAT Scores were 580 English, 650 Math, 653 advanced Math, and I was near the bottom of the Honors Program because I didn't study.) I was as glib as Raj in my youth, and it's obvious that Howard was picking through my Disco discards in the Goodwill dumpster. I relate to the characters, as I was a curve killer in school if I was with the average or normal group. They would meet me outside the classroom and advise me to miss a few or else. My interests are Science & Math, History, & Politics. I believe in equal rights, and the right to intellectual property.
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