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  1. Ugly Lights by Mirnada Lambert
  2. I saw Hidden Figures a few days ago. Everyone should definitely see it especially if you have an interest in maths and science and the space race(and Jim Parsons). I physically laughed when they said Jim Parson's character was an engineer.
  3. Church Bells - Carrie Underwood
  4. Kubo and the Two Strings
  5. Yearly sex until marriage. Just imagine the wedding night. I assume they won't get married on Amy's birthday.
  6. Maybe it is realistic that he can't find someone. A some people don't or don't find someone until they are older. I wouldn't mind if he were single at the end. After all everyone else is shocked when they hear Howard, Leonard and Sheldon have females so surely that must come from something. In the BBT world it seems nerds have worse luck with girls then in our world.
  7. Faith - Stevie Wonder feat. Ariana Grande
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