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  1. Whoa, wholesale?! Woot, who doesn't love a bargain! Besides, they emptied the warehouse of Kleenex last season. Here is the Sheldon gif:
  2. I'm rather on the cautious side as well, at least at the outset. I'm able to interact with almost anyone if the situation demands it, but I make no bones about a quick exit once the need has been satisfied! My wife and I are the products of families steeped in both art and science. For example, my uncle is an astrophysicist who plays the cello and is a computer nerd. So we might end up talking about Mozart, mesons, or Microsoft. LOL! That was what drew me to TBBT. I wanted very much to see how accurate the characters were compared to my real life friends and family.
  3. A thousand likes for this post. Clinton could not in our wildest dreams have done as much damage as Trump and his minions. ITA, there was no mystery about who he was and what he stands for. Voters apparently wanted a reality show government. You can see it in how they react at his rallies. They love the carnival atmosphere, they cheer the barker selling his clearly specious wares, they are goaded into pummeling the press or the "other" or anyone who points out that the emperor has no clothes. The short term economic gains are the shiny objects which distract them from the economic calamity that a crushing deficit will be. It's bread and circuses all over again.
  4. My dear fellow, Arwen could stir the embers in the heart of a dead man. When you share the film with your great-grandchildren, you will still feel the power of Elvish allure!
  5. Hm. High tech celestial objects, for $20 eh? Well I was trying to impress a girl once by demonstrating my knowledge of the constellations. At the crucial moment, the International Space Station was making a pass - clearly visible and easily tracked across the sky. I geeked out so badly the girl became alarmed and I lost all the progress I had made in the romance department. That was when I realised how very much science means to me. I am now happily married to a woman who is geekier than I.
  6. Die Zimtzicke made some excellent points in her post on the elections. I was frankly surprised that the best America had to offer was either Trump or Hillary Clinton. What a Hobson's Choice! Though they promote several quite sensible positions, the Democrats (or "the left" or Labour or Socialists etc., in other countries) are not the magic bullet either. What's wanting are candidates who promote the interests of their own countries within the context that this is a small planet which we must share, because there is NO where else for us to go. It's incredible, but geopolitics have come down to choosing the least dangerous candidate! This is the most disconcerting part of all. Believers will cling to their creed in the face of any evidence to the contrary. And yes indeed the snake oil salesmen know exactly what the discontented and disaffected want to hear. I'm once again going to recommend the five minute "Face In The Crowd" film clip I posted the other day. The Lonesome Rhodes character revels in the fact that his followers are hungry for answers and easily convinced of anything. He gleefully manipulates them using sales tactics suitable for selling cars or washing powder. He declares that his power over them has no limits. It really is chilling how spot on this 1957 film is. In the end, Lonesome Rhodes' destruction is his own doing, a direct result of his true opinions of his followers being exposed. If only life would imitate art; Trump cares not a fig for his loyal supporters, be it voters or those in his innermost circle. Anyone might be thrown to the wolves, so long as it isn't Donald J. Trump. I wonder if that is what it would take for them to see through this charlatan, or could reason possibly prevail before ruin.
  7. The word that always made me feel that way is "Whovian". Sounding like a time-traveling household appliance has a certain quirky panache, don't you think? 😄.
  8. It would be funny if it were not so terrifying. Do we go up in a mushroom cloud when this quinquin impulsively hits the button in a fit of pique or do we slowly succumb to his titanic ignorance about everything of importance, e.g. climate change. I would call his response an insult to one's intelligence, but those who actually believe this would/wouldn't farce can't possibly have any intelligence.
  9. Full length video of Trump's Remarks on the Helsinki Summit (via C-SPAN). In an hilarious twist of fate, at the 2:00 mark, the lights briefly go out just as Trump is expressing his confidence in his own intelligence community. ROFL, even the house lights don't buy this hogwash. 🤣
  10. I wholeheartedly agree! It was a tremendously exciting World Cup precisely because it was so unpredictable - every big dog except France was sent packing by the young pups. Isn't that one reason we all love TBBT? The underdogs get a chance of success and happiness and "normal" Penny learns some of the most important life lessons from the "pathetic" geeks!
  11. Amy can, to a great degree, understand and appreciate Sheldon's intellect. Penny can be supportive, but Leonard needs a kindred soul who can understand his abilities and unlike Sheldon, value them. IMO there can never be full #JusticeForLeonard from within this group. That's one reason I'd love to see Stephen Merchant back. Dave knows how brilliant Leonard is and gives him the appropriate adulation.
  12. I totally understand your reaction! That's why it was such a fantastic World Cup. The "lesser" teams and smaller nations played incredibly well and made history even if they did not go the distance. Seeing those teams and their fans awash with unadulterated joy was such fun to see and share!
  13. I wouldn't object to Leonard alone following up on this development. I am very emphatic in my desire to see Leonard get his just rewards this season. It could also mean a solo trip to the site of the discovery - in other words, away from both Penny and Sheldon, and enjoying both complete understanding and appreciation of his talents. #SEASON 12 - JUSTICE FOR LEONARD!
  14. I've searched a number of sources on both sides and every one said this was a unique, unprecedented performance by an American president with regard to a Russian/Soviet leader. There are also calls for the translator of the private meeting to be debriefed. ETA: Tony Blair never completely escaped the label of Bush's Poodle, and he wasn't nearly as subservient as Trump is to Putin. And yes, there are already headlines naming Trump "Putin's Poodle".
  15. TBBT obviously can't get too geeky about it, but a new discovery can potentially profoundly change our understanding of physics. Blazars and neutrinos I'd love even a passing reference by Leonard and/or Sheldon. It would be great to see them excited about science again!
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