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  1. Hahaha! I believe I have read the same piece and I was just now doing a search for it! Yes, it is apparently quite common for children who are bullied at school or abused at home to exhibit the very same behaviour in later life. This is why I have great respect for the Leonard character; by rights, he could have turned out to be a fiendishly cruel and unpleasant person.
  2. Oh legacy99, my regrets! I just realised that as some of my posts have been hidden, you may not have gotten to see my remarks regarding Sheldon. I can assure you that while I understand some of his behaviour, I did not and do not excuse any outright, intentional unkindness on his part.
  3. I am often incensed at the way they treat each other, and poor Stuart. I was genuinely disgusted at the mockery they heaped on him in The Viewing Party Combustion. No, I would bestow that honor first on Sheldon, closely followed by pre-Bernadette Howard.
  4. Because my original post was a direct reply to a user who could not remember a specific episode. In subsequent messages, I have made it clear that Sheldon's behaviour is at times equally untoward.
  5. Oh dear, wouldn't it be terribly tedious to cite every example? The objective was simply to refute the statement that Penny had realised the error of her ways. The examples given illustrate that over a period of several years, the same underlying disregard for the feelings of others was evident.
  6. Yes, it's in Series 6 (The Bakersfield Expedition) that she speaks of the bowtie boy. A year later, in The Convention Conundrum... Ever the soul of sensitivity and support, here is her reaction in Series 9, when Leonard returns from Dr. Gallo's office: I don't believe that Penny has substantially changed, and like her husband and closest friends, her victims probably exhibit the effects of the copious abuse she and people like her doled out. Edit: Like you Mislav, I do not find sadism entertaining.
  7. The Speckerman Recurrence - Even as an adult, Penny thought abusing the bowtie boy, the cornfield assault and mocking a stutterer were funny.
  8. Thanks for the welcome everyone. Once the reply function and I reach an understanding, I expect to be a frequent poster.
  9. I presume I cannot yet "like" your post because I am a new member, so I must do so directly. I am also an objective, equal opportunity critic; I "ship" good writing, nothing and no one else. I for one DO read long posts, and whether I agree or not, I enjoy the thoughtful, detailed critiques I find here. If I felt the need for 140 characters of mindless drivel, I'd be reading Twitter.
  10. Hello all! I've been reading this forum for nearly two years and finally decided to register. I don't "ship", but respect those who do. I particularly enjoy the thoughtful, detailed analyses I often see here. I look forward to participating in those discussions. Well, read you later!
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