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  1. I'm so sorry, Chef! I think possession of the ball was what made the difference. However, it was a good, fully committed game so no shame to Sweden! Frankly, I wonder if England can match the level of play seen in the tougher bracket! We will be tested for certain now. However, we have seen the English squad maturing before our eyes! If they can maintain their stamina, be cohesive and adaptable, it just might be coming home! GAH!!! I was naught but a boy when England first sang "Three Lions". Three Lions But the whole country is singing it again now. Go England!! https://twitter.com/puppyvybes/status/1014087925880033280 ETA: I confess to liking the Jules Rimet much more than the current trophy, though I wouldn't throw the new one out of bed if it came to us. LOL!
  2. Imagine how we non-shippers feel. Things have gotten so tribal that even birthday greetings are now segregated according to the person's ship? Ugh.
  3. It's an epidemic of entertainment mediocrity. There are only one or two American shows I'm looking forward to so far. ☹️ If they go to Nebraska, I'd prefer seeing Leonard introduce some scientific concepts which improve the running of the farm, thus dazzling Penny's family. No baby goats biting Leonard, or getting squirted while milking a cow, etc. And as little of Penny's brother as possible. Preferably no appearance, TBH. I liked Alfred, so a visit to him would be alright.
  4. By all means, you and Tripper should take the set up at your own pace. There isn't really anything to even discuss yet, and certainly nothing mission critical. Thanks again to you both for diverting from RL to prepare for S12! 🙂
  5. Tensor, on the index page the header for this topic says Season 11. And despite your very busy schedule, thanks for getting Season 12 threads up and running! 😃
  6. Happy Season 12 thread, Lennys! May both the show and the thread be all you hope for. 🙂
  7. I'm looking forward to joint Amy-Sheldon science projects in Series 12, a change in the 4B decor (PLEASE!!), and a return to the quirky, brainiac pastimes that made them so enjoyable. A round of Fun With Flags (or even better, the flag convention!) would not go amiss! As I've said before, even as a non-shipper, I've always relished the gemütlich ambiance of the Shamy threads. I anticipate another year of the same!
  8. That might actually be for the best, now that Howard is taken! LOL!
  9. I'm sorry. What part of "Kaley is 10 times the comedy actress than Mayim. Mayim is a wonderful straight actress that needs to feed off of other actors," did I misunderstand?
  10. Kaley - compare to Abbott & Costello (as you pointed out), Lucille Ball, Mr. Bean or Jim Carrey - eye rolling, pucker pouting, arm crossing, foot stomping, physical/slapstick comedy, very well suited to Kaley's outgoing physicality and especially to her Series 9-10 depiction of the classic sitcom shrew-wife. Katey Sagal was entirely believable as her Mum - she bosses Wyatt and one of her go-to gestures is the very same trout mouth pout! 😁 Mayim - compare to Buster Keaton, Steven Wright, Craig Ferguson or Stephen Fry - understated, dead pan delivery, wry/dry wit, unassuming appearance, humour often derived from self-deprecation or sardonic word play. This contained comedic style makes her rare explosions all the funnier. Teller was the perfect choice to play her Dad; though wordless, like Mayim, his comedy is subtle, compact and economical. Each school of comedy has its practitioners and proponents. It is simply a question of personal taste, not superiority.
  11. I'm hoping for more science humour and group episodes, a return to clever Shamy, and a continuation of harmonious Lenny and Howardette marriages. Raj, I have given up on (unless they unearth Yvette the Vet!). I really dread a Nebraska trip though. The writers will only use it as yet another opportunity to mock and humiliate Leonard. Time for him to reap the rewards of eleven years as a stalwart friend and supportive, acquiescent friend/lover/husband. #JUSTICE FOR LEONARD!!
  12. Ehhh, don't underestimate Sweden... I'm expecting a really good, action-packed game! And the second game is Russia-Croatia! A whole day of fast and furious football, right up veejay's alley. 🤩
  13. >>snort<< As if! Prepare to weep, Sweden! I'll even provide enough Kleenex for your whole country. LOL!
  14. Yes, beware - it could be an omen, sign of the much mentioned "New England"! Hahah! Okay Swedish Chef, we meet on Saturday - we'll exchange awkward man-hugs now - good luck to us both! 🥂
  15. Bwahaha! Welcome to the Dark Side! LOL!
  16. No. No no no no. I admire the skill in that save but damn it. Down to one kick each. Columbia misses - pleeeeeeeze England! WOOT! WOOT WOOT WOOOOOT!
  17. Yes, totally agree -there's been some nice work there. Uh, I take that back....
  18. Oh Geebus, that was close! England is starting to tire; they need to nail this down soon before they're completely out of fuel.
  19. >>smoke rising from furiously rubbed avatar<<
  20. Weakling! At least let me rub that avatar again. I only rubbed it enough for one goal...
  21. No. NONONONO, corner kick Columbia... Bloody HELL! Tie score. Give me back the defibrillator Tonstar!
  22. Hang on, let me roll out the defibrillator...
  23. Wow, I want to win just so Sweden won't have to play these animals! LOL! Okay, England needs to maintain their composure. Columbia is ticking them off and throwing them off their game. Lingard especially is steaming like a kettle. That's right, mofo, bite your jersey, your cheating bastard. Okay, fresh legs, now let's run these chumps into the turf!
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