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  1. Real cheek when you play dirty and then get in his face and mouth off to the ref for calling it! Apparently not with eleven men if they move ahead. SMH.
  2. Christ, another yellow card! It's like daffodils. 🤣 Right, he might be one of ours, but Lingard was totally out of line with that arm grab.
  3. No joke, I saw some holes that would never escape from teams like Uruguay or France. We need to step up our level of play if we face the real power teams. AAAA! Double yellow card! Look Columbia, I think you'd better button your lips while you still have a team. I sense a real fracas brewing. The commentator mentioned an unconfirmed dust up in the tunnel during half time. He said a Colombian coach shoved Sterling. Yikes! ITA that losing James has been a big blow to Columbia. Also agree that the referee had better hold the reins or things could get ugly. LOL about Lineker that whinging twit! OMG, Columbia is collecting a bouquet of yellow cards. If they win, who'll be left to play for them?! KANE SCORES! Thanks to Columbia's double yellows because they can't button their lips. England 1-0!
  4. It sure sounds that way! I think our fans must be outnumberd 3 or 4 to 1. Ack! That was a really promising advance but no go. Lemme rub that avatar of yours again. It worked a treat for our last match. >>rub-rub-rub<<
  5. >>snort<< Check it. We even brought our own English weather for this match! Ha! 🌧️ Well, I'm geared up - in honor of Swedish Chef's Italian sojourn, I wanted to maintain la bella figura. I was aiming for casual confidence and a touch of insouciance. Come on England - Sweden awaits us! Get hold of yourself man! There might be Colombians reading this!
  6. Well, yes, they should have kept possession of the ball better, but they showed tenacity and focused on their game plan. They fought off every assault effectively and took advantage of Switzerland's mistakes. Agree they'll need more to advance much farther, though. Yup, you play the winner of the next match - Columbia or the team feared by all at World Cup - England! LOL! /sarcasm
  7. Well Columbia, prepare to be Kaned. You may as well go home now. The Three Lions will not be denied! 🦁 Just look at these fine specimens of manhood! GO ENGLAND!
  8. In case other people show up... Skål, Chef!
  9. Look out! Whew, saved by Olsen... Crikey, the last minutes are a dog fight, Switzerland pouring it on. Sweden holding fast! Red card on Switzerland!! The Swedish fans have begun their bounce... VICTORY SWEDEN! Warmest congratulations Swedish Chef - what an exciting, hotly contested game!!
  10. And in a side match, veejay takes the lead in the Lingo quarter-finals! Hahaha! Okay, fresh legs coming in for Sweden. Defend, defend, defend!!!
  11. Fighting traffic, Sweden shoots and it's nearly deflected, but sorry Switzerland, Sweden scores in the 66th minute!😁
  12. See that, no Neymar crap for Sweden! Their guy got fouled and they just left him lying there and play continued! That's manly football right there!⚽ Well, some great opportunities missed on both sides, but 0-0 at the half.
  13. Oh man. Well thumbs up for vacation, boo for no Italian! Do you have Internet? Maybe Swedish TV is streaming the game? If not, excited commentators sound pretty much the same in any language I suppose. 😄 Wow-wow, what a close call just now - Sweden got really aggressive and had great coverage, They almost made a goal!
  14. LOL! I won't ask how that happened, or if you understand Italian. 😵 Your boys look ready for a win, so I'm already hoping for an exciting match. Lycka till, Sweden!
  15. Ahhhhhh! 2-2! Belgium ties it! However, THREE outstanding saves by the Japanese keep it tied. Goalkeeping at its finest! But in the 93rd minute, Belgium charges forward to win it, 3-2. What a killer game; Japan almost made the dream come true, and they made Belgium fight right down to the wire. Sayonara Japan, and thank you for top drawer football. Hope to see you again at World Cup. Congratulations Belgium, welcome to the quarter finals with Brazil - you'll have lots of stoppage thanks to Neymar nonsense.
  16. Oh My God. Japan is kicking Belgium to the curb, 2-0! Win or lose, the Samurai spirit is in the house. Such a contrast between this high octane, always moving game and the stop-and-start sissy nonsense in the Brazil-Mexico game. Swedish Chef, neither is England. But this WC is Underdog Central, so we might end up playing each other in the finals. LOL!
  17. Goodbye, Denmark...you acquitted yourselves with honor. It was a pleasure to watch you play and I'm sad to see your fans crying into their t-shirts. Well done, Croatia! I know you'll show us exciting football to the end. Right, now who to pick for tomorrow? Huh, the way things are going I should probably pick Japan! Hahaha!
  18. omg, omGGGGG - look at this! Perfect timing, keep pouring! Prosit! What a save! Almost as good as the Russian last minute kick save! Man, I am wrung out! 🤯 It's down to penalties again?!
  19. >>holding head<< Oi, pour me one too, will you? 😄 And look at this - 1-1, extra time again. I can't say for Russia, but I keep feeling that Sweden will go the distance.
  20. Yup. Big dogs are being muzzled and shipped off, underdogs victorious! It's going to be an interesting final! LOL!
  21. Spain sent packing by lowest ranked Russia - and Spain's only regular time goal was by accident? Now Croatia and Denmark are burning up the score sheet in just minutes of play? Baby please, this whole World Cup is totally mental! LOL!
  22. Sooo, tomorrow it's Spain vs Russia and Croatia vs Denmark. Hm, hmmm - They show such promise I'm leaning towards Croatia, but I'm undecided about the other game. Meh, a good game is what matters!
  23. A brilliant battle to the very last seconds, but Portugal falls to Uruguay 2-1. I know spidergirl is in the throes of saudade, so we should play some fado music for her. "Boo-hooo, my team has lost, my tears are flowing...." 😢 Man, some stunning eliminations, eh? I agree that given a few more minutes, Portugal might have turned things around though. They had last minute momentum and played fantastic football all through. Both games today were worthy of the world stage. Next Uruguay plays France, right? Now that is going to be a killer game too!!
  24. Holy crowbait, what a match!!!! Cavani launched a beauty! Wow, Ronaldo helping the injured Cavani off the pitch. That's sportsmanship...
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