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  1. You are all so nice, thank you. Hey Spidergirl. Do you watch TBBT in English? For me, it is a very pleasant way to improve my English. You write very good!
  2. In fact, it is. There are many beautiful houses that were built in the 19th Century, whole streets. In other towns these kind of houses have been destroyed during the second World War.
  3. As long as people understand what I'm writing, it's o.k. to make mistakes... Thank you for the citation, Stephen Hawking. The episodes have other names in Germany, they didn't translate the titles and chose complete different names. It's easier to have the number to find it, but I don't need it in this case...
  4. Hey, thank you all for your welcome. I'm from Oldenburg (Lower Saxony), near Bremen.
  5. Sorry for my "german english". When I saw the topic of this thread, I had something different in mind. When I saw the first episodes of the show, I recognized, that I don't use too much foreign words and technical language, because I didn't wanted the people to think I'm a nerd. I worked at University (as a musicologist) for some years and all my colleages were very intelligent. Then I quit the job to become a self-reliant piano teacher and among "normal" people I simplified my language, because I didn't want them to think that I'm arrogant. -- I also use some citations of the show. There is a scene where Leonard wants Sheldon something to do. He says, he hasn't got to do anything except eat, drink and defecate, all other thinks were optional... I'm sure that I'm doing mistakes by writing in english, I'm sorry... Correct me, so I can improve my english.
  6. Hi Everybody, I'm from Germany and a big fan of TBBT, although I don't watch TV very often. I'm a piano teacher and I also play the celtic harp (like Amy) I chose my nickname, because I love cats (I have two at home). The name "Zazzles" was already chosen by another member. I watch TBBT in English with subtitle (I ordered the wrong DVD set without german synchronization) and also watch the show sometimes in german on TV. The english and the german version differ very much, but the dubbing actors' voices are so cute, that I have to watch both. They even have to change the jokes, because they sometimes don't work in both languages. If I do mistakes by writing in english, please tell me, I try to improve my language skills. Zazzie
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