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  1. Sah

    [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 12

    Thank you! It has been a great day!
  2. Sah

    [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 12

    Any guesses on Honeymoon locations? My gut says they will stay in the States, but not solely in CA. What are you guys hoping for this season aside from in-laws. I really hope we get a Fun with Flags episode this season. I don't recall one from last season. I really like when Footprints on the Moon provides some music. Always makes me laugh. I also want to see Amy and Sheldon moving forward on the science project from the wedding. I would like to see Leonard assist them in some way. I want more Sheldon and Leonard sceens. I miss the friendship they had...group episodes in general. I eant a guys verse girls paintball game. And a Christmas, Thanksgiving or Halloween episode. Those are always fun.
  3. Sah

    [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 12

    It's been a wonderful birthday, you are so sweet! Thank you Spidergirl! It has been a great day 😀 Thank you Snapepans! So far so good! I am excited for the upcoming season and I am also looking forward to some in-law visits. Georgie included. Also, I am up for a Halloween Party episode. I always find them the funniest.
  4. Sah

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Vegas on the party bus...
  5. Sah

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Of course they should.
  6. Sah

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Well BOTH couples would be featured of course. You would have to show Shamy doing the honeymoon thing. You could never not have them in an episode.. Sheldon will never be fully gone from the show as much as you wish. He is as important as Leonard. But you could do an episode of them enjoying themselves while Shamy are shown enjoying their honeymoon.
  7. Sah

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    But then Lenny could revel in having Sheldon and Amy gone. This thought surely must peak your interest...Shamy out being Shamy and Lenny doing whatever they want with no interference from anyone? Alone baricaded in 4A? Watching Luke Cage and doing the Netflx and chilling? Penny making Leonard another dinner she messed up or better yet they order in or have picnic on the rooftop? Perhaps work on another joint painting project? Dodging phone calls from Raj and Howardette?
  8. Sah

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Considering that most of the honeymoon would be science related yes, I feel he would be ok. Especially with Amy. He travels to TX and New Jersey, traveled via train for some time. He was fine. He didn't eat any fruit but was just fine. He went away on Valentine's Day vacation and was fine. Yes, travelling is not a problem. You ask him to go to a spa, get a massage or get in a whirlpool, then there might be an issue. Completely agree with you Jonny.
  9. Sah

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Screw up? They did a wonderful job. Yes, it would have been nice to have it in there, but overall it was a fantastic episode.
  10. Sah

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Double honeymoon...they go together. Hahaha.
  11. Sah

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    A honeymoon sounds like a great idea for them. It would give Sheldon and Amy a great start into marriage and Leonard and Penny could revel in having Shamy gone for a week. They could lock the doors and have no communication with anyone. No Sheldon, Amy, Howard, Bernadette or Raj. It could show Shamy having a wonderful time together working on science, seeing sites and Lenny doing whatever is they enjoy doing together. Sounds good to me...
  12. Sah

    [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 11

    I like honey baked Hamill...that made me laugh...Bark Hamill is awesome too tho.

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