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  1. Yep...they truly are in almost every scene. Take Tam, take Paige. That frees up some time. Take Proton, put Sheldon/ Amy back burner for a bit. Lenny needs to shine also. I respect that. I did like when Leonard gave Penny that snowflake. I would take some more happy scenes. I did like Lime Kiss. And Prom. They have made great memories too. Leonard never did get to take her to Swizzerland for Valentines Day. That is something they would have fun doing together that could be sweet. Or Penny lighting up the roof with lights. And lock the door somehow for no disturbances.
  2. Thank you for making me feel more comfortable to tell my story. ❤
  3. I can tell you from my perspective the appeal of Shamy to me. From the very first episode I was a huge Sheldon fan. Why? Because even though he has never been diagnosed on the autism scale he displays many traits of an autistic person. I understood his desire to not have a lot of human interaction, to not want to be touched a lot. Not understanding some of the basic rules of communication, an apparent lack of empathy. Not being able to understand sarcasism and other communication styles not black and white. Trust me. it is very difficult at times for me still to understand saracism, joking. I cried when Sheldon got use the emotion detector box. Sheldon was not like any of the other characters. He had many of the same issues that I had or still struggle with. I won't debate with you that the character of Sheldon exagerated for comedic purposes to varying degrees. Not always for the better. I understand that not all people with autism are that bad. I won't argue why or why not the show has never given him the diagnosis. For me, the bigger thing is that I had never seen a television character so like me in many ways. I liked that they portray him as successful in his, job, and that he has a group of friends who accept him for all his issues. That even though a difficult pain in the ass he did and does have friends who help him. I love that Penny and Leonard in particular but really all of them help him navigate what he does not understand. If there was a friendship award it would for sure go to them. As a person with autism I appreciate Sheldon having a friend/s to help him. In romance Sheldon was not interested, didn't really desire human contact with anyone. He was destined to never have a girlfriend or any connection in love. But then he met Amy. Amy was a lot like Sheldon. She was destined to be alone. Two oddballs as it were. And slowly, they started to connect first as friends, then Amy starts to change a little, She slowly brings Sheldon along with her. He met someone perfect for him. Someone who genuinely loves him warts and all. He has come along away. My appeal is two broken, destined to be alone people meet, fall in love and live a happy life together. I firmly believe that everyone, even those with disabilities like myself or what ever makes them feel different, or be different from other people deserve love. Sheldon and Amy were underdogs in the world of love. They won. I will only say this is from an honest Shamy fan point of view. Certainly not meant to be contensious or a comparison of different couples or who is superior. Only why Shamy appeals to me on a personal level. Nothing more. For the bold part in quote. I understand what you are saying there. I feel the same about Shamy, as you do about Lenny.
  4. Well, I am 99% certain she will not be. Sheldon and Amy apparently have more then one child...let's hope after this season. I do not need to see them or hear about them to know they will exist. Still shame on Bernie. She should have been an ear for Penny not another mouth screaming at her. 1000% likes for you. I couldn't agree more. Frankly, I kind of see them as two separate shows as there is a lot of differences that just don't jive together at all. The characters are not anything like Sheldon has mentioned through the years. Perhaps his mom. I do like YS when viewed as a stand alone show. I don't understand the need for Tam or Paige in TBBT.
  5. Sah

    [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 12

    Happy Birthday Shamyfan95! Have an great day filled with excitement! 🎂🍻 ❤
  6. To much YS in it for me currently. Not interested in Tam or Paige. Also, was that sarcasism? Serious question.
  7. I have zero interest in YS crossovers. I would love for them to take that out of the equation and give that time to Leonard and Penny to figure out if this is what Penny really wants and to at least give clarification. I just really hope there is no pressuring her into doing something she really dosnt want. I know that Leonard didn't push her at all but he did get her father involved. That I didn't like at all. This is a Leonard Penny matter. (I suppose they wanted to get her dad in for one last cameo) I do wish Bernie would have been more compassionate not going bat shit crazy. After all she didn't exactly see herself as a mother not that long ago. She could have been a better friend. Amy was Amy I was expecting her reaction.
  8. https://www.families.com/why-do-some-couples-choose-not-to-have-children In my brothers case he has never wanted children. Ever. His wife is the same way. They both wanted to not have the burden of having children. My brother is a great man but would have been a horrible father. They are amazing aunt and uncle material. They treat all the neices very well. But are more then glad to hand them gone after a week. They had a mutual goal of seeing the world. They worked hard and are extremely happy...26? Years of marriage. They made a huge amount of money as engineers, planned well and now travel the world. They would not be able to do what they both wanted to with kids. They spent two or three months in Italy last year, when they leave it isn't for a week. It is months at a time. All through Central America, Europe, Australia...You get the idea. They are only responsible for themselves. They are extremely happy. Kids would not have been a good choice for them. Tons of articles if you Google Couples who choose not to have kids.
  9. The sitcom Friends had similar plots and stories. Ross and Rachel had many plots that probably shouldn't have been sitcom material. Good shows require some ups and some downs. Good shows are not all Romance and roses. Seinfeld same thing, Cheers, Fraiser...Many more. I do feel bad for long time Lenny fans. I know you are all really devastated. While I do not want a season long pregnancy story, I always felt perhaps the last episode she would announce a pregnancy. Not as the last scene as I see that with everyone at the elevator or eating take out . Perhaps beginning or middle of episode. I liken it to being told Sheldon and Amy never get married or that they never grow to the loving couple they are. I personally don't see the writers changing Pennys mind, but it is something they should do for long time fans of Lenny. Who knows, perhaps she will have some sort of epiphany. Perhaps they will have a few more conversations for Leonard's sake at least. I do think Leonard and fans of the show deserve to know if she has always been ambivalent about kids and just never said anything hoping she might change her mind, if she did want them at some point why the change of heart. Evan as a fan of the show and in particular Shamy, I would like to know. I agree with you Die. I would not want to see any of those scenarios. With Penny I think an accidental pregnancy where she finds she is happy is best scenario.
  10. That is not my quote that you are responding to...
  11. Some people just don't have the desire. My brother and sister in-law have been married for 25 years. They don't have kids. My brother has never had the desire. They work hard, they travel and are extremely happy. Not everybody has the urge or temperament. It is that simple. I agree with you Johnny! 100%
  12. I sure hope Leonard or her dad don't push or guilt her into it. That would be terrible. I don't see her having kids but we will know the answer in what? 20 episodes? I will be currious to see what happens. I think the writers like the idea of telling a story about a woman deciding not to have kids. Many women are deciding to focus on career instead of having kids these days.

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