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  1. The show really does need everyone...Lenny, Shamy, Howardette, Rajanu and even Stunice. They all contribute to the greatness that is this show.
  2. I wouldn't watch...the show really needs everyone I think.
  3. That happened with Billy Bob Thornton. Great episode!!
  4. Thanks for the spoilers! Hope you had a blast!
  5. I am betting on no kids for Lenny...I may be wrong but I saw this episode as affirmation that she doesn't want kids. I take with what I have read in the interview about the finale and it be sad and emotional and not paying lipservice to fans. I just have a feeling that they will go a different way than what fans suspect. Just my opinion though. Nothing else.
  6. They didn't go to high school together. I am wondering as well. Very interesting...
  7. Will it blow up the moon? Another one I love
  8. Sah

    Season 12 Chit Chat Thread

    I do love Bob Newhart...he is a Legend, probably Charleston Heston as well. Agree! I was watching some season two and three today and it reminded me how funny it was with Penny trying to figure out Sheldon. There was some great scenes with the two of them.
  9. Sah

    Season 12 Chit Chat Thread

    Well. He is a legend to me. He is my William Shatner. 😃 🤩
  10. I like Leonard as Sheldon's best friend. It doesn't bug me in the least to think they will always have a place in each others life and will always be there. I don't have the yearning to cut ties between them as some fan's do and I really enjoy their interactions.
  11. He is the exception. You know this. His lady love was always physics until Amy. All the other nerds were trying to get the girl o a girl from the beginning.
  12. I love how Jim Parsons does physical comedy so perfectly . Great comedic timing. I just adore him and his work in general.
  13. Leonard will be tied to Sheldon forever! Hahaha. He would never be able to free himself. Lol.
  14. I completely agree. They each found their perfect match in each other. Unconditional love at its finest. Before they met they were really broken people. Together they make a wonderful team that bring out the best in each other. I have no doubt that they will have a long, happy life together. Love that episode! Howard and Sheldon were hilarious together. Sheldon's face with the spitwad just cracks me up. Also Howard asking if that will be on the test because he doesn't think he can do that again. Love, Love, Love. Wish they made more funny episodes like this one. Makes me smile just thinking about it.
  15. Agree...they have a ton in common. I enjoy this about them. They always have fun even in the most random ways. They seem to always be on the same page and really enjoy being around each other. I think both types of relationships can work. It makes a little easier when you have atleast have something in common. I think it is has always been about the nerd getting the girl. The nerds were trying to get the girl or a girl from the first episode...

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