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  1. So anyone excited for the new episode? I am curious about Leonard's mom. My gut says she is sick. Starts being nice to seek forgiveness. He is happy. He finds out she is sick and is upset that she is only being nice now that she is deathly sick and wants some sort of relationship before it is too late. I honestly think it has nothing to do with a baby Hofsteadter. I this because I vaguely remember the small taping report received talked about circle of life...or life and death. They are ALL friends.
  2. Any sighting of you know who would anger people. That would not have gone over well with 1/2 of the fans...
  3. Happy Easter 🌷🐰🐣⛪ to all my friends! May it be filled with friends, family and peace.
  4. D and D was a good one as well. Put that on my list...
  5. My complaint is that the show has not been funny but rather boring. I would have preferred 24 group episodes instead. None of the plots have been interesting this season. While I am happy to have Shamy get a Nobel nomination, it has been boring to watch. Very few lol moments for any character. Paintball, Halloween and the Baby expirements have been my favorites. Not much else to remember...
  6. I loved that ❤️ Sheldon was so sweet and worried about her. I loved the sensory deprivation tank scenes as well. I have always wanted to try one...
  7. I wish I did! I think it might be about Leonard and his mom's relationship. It very well could be baby news for Shamy...I kind of hope it is Shamy Baby, but you never do know... It is a cute picture! Kind of looks like Sheldon I think. Dark hair and blue eyes
  8. I agree. I think mostly VIP from here on...last one is pre taped and performed in front of live audience per usual on that Tuesday. Prob all VIPs, cast/crew member families and the like.
  9. Does that baby have a Howie wig on ? Lol. Too cute!!
  10. Is today a taping night? I wonder if we will get any spoilers?
  11. No offense, but does it matter? They are all great friends in real life. Workplace goals ❤️
  12. Sheldon by a long mile I relate to him because he is different from everyone else yet found love, friends and happiness. He makes me laugh the most of all the characters and has from season 1. I like that you never know what he is going to say or do.
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