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  1. Anyone know when season 12 bloopers come out?
  2. I liked the Penny conversation as well. It seemed to get through to him a little bit.
  3. Liked it much better after forcing myself to rewatch it.
  4. That I loved ❤️ Yes. Raj got the shaft. Again.
  5. It was too much for me. I love Sheldon to death. But his reaction to Amy and her makeover ruined killed it for me. Even in the part two episode he couldn't have said how nice she looks? Not a warm hug to congradulate each other? I think on bright side will be easier for me to walk away from the show and not watch so many reruns.
  6. Sheldon and Amy didn't even get a nice hug. I think Lennie got a nice couple moment when discussing her pregnancy. It was sweet and funny. I would have divided pregnancy plot and Nobel.
  7. They couldn't have given eachother a true congratulation hug or even a kind word?
  8. Just crushed. I didnt think it would be this bad. But it was...there was not one decent Shamy moment. Not one. Not a you look nice in your Nobel dress to Amy? They made Sheldon more selfish then even usual. They spent all this time showing how Sheldon has changed, but then they do this? I think some fans will have really, really have liked it. This will not be one I would ever re-watch. I would have been happy with a short sweet meaningful hug or we did it private, being happy about the win moment. But not even that? Whatever. I thi k 8 called it the other day when I posted about the pictures and them being miserable. They looked miserable in the pictures and they were in the finale as well. I loved seeing Michael and Hallie. She looks like Bernie and Michael like his dad. They were sure bigger then the car seat babies from a few episodes ago. Very happy for Leonard and Penny, although confused why the wasted donation episodes and I don't want kids if she really did want them. I would have liked more information on what suddenly changed her mind. I wish they would have done a full episode exploring that before the pregnancy announcement. I can think of several other episodes they could have scrapped this season to do that. I think they probably owed that much to Lenny fans. And divided the two final episodes between Nobel and pregnancy of Lenny. All in all, hated it.
  9. Hated from start to finish...they couldn't be bothered to give sheldon and Amy one nice moment together?
  10. It was a Sheldon hate fest more than anything. I hated the entire thing. Start to finish. I think it was very good if you were A Lenny fan. They piled on the hate, made him horrible to his wife who looked beautiful, and even got to slap him. You don't get any Shamy sweetness at all. Best part for me? Howardettes kids. Very cute. Happy that Lenny are pregnant.
  11. I hated the first part. Just hated it. They couldn't have Sheldon be sweet to his wife when she got a makeover? Being happy to hit him? I thought it was horrible.
  12. They couldn't have had sheldon be nicer to Amy when she got a make over? Crushed. I am crushed. She looked amazing. Celebitory hitting Sheldon? Oh boy.
  13. That sucks...I had a feeling they would do a baby for Lenny and Nobel for Shamy. I am sure they all get a nice ending. ❤
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