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  1. Amen to that! Paintball would be amazing.
  2. Marriage to Zach fit Penny character. She is a free spirit and does things on a whim.
  3. Loved it! Great episode. I really am enjoying Rajanu. Seems like a really great pairing. I hope we get more of them and Stewnice. These two couples have been stand outs to me this season.
  4. She watched that part... I loved the Bernadette stuff with with girls. I loved Howie giving her some needed alone time. This was the highlight of the episode for me. The Leonard stuff was ok. I was more excited to see Kripke back. I wonder if that will be his last episode? The Pigeon lady was really funny.
  5. I will re-read it. I might have missed something...
  6. Because she doesn't hate Sheldon and Amy? I think she does great interviews. I love her Instagram pics.
  7. Some people complain merely because he is in an episode...even if it is a light Sheldon episode. They complain just to complain about him. Gets old after awhile. I wouldn't complain about Leonard on a daily basis or complain about why someone likes him over another character. All of these characters have fans. To each their own... Just my opinion.
  8. Not everyone hates Sheldon. He has a lot of fans and is ok for her to want more Sheldon in this episode. Contrary to popular belief on this forum it is ok to enjoy the Sheldon character. Would you complain if she said it was Leonard light? Or just because someone enjoys another character more then Leonard? Like it or not Sheldon is a strong, stand out character on the show. He isn't going to be a simple background character as much as you want him to be.
  9. Sah

    A-Z All Things The Big Bang Theory

    Naked painting

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