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  1. I‘am wondering when the two of them knew their blood type. I kind of believe it happened during they communicated for 4 months after their first meeting. the FWF plot brings me back to S9E15..
  2. this episode is fun, the comment"what happened to our love"is so funny,reminding me of a word"where'd the magic go" in the episode5.15. I so love the reversal.
  3. I just wonder which Mandarin word is corresponding to "chain ciao", that's the point. er,I fail to get the cheap jokes, blame me. "but not from the writers" sorry,I don't get it.
  4. if I may ask,is there a "chingchong " in Amy's  soft kitty in mandarin? here's the thing. someone on social media said they heard a/some word(s) sound like "chingchong ",someone said it's just "轻巧“,but imo there is no need for using ”轻巧“or"小小”or“晨吵”.Except the word(s) sound like "chingchong ", all the words identified in mandarin is complete one-to-one corresponding to the original lyrics. so I am confused. btw I've used google translation,but the outcome is not much corresponding to what was used in the mandarin version. btw,from social media, the amy's script is " Wow meow meow do show mall me, mall (w)rong (w)rong.qui(te) lo(ve) cool shi (t) chain ciao mall me, goo(d) lo(ser)X3. "I don't know if this's true or just a joke. I hope someone can clarify this. I maybe miss out something and get it wrong. always thanks.
  5. thanks for your explanation,I have misunderstood why sheldon showed his ass,I simply thought he was just giving a demonstration.
  6. mixed feelings. for me the best scene is Amy throwing his book with his rules, good job,Amy. why penny didn't care about him even a little bit?maybe it's too late to come up this question...even raj understand leonerd better. this disregard reminds me of the relationship between my father and mother. I rewatched it and I needed to close my eyes for about 7 seconds when sheldon began showing his "beautiful,round,sexy" bottom because I want to watch the show not someone's bottom.hetero here btw. sorry,7 seconds is a lttle too long..
  7. I wanna see a Leonerd's Day episode. I've been waiting for it since I‘ve watched the friendship contraction half a year ago. ...but it seems I can't get it ever. I also wanna see Beverly interviewing shamy and howardette, not necessarily on screen,but maybe mention it in a fun way.
  8. finally I find out what you meant. I remember in 10.13 The Romance Recalibration,tag scene,when I wonder Amy's thoughts on signing the RA, because of the "no nostalgia" clause,all were gone. By comparison,in 10.18 The Escape Hatch Identification,Amy talked about sheldon first saying ILY to her,sheldon broke the clause and corrected her.
  9. lol I think penny's reaction was aiming at the "present"part,not particularly the "bought" part, sure she didn't buy it, but it was a persent indeed.
  10. happy to participate this. first is the their first meet, 3x23, their dialogue was so funny and profoundly showed their compatibility. I love 4x03 in that episode, Amy was so cool,got sheldon burned and sheldon had no way to deal with her.(拿她没办法) I love 5x08,their first hug, clumsy,moving,got me tremble many times , I just can't forget it. I love 6x16,they are prefect for each other. I love 6x23, they were taiking, seriously. and kind of their first intimate. I love 7x05,sheldon said"I like you for who you are,quirks and all." and Amy said it back. To me, I take it was love,not only simply like. I love 8x05, an off-screen scene, it's a texting from Amy to sheldon, Amy wrote"hi,hope you have a good day." I love 10x07, the tag scene. I love 10x18, Amy's lines crack me up. one is about the bromance between sheldon's brain and sheldon ,another line is about"stop hanging out with your brain".. oh dear, I forgot the 5x23 and the 4x21.. above is my personal recap, I think all shamy fans may has not the same moments about shamy.I just want to write my own here to show my love for shamy. @anicez nice idea. thank you guys, I enioy shamy fandom very much. I forgot to say I don't care the outcome of the vote.But I'd like to guess it must be including the ILY,the first kiss, the coitus and the..right,train kiss.
  11. late to the party,always. Out of the two choices, I prefer the Indecision one. I know the Indecision one is an obligation,but both sheldon and Amy enjoyed it . and it's quirky and funny, too. locomotive one is nice,but sheldon initiated it with anger and Amy almost held his waist,but she didn't. that's not fun. " However, given a free choice, I'd pick the one from The Agreement Dissection." agree with @ Stephen Hawking that one is tremendously fantastic.
  12. I'm happy*in the new episode,the shamy bed scene is cute,just the way they are. sheldon didn't tell Amy he has already been able to drive alone.that was,erm ,,selfish,but it is selfishness in "sheldon style" . in fact,sheldon regards driving him as kind of an honor to other people.so this part I can take it. Sheldon has many secrets he shared the one involved Amy. I was a little surprised that sheldon got the licence,but it's also normal he got it because we know Amy taught him before. overall,I love shamy scenes in this episode, especially the bed scene. and the zones of privacy joke is hilarious and blushing.. and the lines "are they naughty""a little" aww,my! I let go concerning the once a year coitus,figuring it out by myself.because, anyway,it doesn't matter.
  13. waiting for the 10x16! I will try to enjoy every shamy moment in the rest of the show as possible as I can! all hail to shamy:)
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