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  1. I disagree in one thing, he can be oblivious at ramona's advances, he can see just friendship where there is something more so until the talk with penny I'm more or less fine, but the absolute not understanding the situation that he express when penny explains it to him is a little too much. You are totally oblivious to a situation or you aren't, if you know that a man can try to get in the way of a relationship you have to know a woman can too, It would seem less forced to me if he had say to penny, I understand what you are saying but I don't think that it is what is happening here, we are just friends, and the next day he confronts ramona to ensure that is not really what is happening. I don't know if I'm expressing right what I meant. If the idea of ramona hitting on him is absurd because he is in a relationship with amy , the idea of any person hitting on someone in a relationship is absurd, he is trusting in the honor code of a third person he barely knows.
  2. I have a lot of mixed feelings about the episode regarding shamy I loved the episode in a general sense, and if Idon't overthink the details I'm perfectly fine with it, so i'm going to separate my opinion in positive and negatives thougths: - I have no doubt Sheldon is oblivious to ramona's advances ( with a but), he is not attracted to her in any form. - I'm not bothered by sheldon's reaction to the kiss, yes, it was longer that I expected therefore he had time to end it, but he was obviusly shocked and not everybody react in the same way to a shocking situation This morning I've seen my coworker stand still in the middle of a crosswalk instead of run because there was a car coming very fast (don't worry, she is fine, the car stopped). - I loved the excuse me part and that he left directly to Amy. - and the proposal, I'm totally fine with it, i think he is more than ready and he know it, i really think the real catalist to it was amy's departure and it was on his mind doing it at her return, ramona just has accelerated the moment. - so no, i think it's not out of guilt but out of love and ramona's kiss just ratified what he already knew it, there is no other woman however tall, blonde and ex swimmer she may be for him so, why wait? -I still have not clear what I would like it to be amy's answer. A resounding yes right away would show confidence in sheldon, in his love, in his motives and in their relationship, and let him explain it later. But, as I said before not everybody react in the same way to a shocking situation, so a little panic attack and a delayed yes after an explanation is logical too. My negative thoughts are all about oblivious sheldon, he was but he should be up to a that extent? I think he shoudn't: -he is able to recognize that other scientist male can be a threat, so why he can't see it here after penny points it out to him? - he didn' notice ramona is a woman? He, himself said amy awakened the sexual criature in him and noticed the pretty girls -he is able to see leonard calling amy at night is inapropiate and not that ramona being in their apartament at the same hour is too? And why amy didn' tell him it is? and in another note. Ramona bought the toblerone in a duty free, in an aiport I guess, so she landed on Caltech with pursuing sheldon in her mind. why penny got mad because Leonard did not describe ramona's looks to her, she did know her physically. -
  3. I dont have an engagement ring and I think that here in Spain based in mine and and my friends experience the dropping on one knee with a ring is not usual
  4. Between the previews, the sneak peeks and the clips in the interviews, I think I'm just left to watch the proposal, and maybe it's because I know already what is the cliffhanger but I think the interviews give away that too. It's pretty obvious
  5. I've been away for a long weekend, I woke up early on friday to watch the episode, I coudn't wait 4 days, but I've not been able to catch up, so I guess there is nothing left to say. I enjoyed every second of the episode, but my favorite part is the tag, I'm absolutely in love with gentleman sheldon taking amy's suitcase to the car and I almost don't survive the "I'm proud of you"part. I think Ramona's actions may have precipitated the proposal, but after that "waking up every morning and know you are there is a great confort to me" It was alraedy on sheldon's mind upon her return. IMO 10x23 it's the set up for the finale, all of shamy moments are meant to show us that maybe the time of the proposal is provoked by the circumstances but the decision is not.
  6. Mistaking flirting for frienship it is not so uncommon. If the flirting is subtle I find it believable, and I've saw it in real life, you meet someone, establish a friendship and you have 0 romantic interest in him from the begining so you assume he feels that way too, until an outsider points it out to you or the person begins to be more obvious
  7. In fact I think its amy's responsability, instead of telling him he's tired and needs go to bed, she should have called him later and tell him what bothers her and why, and then if he choses to ignore her all the blame is on him Quoting myself because it's the worst spelled sentence ever. I meant that if your friends don't accept your help, or your advice and they make a mistake the mistake is theirs , not yours.
  8. You help your friends in everything that is in your hand, if your friends don't accept your help, or your advice and you make a mistake the mistake is your own, not theirs.
  9. It's not unreasonable, in fact it's reasonable that she thinks that the proposal has been triggered by something, but saying no or maybe is assuming the worst. The ring has been in his possesion for a while and she knows it, so marriage was on his mind.I think is more organic that she says yes, if that is what she wants, and talk about why later.
  10. I'm wondering why she would say no. i mean, that we know, she just know he is spending time with Ramona, but she has not the information we have, so saying inmediately no, or wait i need to know why first is unfair. She only knows her boyfriend has crossed the country to propose, he can have had an ephifany while showering for all that she knows, assuming that is for the wrong reasons is doubt without foundation. So I think she will say yes and ask "why now" later.
  11. The gang have no responsability and shouldn't be blamed at all. They tried to be sure what was happening, after that they warned Amy and finally penny tried to explain the situation to him, there is nothing else they can do. If sheldon choses ignore the warnings the blame is on him for overlook his friends and his girlfriend concern and on Ramona for hitting on him. I never understood and never liked amy blaming Leonard on 7x24.
  12. Penny had right to know and he should have told her right away, but my point is if he didn't then doing it 2 years later add distrust because he is able to keep things from her and amplify the fact because 2 years later he is still feeling guilty. I understand his fear to lose her in the moment and the need to begin the marriage with a clean slate later, I do, but one drunken kiss being an isolated fact, in a specific circumstances that are not going to be repeated, if I were penny I'd prefer not to know 2 years later, right before my wedding because I wouldn't so forgiving, not just for the kiss itself but for keeping it from me for so long.
  13. In my opinionion, Leonard mistake, aside the kiss itself, was confess 2 years later. He kissed mandy in a drunken state, I'm assuming here that he stopped when he came to his senses, and nothing else happened, after that there was no intent when he was sober, no feelings, no atraction, so he should have tell penny when he came back or never.
  14. If he is showed taking the ring, you know he is going there to propose. Amy opening the door to sheldon on one knee with the ring has, i guess, a more shocking effect Your explanation is better.
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