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  1. I got a ticket for Dec.06th!! Is anybody else going at this date? Already booked my flight. I'm so happyyyy :D
  2. Dear, does it say on the ticket it is a guaranteed one? I got one Today, but it doesn't mention that, but I didn't book the Stand by one. So, can I assume mine is guaranteed? So, your advice is to be there 4 hours earlier? Thank you!! I finally got a ticket today! For Dec. 6th, anybody else is going on this date? I'm just looking for tickets from Vancouver. I'm soooo happy :D
  3. They did. I am waiting for the standby ones right now.
  4. Louis, did you get ticket? I didnt Now let's wait for the StandBy ones. It sooo hard. I need to work, I try hard, but everytime I check for tickets I'm too late
  5. I love theaters, and I also like going to watch movies alone. Last one I saw on Tuesday, Miss Peregrine and The girl on the train, which I liked better.
  6. Guys, do you think season 10 will really be the last season? Or so far it's just about rumours?
  7. Hi Louis, I'm also looking for 2 tickets at the same date. I think you got it right. let's look on Monday, because it seems they don't release on weekends. Just make sure the time they may release, it's around 8 in LA. I'm in Vancouver, so I think is the same. Best of luck for us!
  8. Dear, any suggestions for me to get a ticket? It's been a while I'm looking, but I'm always too late This Monday, Oct.24th at 8am is the best time to find a ticket for Taping that will be on Nov.22th? I'm living in Vancouver, so I think it the same time than LA. I will be really thankful to anyone with suggestions so I can finally make this dream real Thank you very much!!
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