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  1. Shamyyellow, thank you from the bottom of my heart! MERLIN'S BEARD! That kiss sounds hella amazing!! I hope they pick the more passionate take as you said! I absolutely ADORE how this is going and where Shamy are in the relationshipnow. It reminds me of season 8 when the 4 of them were having dinner and Leonard said something very deep and romantic to Penny, and Amy said to sheldon- why dont you ever say something like that. I'm sorry I dont remember the episode. But look how the tables have turned! Shamy are obviously soulmates and it has always been evident inspite of their differences
  2. Thank you for the spoilers!! The howardette story seems super cute, can't wait to see it! At least one couple is acting like grown ups. Lenny...well, at least they did something together without Sheldon. But they could have shown them resolving that fight with...something cutesy. I still think they r a bit rough around the edges, sorry. It would be nice to see them warm and lovey dovey for once. Shamy. Dear lord. These writers are such fools. They mess this issue up every time. Sheldon's grievances were correct, they need to treat him like an adult, enough canoodling. But then
  3. I completely disagree. I'm sorry they are not even close. Chandler and Monica's relationship was about conversatons, picking each other up, protecting and defending each other. And just the love they had for each other reflected in their eyes. Lenny are more interested in taking jabs at each other. Its a shallow relationship compared to that, I think they are underexplored. The wedding sequence was good. But apart from that, I really dont sense the warmth.
  4. Yes there are certain unique things, but see how Shamy centric those are! Shamy is the only relationship progressing this season. I don't agree with the once a year crap regarding coitus, but apart from that aspect, their relationship is still unique and fun, and most of the times its enjoyable to watch them. In fact, I think Sheldon is much more human and likeable when he is with Amy. But what about Lenny? I am a Shamy, but it irks me that the writers just refuse to showcase the Lenny relationship in depth. Shamy do so much stuff together, why can't Lenny do so? All they did this season
  5. Exactly! The balance! I dont think there ever was any issue with some characters getting extra screen time. And when one character fucked up, the others called on them and made them see sense. They were all so in sync, they knew exactly how to handle each other. And then look at TBBT. Been 10 years and Sheldon is still being a 5 year old and Leonard still doesn't know what to do.
  6. Thats your choice, yes. I do know a lot of ppl who don't like friends. Understandable, because there are a lot of differences in the characters, and a lot of people relate more easily to the geeky characters in tbbt. But Friends was the most popular show of its time for a reason. Yeah, a lot of times the chatacters fucked up, Ross and Rachel were an intolerable train wreck imo, but it was consistently FUNNY. It never got boring or dragged out. Every episode has me laughing heartily, unlike tbbt where all I do is chuckle occassionally nowadays. Ask the general audiences, the main grip
  7. About the last episode, it was mostly disappointing to be honest. The writers have just become lazy, recycling old stories trying to make them look like new ones. The 'Sheldon is a dick' and 'Leonard doesn't know what to do with him' story is getting tiresome to watch. It has been a decade now, I think the writers can let go of mean-selfish-5 yrs old Sheldon. IMO they should have dealt with shamy coitus long ago, may be at the beginning of the season, been done with it, and concentrated on the growth in their relationship after that. Then they could have focused on the other couples, and
  8. Sarcasm? Err no I actually felt that Sheldon really thought that Amy was cute, because, lets face it, she was pretty effin cute there. And Sheldon, totally in love that he is, noticed that and made an observation! :D :D Plus I don't think he has mastered sarcasm to that extent yet! 10x11 is going to make me cry out of excitement. I know it, I just do. I'm gonna shed tears. Sounds pathetic, I know, but who cares!
  9. Well Said. Agree with everything, especially the bold part.
  10. Thats going to be very exciting to see! Because with Sheldon its always her mind and intelligence that turns him on. Or when she is doing geeky stuff. It would be awesome if for once he compliments her looks. A simple 'U look really pretty today' or 'I love the way you smile' or just a 'hoooo' when she wears something new would do the trick. Yes its not very Sheldon-like, but a girl can dream. I know I'd be salty if my man never complimented my looks. And Johnny is HOT! All of them are cute in real life tbh, but I'd like Johnny even in his Leonard avatar :D
  11. Hey, slow down with the stereotyping there. Amy's clothes are terrible I agree, but Mayim still looks gorgeous, especially when Amy wears dresses and not those dreadful cardigans. She looked lovely in 9.10 and 9.11, I wish they would continue to dress her up like that. And about Penny, I hope u're being sarcastic...she is one of the most attractive women in showbiz. Tall and thin Sheldon may be sexy to you, but for me the only guy I find sexy in this show is Leonard. His mannerisms are more masculine to me. And he is smart enough to have handled Sheldon for so long. Definitely husband mat
  12. Raj I think is the most neglected character in the show. I dislike him with a passion. He is inherently selfish, sexist, and dishonest. I think the chatacter needs therapy. He is the quintessential hypocrite under the nice guy facade. Howard was like that in the beginning, but his character evolved emotionally to some extent. Raj, apart from being able to talk to women, has shown no progress. For someone who claims to be passionately in love with all the women he dates (and betrays), in my opinion he is incapable of loving anyone but himself. The writers keep making him worse. Though I did lik
  13. @camelliayao Exactly my thoughts! Its the surprise that hit me when I read people's opinions and compelled me to enter this long argument in the first place! Because in general whoever I have talked to irl thinks that Amy is one hell of a patient woman. @Jonny I really hope that happens. Time will tell.
  14. Pardon me, I phrased it incorrectly. I meant his transition from not wanting to have sex, finding the idea disgusting (as he explicitly mentioned himself), and not having sexual desire for anybody (which is what asexuality means as per my knowledge) to wanting to have sex, enjoying it, and having desire for a specific person. Is this not a fundamental change, a transition according to you? I think it is. The sheldon waking amy up at midnight to do the deed is certainly not the sheldon who squirmed at the idea of sex, isn't it? My point is, why not make it a normal thing they do, instead of a s
  15. Thanks, mate. Thanks for your support. Its good to be have a forum to discuss out favourite show. As a fan, I've always liked Amy's character slightly more, especially the Amy of earlier seasons who was funnier, awkward and just a bit bonkers! I think Mayim gets the best dialogues. Jim is fantastic in every scene and I love him, but Sheldon I find difficult to love! Not because of the quirks, but because of the selfishness. Amy makes him more considerate and he makes her more confident. Together, they are magic.
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