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  1. episodes

    Too much of too loud off-screen laughter.
  2. episodes

    Stuart is the best in this episode.
  3. episodes

    That was fun. Really very funny episode. Except I don't like the joke about leaving and forgetting the baby. Newborns are not to be left in a room alone.
  4. episodes

    Well reference to the outcome of US elections is obvious. I like the short episode about hairstyles.
  5. episodes

    Liked a lot small cool things in this episode: Ubbi Dubbi even though they didn't speak it correctly "So you believe [...] your own eyes over me?" was pure gold Funny reference to wizards robe (may be unintentional) etc. But overall I don't see where the show is going to for a long time.
  6. episodes

    This episode is better then previous one. Both like and hate that bit of trolling around the stereotype of arrogant men.
  7. episodes

    I mean when people do it naturally and interactively it's okay, but it doesn't fit when people are scripted to return and keep their hand on the other's knee when camera shows them. Stuart and Bert if anybody :D But I don't actually want new relationships between present characters to be introduced.
  8. episodes

    Galecki's attempt to keep his hand on Cuoco's knee seemed very awkward. Probably it was in the script but scripted things don't look natural and Leonard and Penny don't look like being a couple for a very long time.