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  1. So taping is over.i had number 15 on priority so 4th row in the middle in front of Leonard and sheldons app. Awesome taping. Kaley wanted to do the mannequin challenge with the crew and audience and we did it.it was funny. Before the tapping we watched episode number 10 I think it was very funny so our taping must be episode number 11 and is called The Birthday Synchronicity. So called because it is Amy's birthday and baby Halley from Howard and Bernadette is born.
  2. I am at the waiting area, does anybody know where to wait wit priority tickets ? There is one area with VIP and on the right side there are about 40 people sitting .on the left only 4-5
  3. yes I got a mail that it is 30 min earlier so I will try to be there at 2pm.looking forward to it
  4. I got guaranteed tickets for Tuesday nov 22nd. My flights from Germany are booked.so excited. First taping! So with guaranteed tickets I should be there at around 3pm? Anybody else there? Regards Sven
  5. Hi , so I have standby tickets for nov 22nd. I read 25-40 standby tickets have a good chance. How early should I be there to have a realistic chance? On what time I will get my number? I arrive from Germany and it is my only chance to see a taping. BBT is my absolute favorite but I also have 2 broke girls tickets at 5pm. Not my favorite one but to see a taping it is ok. So do you have an advice . Can I first check BBT early to see and if I get a high number go to gate 8 for 2 broke girls? Is this far? thx for any advice
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