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  1. What I gathered from the summary was that it was less about how often they have sex or about their sex life, but more about what's appropriate to share with other people. I think Amy is upset because Burt (and all of Caltech, apparently) knows something private about her relationship. So I dunno. I'm excited about Shamy date night but I'm not really sure that this discussion will really address the sex once a year thing or their desires. But maybe I'll be surprised.
  2. I am SO excited for the passionate kissing as well as the trying to one-up the I miss yous. God bless America
  3. Mayim is a fantastic actress... And I think Amy has a lot of charisma. She's charming and sweet, but also sassy and strong. I think she's a far better character these days than Penny is. Penny, to me, has become way too sarcastic to the point where it is quite mean. (The comments she made to Leonard when she was moving his stuff into storage come to mind.) Amy is fast becoming my favorite character on this show. She never fails to make me laugh. So I definitely don't think Mayim drags the show down at all.
  4. I regularly use the "it's a good thing you're cute" comment - it's a way to tease someone you love for being kind of naive/silly (or for annoying you) while still giving them a compliment and showing your affection. And I never intend to add an "or else." I never mean for it to be malicious, and I'm never actually challenging someone's intelligence when I say it. So I highly doubt Sheldon really intended to hurt Amy with that comment. It never even crossed my mind that Sheldon might actually be trying to hurt Amy. If he was, he'd outright insult her. Also, Sheldon almost never comments on Amy's appearance so I bet she only focused on the "cute" part of the statement. She didn't seem offended to me.
  5. Such a cute episode tonight. I really enjoyed it. I loved the moment when Amy got the neosporin, and she was clearly very shocked at Sheldon's compliment! I must admit, one of the funniest lines was Penny remarking that it's like she's sleeping with Sheldon's boyfriend. LOL
  6. It just read like you were saying "Bernadette and Penny are hotter than Amy, so Sheldon wouldn't last as long with them" Maybe you didn't mean it that way, but that's how I read it. Also, Sheldon scoffed at the thought of most things before he met Amy. Realistic is off the table. We are talking about someone who thought the idea of dating someone was ridiculous, let alone sex. So I don't think I'm being outrageous in thinking that Amy is an exception to many of Sheldon's rules. I don't think Sheldon would want to have sex with anyone but Amy and I'm sticking with it.
  7. Yes I did! Thank you for being so patient and kind as I attempt to learn the rules of the forum. (:
  8. I have an AO3 but it's all pretty serious works, and this was pretty tongue-in-cheek and purposefully silly. I just wanted to warn anyone who might click that it's Shamy-centered. I don't mind it being on a new thread. Sorry I didn't realize I couldn't put links to works in the Shamy thread!
  9. Edit: This was meant for the eyes of the Shamy thread but I don't want to delete it so if you aren't a Shamy shipper you probably won't love this Everyone wants Mary to visit and I want Mary and Amy's mom to meet and I really don't want to study for my psychology exam so I wrote a thing enjoy. It's long so I am just attaching a Google Docs link I present to you, a total waste of my time.... "The Maternal Combination Combustion" https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iyGcmqiRpxU2mWSdlB-2FM4GcY986CPatcXvTOi37ek/edit?usp=sharing
  10. he wouldn't last at all, because he'd never get it up in the first place. he's only attracted to amy. also i think that's really insulting to Mayim Bialik, who I think is a gorgeous woman. To each his own, I guess.
  11. How can I die if I'm already dead just reading about all of this seriously though i'm already reacting just reading these spoilers I legitimately don't know how I will handle the actual episode god i'm so excited what a world happy amy's birthday to us all
  12. So sorry that your hubby might not be home ): *hugs* Thanks for the heads up!!
  13. I really think this might end up being one of my favorite episodes. It just sounds so... amazing. Like fanfiction worthy stuff here. When the sneak peek of Sheldon preparing brunch came out, I replayed that SO many times. I thought I was dreaming. My boyfriend got very annoyed with me. I can already imagine how things are gonna be after this episode: "Honey, what are you up to?" "Uh, nothing?" "Are you rewatching that same episode again?? God how many times can you see the same scenes over and over?" "YOU DON'T KNOW MY LIFE." I honestly think this episode is gonna break us. An MRI scan that basically proves Sheldon's love/lust with science. Passionate kisses while they're lying down. Almost second base ON SCREEN! Randy Shamy being interrupted by Hallie's birth. Sexy cosplay. It's too much. I've already reread the taping report like 5 times in my excitement. How the hell am I gonna act once the episode actually happens? Here lies Rice Sheldon. 1997-2016. 10x12 killed her. RIP.
  14. So I went to bed last night with the knowledge that they had sex and nothing more. I had to will myself to sleep because "Shamy finally did it again!" is not a good excuse to not go to class. (TBH I had a couple of dreams that were centered around Shamy sexy-time. Judge me all you want). I am not disappointed this morning. I think the pregnancy timeline is whack but that's been discussed enough I think! I am so excited that this isn't just an obligation for Sheldon, but something he looks forward to and really wants to happen. I am most excited for ALL THE KISSING SCENES. So much kissing. All the kissing. I have a thing about on-screen kisses. I love a good kiss, regardless of the couple. But a Shamy makeout???? I'm exploding. I'm so glad all of this is happening right before the hiatus because it'll give me something to think about during the break. And we probably won't run out of things to analyze lmao
  15. I don't think they will have a proposal until Shamy has had coitus again. I just think that's something important that they have to revisit before they can make that kind of commitment. There's gonna be some kind of flag convention, right? I would place my bets on a proposal occurring in that episode. I really hope coitus 2.0 doesn't happen alongside the birth of Howardette's baby but it's looking like that may happen. Who knows? I'm just glad they are gonna be finalizing Shamy's move to 4B and that Bernadette is finally going into labor. I wonder how often we will actually see this child.
  16. Well, I guess the average viewer might need to be reminded. Lots of casual viewers. Who knows? Also not sure if it was a reminder of what his issues are so much as an "Okay, we know Sheldon has been OOC the past few episodes. Here's an episode where Sheldon is just being Sheldon. We haven't completely changed him." kind of thing. That's how I saw it anyway.
  18. Once upon a time, I think Sheldon would have just brushed that aside and thought "Who cares what they think? Ours is a relationship of the mind." (The Love Spell Potential comes to mind). But it seemed like he was genuinely insulted. That paired with his reaction to Bert's comment about being too good for Amy shows me that he truly is proud of his relationship now. It makes me happy
  19. If Sheldon realized what he is saying can be hurtful, then he isn't Sheldon anymore. Sheldon is an oblivious ass. If Sheldon suddenly understood himself or how to behave, the show would get, IMO, really boring really fast. And he has progressed and evolved, in his own way. He touches people, he talks about his feelings, he admits he's a person now, etc. He's still a jerk but he's trying. That's not to say that Leonard should just accept that Sheldon is an ass. It's all of his friends putting up a united front against his behavior that has made him progress at all. Baby steps.
  20. Agreed. One of the best lines was when she raised her hand and got excited because she knew the right answer. So good.
  21. I thought the episode was hilarious, not boring or un-funny. At the end of the day, Sheldon is still Sheldon, and he really likes to think that he's smarter than he actually is. I liked seeing him acting like himself. It's apparently an unpopular opinion here to actually like Sheldon, but I'm just going to unapologetically say he's my favorite character and Sheldon-centered episodes are fun for me. I thought there were some great moments. The scene where they all admitted their jealousy was so funny. I loved that we saw some genuine friendship moments between Sheldon and Leonard, instead of them just rolling their eyes at each other. Howard's Stephen Hawking toy cracked me the fuck up. "Gentlemen, start your wheelchairs!" was a laugh out loud moment for me. Loved seeing Sheldon wrestling with his emotions. I don't think it was a filler, nor do I think it was badly written. Proud Bert was pure gold, because that actor makes even boasting seem anxious/humble. Lots of physical comedy on Jim Parson's part. I loved the episode. It may not have been a particularly milestoney episode but it was funny as hell. Not every episode can have major moments. Some episodes can just be funny for the sake of being funny.
  22. I really enjoyed tonight's episode. It was super funny and nice to see the whole gang together again. Also loved the brief moment when Shamy held hands, as well as the moment where Sheldon karate chopped Bert for insulting his little lady. Edit: Didn't wanna double post. Figured I'd just add more (Forgive me if that's not allowed, still learning the rules). I just wanna say to everyone on this thread that I appreciate how positive you all are, and that you all just really love this show. I'm relatively new and you all make me feel really welcome.
  23. As someone else mentioned before, I really think the once-a-year thing is because the writers genuinely think that's hilarious. Maybe they felt they needed to add that aspect so Sheldon didn't seem super out of character. I think they still want to portray this "Sheldon doesn't have hormones" thing, even though we know that isn't true. If he didn't have hormones or wants, he wouldn't have been able to have sex with Amy at all, let alone enjoy it. And I think the scene where they bicker and she proposes they make out PROVES that Sheldon has human feelings and urges. So just having sex once a year makes absolutely no sense anymore. What warm-blooded human in love can handle having sex one time a year? Sheldon is crazy, but he's still a man. He likes to act like he isn't, but he is. Hopefully he (and the writers) can come to terms with that.
  24. Fair enough. No one wants to marry a carbon copy of themselves... (I think that's why Amy slowly became less like Sheldon as time went on.) But I just wonder how Leonard and Penny connect. I agree it's definitely because of the writing, because that's the only way we get to see these characters. Otherwise it's just fanfiction. I'm sorry that you genuinely feel like the show has caved, but I find, personally, I enjoy it more than I ever did. I love the sciencey stuff and the humor but I also really love character development, so these kind of growth-heavy plots we have been getting appeal to me. As I said, maybe the show will shift midseason.
  25. To me, Lenny has been stale for a while. I don't really see the appeal personally, and I wonder what they even have in common with each other. I love them individually, but together I could take them or leave them. That's just me. I think Shamy is quirky and interesting and there are a lot of places the writers could go with them because they actually have things in common. I absolutely love the intelligent/scientific banter that happens between them and I think that makes them a really fun couple to watch. I have been satisfied with the past episodes (as a Shamy shipper) but I definitely think they are neglecting the other characters. And I understand why Lenny shippers might be extremely frustrated. If all of a sudden we got nothing but Lenny growth and absolutely no Shamy, I'd be frustrated. Hopefully the birth of the Howardette baby and the midseason finale will allow the focus to be shifted.
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