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  1. I just love the excitement on this thread! I was missing this a bit in comparison to last season... But this episode and season finale spoilers... just WOW (to quote Sheldon) 😍
  2. Yay!!! No more ridiculous 'once a year' gag! I wonder how it plays out - do we see them in bed or just running to the bedroom? Damn it, I won't be able to see it until late May, I'm going on the trip... ;( Hopefully we get this Ramona thing cleared up next week! I saw some people on Tumblr mentioning that they're going to the taping.
  3. With Amy away I would love to see group diner where Amy joins them via Skype and Sheldon puts laptop on the spot next to him. Then there's some dramatic/interesting exchange between two other characters, everyone is on the edge of their seats and Amy's like "Somebody turn me, I wanna see too!"
  4. Now I kinda want to see this happen...
  5. They lately seem to brought back characters from couple years back - they had Leslie for 200th episode (well, that was special occasion), they brought back Bert and Lucy from seasons 6/7, we had deaf Emily from season 5, now Ramona... I think the character that I personally want to see again is Amy's mother. And also (don't judge me) Missy - I like episode with her in season 1 and although her purpose was to create rivalry between Leonard, Howard and Raj, the most interesting thing for me was her relationship with Sheldon. I'd like to see how it looks now. And Missy/Amy - probably plot that wo
  6. I've found it on the cbspressexpress site, but if you access from outside of US you'd need some IP change extension in your browser...
  7. Hmmm... If Amy is away at season finale... And we know that most probably there's Shamy tag in 10.23... Does this mean we could get sweet goodbye? Kiss, hug maybe? Here's hoping...
  8. Wasn't that the point of the whole break up plot? I don't think after last two seasons Sheldon needs any more epiphanies. This Ramona thing sounds weird...
  9. If I remember correctly, usually first three episodes are taped week after week, then around January/February one episode is singled out. Rest of the tapings come in two's.
  10. So if I'm reading correctly from the TR, in the tag Shamy are on their way to this train event (Nevada Locomotive or something like that?). So, is it possible we'll get follow up in the next episode? And with Amy mentioning that she's not yet engaged... Hmm..... Anyway, this sound like a really funny episode. Thanks to everyone who provided spoilers, hope you had a good time!
  11. Not a fan of funny juice jokes, but they didn't really bothered me that much. It was a joke worth one episode and we probably never hear about it again. And the show really had far worse and recurring ones. The worst IMO were fat and death jokes about Mrs Wolowitz.
  12. After amazing Shamy stories in previous episodes this season, this episode feels kinda flat for me. I didn't care for this Amy who thinks that she knows better and hope she won't be coming back (or at least, not too often). I'd feel much better about Shamy plot in this episode if they would have scene where Amy sincerelly apologizes Sheldon for going behind his back and promise to always include him in decisions. But, well, what can you do. I'm really looking forward to next episode though, it sounds really great on paper. It will air in two weeks, right? I heard that next week there
  13. Lol, I looked at the comments on Youtube under Shamy sneak peak and someone commented that Sheldon giving the brain MRI basically gave Amy their version of nude :D:D:D
  14. I realized something... In this episode Bernie goes into labor... So it's 1-2 days before Amy's birthday! (That's why they're smiling on these pictures!)
  15. Yes, that is the last one, unless you count 9.19 when we see it on Skype.
  16. I can't wait for promo photos and promos for this episode
  17. That Neosporin scene from 10.10 sounds so cute! The Shamy in 10.11... It's so amazing... I don't know if I can say anything new about it, most of it has been already covered, so I'll just say: Nurse Althea is back!!! YAY! Big thank you to Maddie and her spoiler person for letting us into Spoiled Wonderland and saving us from Spoiler Free Hell!
  18. Loved Shamy plot in the episode! My favorite moments: - the whole parallel between Shamy experiment and having a baby: I especially loved Sheldon suggesting exposing brain cells to images of them to see which one it likes better ("She's the mean one, I'm the fun one" LOL!), Bernie's line about tiny Flash T-shirt (that was really cute) and Sheldon vs. Bernie on which creation is better (Sheldon as competitive dad :D). - Sheldon's look at Amy after suggesting what's coming next Loved the funny twist here: Amy thinks science while Sheldon is ready to pounce on Amy right there, right no
  19. @spidergirl, photos are on spoilertv.com (I'm not sure if I can post link here)
  20. Hi! New Shamy shipper on board I liked 10x06 though greedy baby, needy baby in my was hoping for more Shamy interactions beside that perfect sneak peak. Pretty much everything that I liked about this episode was covered by others already:) I like also the balance in Shamy in those couple episodes. There are some a bit bothering, bad stuff (10x04 - Amy wanting to quit after one bad night, fight in 10x05, I did not care much for drunken remark towards Amy in the tag scene in 10x06, Amy lying in 10x07) but in the same episodes we got sweet interactions, moments (like hot a
  21. I know, right? Not gonna lie, it was definitely part of the reason why I finally decided to join the forum. Thank you!
  22. Hello everyone, I found out about this forum almost exactly 4 years ago... I was looking for spoilers and beside that I found many people who loved the show (and also Shamy ) as much as I do. Maybe it's stupid but I kinda felt as a forum member already :D Now I finally decided to make that move and come out of lurkdom so my relationship with this forum will not be as one sided anymore. English is not my first language so please forgive me any mistakes.
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