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  1. Yay!!! No more ridiculous 'once a year' gag!


    I wonder how it plays out - do we see them in bed or just running to the bedroom?

    Damn it, I won't be able to see it until late May, I'm going on the trip... ;(


    Hopefully we get this Ramona thing cleared up next week! I saw some people on Tumblr mentioning that they're going to the taping.

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  2. 5 minutes ago, koops said:

    I agree that it's very unlikely Ramona isn't brought back for a Sheldon/Shamy plot.

    However, I'm not sure the whole "would Sheldon cheat" deal has legs to stand on, really. I mean, by all means he's fallen in love with Amy and obviously is attracted to her, but it took him a long time to develop those feelings. Ramona would not be around anywhere near enough time for Sheldon to be able to develop any sort of feelings that would even begin to make him consider that. I mean, the man has sex once a year and is fine, I doubt he has needs so strong that he would be tempted to stray. Unless they take him completely OOC. 

    But if it's all from the perspective of the gang, that could make sense. As in, the gang is worried that he might be tempted to cheat because that's how they're used to thinking. I mean, I don't want to gang up on the other couples, but every single one of those guys has cheated, one way or another: Howard had cyber sex with that troll that caused Bernie to dump him, Leonard with his boat debacle and Raj was deliberately deceiving Claire and Emily by dating both at the same time. Plus, none of them really seems to get Sheldon. So it's not far fetched to imagine that they would think the worst and maybe even THEY would create some tension between Shamy accidentally, when there's really no reason to. Say if Howard tells something to Bernie and Bernie obviously not being at work and unable to see tells Amy and so on.

    Which is what I was worried about... a scenario where because of all this grapevine nonsense, Amy suddenly becomes stupid!Amy and does something stupid because she gets so hurt by it. But they would literally have to take out the worst and stupidest Amy ever from their hat to justify it because it would require 1) Amy completely having her memory zapped about who Sheldon is as a person and how well she understands him, 2) Amy choosing not to confront Sheldon about it for clarification and 3) Amy actively going out to seek another man when she's barely looked at anyone who isn't Sheldon for 7 years. I don't put it past the writers, given that they happily filled the breakup with deliberate lack of communication when things could have been solved by sitting down to talk about it, just to drag it out. But it's absolutely cheap and ridiculous to destroy this unique relationship for the sake of one rehashed shock finale.

    Hopefully, if the above happens, Amy will be mature enough to realize that the gang are being idiots. And talk to Sheldon about it. Even better if, in retaliation, they decide to mess with the gang by making them believe there's actually something going on, while they laugh their asses off in private about it.

    Now I kinda want to see this happen... ;)

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  3. 5 minutes ago, Sah said:

    Where are you guys reading this? I didn't see anything in the season discussion... 

    I've found it on the cbspressexpress site, but if you access from outside of US you'd need some IP change extension in your browser...

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  4. 24 minutes ago, heres2U said:

    But guys, maybe this will somehow lead to an epiphany by Sheldon of how much he needs Amy?  So maybe the proposal?


    Wasn't that the point of the whole break up plot? I don't think after last two seasons Sheldon needs any more epiphanies.


    This Ramona thing sounds weird...

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  5. So if I'm reading correctly from the TR, in the tag Shamy are on their way to this train event (Nevada Locomotive or something like that?). So, is it possible we'll get follow up in the next episode? And with Amy mentioning that she's not yet engaged...




    Anyway, this sound like a really funny episode. Thanks to everyone who provided spoilers, hope you had a good time!

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  6. Not a fan of funny juice jokes, but they didn't really bothered me that much. It was a joke worth one episode and we probably never hear about it again. And the show really had far worse and recurring ones. The worst IMO were fat and death jokes about Mrs Wolowitz.

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  7. After amazing Shamy stories in previous episodes this season, this episode feels kinda flat for me. I didn't care for this Amy who thinks that she knows better and hope she won't be coming back (or at least, not too often).

    I'd feel much better about Shamy plot in this episode if they would have scene where Amy sincerelly apologizes Sheldon for going behind his back and promise to always include him in decisions. But, well, what can you do.

    I'm really looking forward to next episode though, it sounds really great on paper. It will air in two weeks, right? I heard that next week there's a rerun.

    (EDIT: and also inconsistency: Sheldon touched Stuart 6 episodes earlier)

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  8. Hello everyone,

    I found out about this forum almost exactly 4 years ago... I was looking for spoilers and beside that I found many people who loved the show (and also Shamy :) ) as much as I do. Maybe it's stupid but I kinda felt as a forum member already :D Now I finally decided to make that move and come out of lurkdom so my relationship with this forum will not be as one sided anymore. :)


    English is not my first language so please forgive me any mistakes.

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