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  1. BFM, that was the most cogent, lucid and insightful analysis I have read on this topic. TPTB are in a no-win situation that they created for themselves. It is a damn-if-I-do or damn-if-I-don't scenario that does not look like a sit-com happy ending. Whatever they come up with it will wind up offending someone. I hope they can live with all the criticism they will get from some dissatisfied viewers/critics. And it is a shame to have the legacy of this great show end with such a bitter taste..........but I will reserve my final comments after the last episode is done.
  2. That is true but she worked her way into a successful position Yes That could have been true but I get the feeling that if Kaley wanted to do a spin-off he would be on board If they do create a Lenny spin-off I would think it would be a whole new set of circumstances with a time jump to the future.
  3. I was thinking more in the line of how she came from Nebraska to California to be an actress and when that did not happen how she began work for Zangen. This happens often at an awards banquet when someone receiving an award relates how they got there. I would not interpret too much into this.
  4. I have always felt they could have given Penny an episode about her work; whether it was with a client who took her sales pitch a little too seriously and she had to advise him she was married (could have been a funny scene) or winning a sales award and having to give a banquet speech and she would relate how she met the guys and falling in love with Leonard. Just some thoughts.
  5. Thanks for the data Guess you can see why CBS wanted to keep TBBT and be willing to have a spin-off. Do you think that a Penny & Leonard spin-off would keep their numbers up?
  6. I am kind of leaning this way myself. I just cannot believe that after 12 yrs. and with Penny & Leonard being the core couple of this show they will end it without Penny getting pregnant. And you are right with all these manipulations in the storyline they seem to be heading that way. Why else would they have this Zack/Marissa storyline? I looked at that hug scene over again and Penny's heartwarming side of it with her facial image of concern when Leonard says he would be heartbroken knowing a child is out there and he was not the father convinced me that she will change her mind somewhere along the way. The only issue I can see is how tptb write this change in. It would have to be something that would satisfy many fans. Additionally, Kaley herself said that she hopes they change their minds on Penny getting pregnant.......so if she has any influence it may happen.
  7. So true Leonard's self-named "King of the Nerds" is really a far cry from who he actually is. If you really analyze these original five characters it is Leonard who they all look to for guidance and leadership even though they will not admit it. I think Penny has been influenced the most, obviously, by Leonard and I think that is what her father saw in him. He gave her the stability and direction she needed in her life at the time.
  8. I agree with your assessment of KC. She is a terrific comedic actress and I think a very good dramatic actress if given the roles. She has not done many films recently, I believe her last movie role was in "Burning Bodhi" which I thought she was terrific and received a modicum of praise for her portrayal of a drug addled girl trying to find her way. She has not done any films since opting for riding her horses with her husband during the summer hiatus and the occasional commercials. photo shoots, and endorsements. I am anxious to see her in "The Flight Attendant" being produced by her own production company. This should bring out her dramatic acting ability and to pick and choose what projects to undertake. I also believe her transformation of her character from a so-called ditzy blonde to a professional working woman has been the most significant of all the characters on TBBT.
  9. In the scene where Penny is in her lingerie and Leonard says "are you going to sleep like that" and Penny answers "do you want me to take it off" I wonder what Johnny might have said to her and if it will make the bloopers/gag reel
  10. Mario D.

    Season 12 Chit Chat Thread

    I am with you I have the full set of episodes for Wanted: Dead or Alive - Steve McQueen...a very treasured collection Yes Because they were totally different people their banter back and forth was the most enjoyable aspect of the first four seasons
  11. I also caught that comment Leonard made when they were hugging. It was something like "is that outfit still available" which I surmised might lead to a loving mood. If so, you are right this story is not yet over.
  12. If you want to read a terrific article on the Leonard/Penny/Baby drama go to screenrant.com article of Feb. 10 The writer Ana Dumaraog gives a very insightful view of the "Donation Oscillation" episode and then relates what is the crux of the issue. That maybe this will stir Penny & Leonard to finally sit down and openly talk about this issue instead of dancing around it. Penny has finally admitted she is torn by her decision and is disappointing the two best men in her life. As Penny contemplates her decision it will be more comfortable knowing that both her father and husband will support her. But the bigger issue remains on what is the primary driving force behind her stance on not wanting kids. This is what tptb must come up with in the next episodes.
  13. Mario D.

    [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 12

    These were great The hug scene was one of the most compelling moments in the entire series and it truly showed Penny and Leonard's unparalleled love for each other
  14. Yeah He would have to change all the tags in his underwear! I just cannot believe they would end the show with this scenario and leave Penny and Leonard childless after 12 years. That would be such a disservice and a slap in the face to all loyal P&L fans after 12 years of supporting these characters. Sorry, but that is how I feel

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