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  1. Could it be that they are building these differences and conflicts up to a point and then have Penny reveal she is pregnant at the end and bring them closer? JMO
  2. Mario D.

    [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 12

    Agree with your list. Glad you included the locket which they did not show I thought she possibly would dress as Harley Quinn!
  3. So are we going to have more Lenny bickering and arguments Damn, I am so tired of this BS. Just watched the redo wedding on my local station. Even my wife mentioned why were there so many interruptions and remarks at Lenny wedding and none of that was at Shamy wedding I said now you know why all the Lenny fans are annoyed and frustrated.
  4. I am like you but I think there is some underlying reason why she does not want kids. Hopefully, it will be revealed in later episodes as Leonard never did ask her why she did not want kids.
  5. I think when Penny was talking to Bernadette she was just going over that scenario in her head. But Bernadette not supporting her in no-baby issue kind of brought back Penny's stubborn streak and she got more determined to make that decision. That being said when she spoke with Leonard about it she really didn't say it as an ultimatum. She genuinely asked him how he felt about not having kids. Granted, he probably should not have called Penny's father but he was kind of confused and needed some reassurance. And I don't think Penny was that mad at him about it and really felt sort of bad at how it came out. Another poster suggested that renting the Batmobile was more of an apology for springing the baby issue on him. Like several other posters I think this issue will be re-visited in the future. I just get the feeling there is something more behind her thought not to have a baby and it will present itself in later episodes.
  6. Mario D.

    Non-Season 12 Show Discussion

    But Leonard did confront both Penny and Raj in his bumbling sort of way. When they both had the matching shirts on he tried to tell them he wasn't happy with the situation but Raj kept explaining it his way. Also, when he called them "Hey, Olsen twins" they should have got the message.
  7. Mario D.

    Non-Season 12 Show Discussion

    You do not think Penny was OOC in this episode? She really ignored Leonard to do all these girly things with Raj. She did yoga with Raj when she was supposed to go to breakfast with her husband. They go shopping and she ignores Leonard again by letting Raj play cosmetician while Leonard has to hold her purse and packages. And then I think buying the matching shirts was sort of an insult to her husband. I think Leonard had a right to be slighted in this episode.
  8. Mario D.

    Non-Season 12 Show Discussion

    That is a matter of conjecture. We don't know what Leonard was in Leonard's mind. By inviting him, kind of reluctantly I might add, he was being a good friend. However, about three episodes later both him and Penny were pushing him out the door. Maybe they realized this was not a good situation.
  9. Mario D.

    Non-Season 12 Show Discussion

    Well, for one I think that whole episode was OOC for Penny. Here was Leonard feeling like a third wheel in his own marriage and they buy matching shirts. How do you think Leonard felt then. I really believe that you buy matching shirts like that to show you are a couple and Raj & Penny are not. Besides I think Leonard had a little twinge because of their history.
  10. Mario D.

    Non-Season 12 Show Discussion

    Yeah, that was pretty OOC for Penny. If she wanted to buy matching shirts it should be with her husband and not Raj.
  11. Would love to see her get that PR position and see her attire then. Also, I think it would be great in this final season that they show her receiving a sales award and giving an acceptance speech. This would justify her standing among the guys and her status as "Queen of the Nerds"
  12. Watching the Lenny baby episode again why did they feel the need to have Leonard struggle with opening the door when he spoke with Penny. It seems they wanted to inject some comedy into a pivotal and dramatic scene which was not called for. Why can't they write a scene once in awhile that has dramatic effect without the humor. I know this is a sit-com but I recall that MASH was basically a comedy but those writers were great in hashing out emotional dramatic scenes. I know the backdrop was a war and of course some situations were not meant to be funny. But those writers had some terrific episodes without alot of comedy in them. Just two I recall were when the doctors were trying to save a soldiers leg and they had a clock on the wall that showed the elapsed time. Another episode was when lead actor Alan Alda had a concussion and found himself with a Korean family who could not speak english and he practically had the only dialogue in the whole episode. These were great writing storylines. If only TBBT writers could take some hints from them.
  13. Yes I believe Holland said they had written 6 or 7 episodes before the announcement. So that would mean that the Lenny baby issue was written already and they probably would have dropped it without any resolution as they do with so many other plotlines. But now with this the final season they are forced to come up with a reasonable conclusion.
  14. They certainly were the best part of this episode. God I hope not!!
  15. Yeah This season has not been EPIC at all

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