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  1. I don't believe she would be resentful of Kaley. If I recall correctly Kaley was rejected on the first audition as being too young for the role. One year later when they re-did the pilot she auditioned again at the request of Chuck Lorre and got the part. She was only 21 at the time and when the show was wrapped 12 years later she was 33. So Kaley and Penny's age coincided.
  2. I seriously think that Sheldon does not want anymore "friends" as he insults everyone he comes in contact with. As for his current friends he only uses them as his "minions" to cater to his whims. I just wonder in the finale if he truly realized how much his friends actually do for him.
  3. Have re-watched this episode. Have one question- Why didn't Raj go to Howard's room when Sheldon barged into his instead of to Leonard? Guess there would not be any comedy in that
  4. Like I said I have only watched a couple of episodes and the ones I watched he was being rude and obnoxious to his mother because she was disciplining him and he didn't get his way
  5. I might take a flyer on it only because it is Kaley and it has received alot of hype but I don't have Peacock service. Will it be on any other channels?
  6. Yes it is true everyone contributed to Sheldon's behavior because he doesn't mean it. That is just lame and I really think he knew exactly what he was doing. And yes his mother coddled him too much to the point that he expected that attitude from everyone he came in contact with. I caught a couple of Young Sheldon episodes and he was as obnoxious and condescending to his family as a ten year old as he was in adult life.
  7. I liked these episodes as well but I remember more the ones where they let Sheldon win: the itchy sweater where he manipulated by lying and deceit, the blackmail of Priya so he can get his way in the roommate agreement (just a despicable act to a best friend), getting his baby way when Leonard bought a table so they could all eat comfortably, ( a truly whining rant about having a RA meeting which Leonard did not want to attend and subsequently having Penny side with him instead of her husband (a truly uncharacteristic and rude act by Penny), and of course the selfish act of whining that everyone is leaving him. (probably because he would not have anyone to cater to him)
  8. This is so true I never understood why the writers had to wait almost a year and a half for Penny and Leonard to live by themselves as a married couple. And for Sheldon to behave like a petulant child when they told him they wanted to live together without him was such a selfish act by a best friend, colleague and roommate. He just did not grasp the concept that his friendship with Leonard was secondary to Leonard and Penny marriage.
  9. Another deep insight into Kaley's inner turmoil while filming TFA 2. Great read
  10. Think they were both crying into each others shoulder knowing this was their last scene together. Sad moment indeed
  11. Yeah I read the other day that Tom Pelphrey signed on to do a project plus he is supposed to do another season of "Outer Range" Yes, we shall see how this plays out and I hope for their sake it lasts through these schedules of being apart. Just do not see the difference between these schedules with Tom and that with Karl. Maybe she is just dealing with them better. she did say she made mistakes with Karl.
  12. WOW Another project in the works. After this current movie "Role Play" is wrapped she has now three projects on the horizon: the Doris Day biopic, A Season with Mom, and now "Based on a True Story" plus if they decide to do season three of The Flight Attendant and possibly season four of Harley Quinn. It is no wonder she doesn't want to get married again (or start a family.) All I can say is more power to her. Because she seems to be in so much demand she probably has rejected as many offers that she receives. She deserves all the recognition she gets. Plus "Meet Cute" with Pete Davidson has yet to be released
  13. Wow We probably can name hundreds of scenes and dialogue that the continuity factor was abused
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