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  1. Wonder if she was serious about disliking his mullet or just being cute
  2. Yeah I know that was sarcasm! Totally agree And in a way the writers and producers kind of cheated us out of that moment after 12 years of supporting this show
  3. Totally agree So many episodes were devoted to Shamy quest for the Nobel prize and even in season 11 most of the episodes dealt with Shamy planning their wedding. I still cannot get over having an episode about picking a wedding date!!! And as I suggested previously the scene in which Polly mentioned whereby Penny and Leonard hug after he admits he does not want to donate his sperm to Zack and Marissa, was the perfect time to expand that and have them discuss about having a child. But I guess the writers knew better
  4. Congratulations to Kaley. Maybe this will brighten her life up after the last couple of days. I thought the CC awards were not announced until Feb. 7
  5. That is exactly what I saw when they hugged in that scene. The moment when Penny realized how much being a father meant to Leonard and hugged him to show how much she really loved him and his response showing his unparalleled love for her. And it is true the moment showed their unconditional and selfless love for each other. I really thought they would expand this scene and talk about actually having a baby. That was my disappointment in season 12. Yes The argument going to Las Vegas in their first wedding was totally unnecessary. They had a cliffhanger with Shamy and didn't need one
  6. She must be devastated. Norman was the light of her life Even named her production company after him. I guess in a way now he will live on in all her future projects RIP Norman
  7. Thank you @tensor This really proves my quick analysis that Sheldon and Shamy dominated the episodes the last three years of the show. It certainly establishes that it became The Sheldon Show
  8. Also, if any sports fans out there Tommy Lasorda passed away today at age 93. A truly charismatic character and ambassador for the game of baseball. RIP Tommy
  9. True Sheldon used extortion and blackmail to get his way with Priya and Leonard. A typical Sheldon move to gain revenge when he was outsmarted. He just has to win no matter what to show that he is a superior being. Childish behavior and the writers keep writing him this way to promote that behavior.
  10. Watching this episode again I noticed that when Sheldon offers Amy the Relationship Agreement he says look it over and sign while I get my notary stamp. My daughter is a notary and I seem to recall her telling me that a notary cannot sign a document and notarize it as well. Just an observation
  11. Thanks @tensor for clarifying this a little bit. Considering she has approx. 6.5 mil followers on her IG she probably does influence a great many people and they don't mind.......and neither do I
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