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  1. Good points on her acting. And Kaley does deserve special mention as an actress as her performance in "The Flight Attendant" has shown. Playing Penny brought her celebrity status but it also held her back from expanding her acting talent.
  2. Your analysis is quite enlightening. I had never considered Penny in this manner. But looking back it is quite possible. Also, she overthinks things as do the other geniuses on the show including her husband. She also picked up her sales job easily and became quite prolific at it. With this insight I wonder why she could not master her acting craft.
  3. After watching the episodes the first time I thought Sheldon was irritating but tolerable. I liked especially in the early seasons when him and Penny went at it. That was joyful to see Sheldon getting some comeuppance once in awhile. But now seeing all the reruns of the seasons he really grates on me and I think how can a man that is a genius be so clueless in social interaction. And his repeated insults and remarks to Penny about her sexual history when he considers her one of his "dearest" friends is just disgraceful.
  4. I think it was most of them because there were a couple of female writers in the group. This was bothersome to me throughout the life of the show. Penny's sexual history and promiscuity was always injected into the dialogue even after Leonard and her were engaged and later married. Sheldon. of course, was the main culprit and how Penny managed to not slap him upside his head is a wonder. However, I believe their worst and most disgraceful dialogue was when Penny jokingly says being "in a motel with a 34 year-old guy named Luther" when she was supposedly a teenager. This went a little too far
  5. Think this may be true. As I have mentioned previously, I have seen some stories about that finale episode of season 4 where Raj and Penny end up in bed. It was said that Chuck Lorre insisted on this scene be put in over the objections of some writers and cast. It was a very unpopular episode and many fans were upset to see this scene. I don't know how true this is but in between the fourth and fifth season the writers had to write that season five premiere because of all the backlash of the episode.
  6. True it may have been heartfelt at the time but we really do not know for sure if he meant it sincerely and kept his word or was it just lip service for the Nobel community. Think this is very true. The writers just did not find the right status of her character. First it was her committment phobias. then it was her job status, then it was her portrayal of the good wife, bad wife. Even at the end the writers could not give her the proper mix toward Leonard. Yes, she loved him but was still unsure about her pregnancy. Guess we just have to surmise that they lived happily ever after.
  7. Also I think it was pretty brave of her to wear a strapless gown after her cupping procedure
  8. She sure knows how to be elegant, even in losing. However, I have heard some rumblings she may be up for an Emmy which might give her another shot.
  9. I have to agree with you in this regard. Penny was put in a bad light several times besides the ones you mentioned: dating Stuart, using Leonard for sex and then saying it was a mistake, and when Raj lived with them the total indifference to Leonard's feelings. Despite all this I think Penny was a popular character especially with male viewers which I believe were the producers intentions in the early episodes. And as you state Penny was more human and endearing to fans in marrying Leonard unlike Sheldon who had his realization in the finale of the show.
  10. It is my understanding that the stories reported at the time was that CBS wanted two more years and I assumed all involved would negotiate for only one more year. I believe, according to the reports, that this was on a Friday and JP gave his decision to CL. Then over the weekend CL and others tried to convince JP to do one more year. When they could not change his mind then on Monday he spoke with the cast to tell them the news.
  11. Yes I knew he looked familiar!
  12. I think I read that she obtained the rights to this project like she did with The Flight Attendant
  13. Her career is certainly blossoming and moving forward. Her talent is getting some well deserved recognition
  14. I have seen a few of those stories from Kaley citing her excitement to do a reunion show, however, I have to admit I don't know if they were all from the same interview. But my point was I would love to see a reunion show and although there was closure for some there still were issues that were left unanswered, unexplained, and unresolved. But I do not believe all these issues can be answered in presumably a one-hour reunion show. But it is nice to think about.
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