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  1. I absolutely agree with you on how this will materialize. When I saw that she will appear in multiple episodes I got the feeling this Lenny arc will end up with Penny saying she wants to have children or is pregnant already. Either way a good happy ending for them which they so deserve. I can understand your pessimism but first and foremost this is a comedy. I cannot see them ending the Lenny story on a sour note as it would be such a disservice to loyal Lenny fans who have supported TBBT for these past 12 years.
  2. I have to agree with that outlook. My daughter is 42 and expecting her second child in February. The only thing I pray is that all goes well.
  3. The thing that bothered me in that whole scene was Leonard never asked her why she did not want to have kids. And then he just gave up on the issue too easily. This was a massive decision....for both of them I am of the belief that marriage is a partnership and major decisions should be done together. We don't know if they discussed this issue as it was never portrayed but I get the feeling this was something that came over her and not anything she was thinking about for some time.
  4. I agree with much of what you comment. Upon reading through it I have thought of some other instances where Penny hurt Leonard and he should have told her so: The David Underhill episode was one and the night she drunkenly slept with Leonard after she was pissed at Zack and then told him it was a mistake is two, the night with Raj will probably always be a sore spot for Leonard, the episode where they are going to watch Game of Thrones and Penny takes Sheldon's side in the argument, the Raj/Penny chumminess in the episode where Raj moves in with Lenny, a ridiculous plot if there ever was one. In all these instances Leonard was hurt but still cared for and loved Penny. He should have told her off in a couple of them but the writers wanted to keep his character likeable. As for Sheldon he is the same obnoxious, insulting, condescending asshat he has always been and also to still bring up Penny's sexual history in some remarks is totally disgraceful. Here, also Leonard should absolutely say something to Sheldon along the lines of Penny is now my wife and if you say another disparaging remark to her I will knock your teeth down your throat.......or words to that effect.
  5. Apparently not! Like I have said before believe this episode was written before the announcement to end the show. But, that still isn't a good enough excuse. Now because this is the final season they have to correct this situation with care.
  6. This is so true. Why did they have episode 3 in the first place? And then to write up this ridiculous plot of sperm donation just makes this story wackier. But personally, I think they have to rectify themselves out of this plot by having Leonard deciding he does not want ot donate his sperm and him and Penny having a genuine lock the door discussion about their future and having children where Penny would change her mind about kids. IDK, but this just seems like something the writers would think up to correct this situation.
  7. Mario D.

    Non-Season 12 Show Discussion

    What you say is true but Penny knew she messed up and that she hurt Leonard, whether he was in a relationship or not. I agree tptb wanted them to stay apart a little longer and build up to their reconciliation. One other issue that was not depicted was how Penny found out about Leonard's break-up with Priya and how she felt about it. If they were going to drag this story out they should have at least mentioned this side of it.
  8. Mario D.

    Non-Season 12 Show Discussion

    Tensor, can you comment on this: I don't recall exactly where I heard this but that episode S4E24 upset many, many people even the cast themselves as they admitted there was nearly fight with the writers. I heard that tptb received alot of negative comments from viewers that over the summer they rewrote the S5E1 storyline to show that Raj and Penny did not have sex. I just wonder how accurate this explanation is.
  9. I like Anu and maybe the characters need the time to mesh together, but time is what they do not have. If they are going to fix Raj and Anu more compatibly they only have 12 more episodes to do that. I am with most of you who believe these writers are just so unpredictable with their plots it is anyones guess how this all will turn out. Hopefully, all ends well with everyone
  10. This sounds like a viable alternative. However, If I may build upon your scenario: Suppose Leonard does go to the clinic and Penny is at home crestfallen. But when Leonard returns he tells Penny he could not do it and says if he is going to be a father he only wants it to be with Penny and not foster someone else's child. Penny is overwhelmed with happiness as she confesses to Leonard that she really didn't feel good about him donating his sperm to someone she knows. They finally have a serious discussion about their future and having children and why she told him she did not want kids. I think this has to be explained as Leonard never asked her why. I think the writers purposely left this open and had Leonard agree too easily to her decision for a more meaningful scenario down the road. JMO
  11. Think that was said sarcastically and she didn't say she doesn't want kids at all.
  12. I agree with your theory. It just seems to me that there is some underlying motive for her reluctance to have children. Whether it is that she cannot conceive or one of her deep-rooted fears of committment, she has to discuss it with Leonard. He is her husband and he needs to know the whole situation.
  13. I think they help and support each other. What Stuart said a few seasons back: "Penny brought Leonard out of his shell and Leonard made Penny think more deeply about the world" That is why they are the best couple.
  14. My gut feeling is that Leonard will not go through with it. I think he will feel guilty donating his sperm and to someone he knows where he could possibly see the child. I believe Penny and Leonard need to have a serious discussion and Penny has to tell Leonard why she does not want to have children. Maybe out of this talk a happy resolution will emerge one way or the other.

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