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  1. Also, I believe this was their last kiss and they seem to be very much into it!
  2. Thanks Tensor I am technologically challenged
  3. Don't know if anyone else has seen the brief video of Johnny and Kaley hugging each other after their last scene together for the finale. They were both teary-eyed after the embrace and I can imagine what was said between them. Something like "will miss you and keep in touch" And I am sure they will. Also, there is a fine article dated May 15, 2019 called "Friendship Goals" about how they bonded after their break-up and how their friendship became stronger proving true friendship can overcome even the worst heartbreak.
  4. True If they knew season 12 was to be the last they should have come up with more compelling and deeper storylines. Not just for Lenny but all the characters. Even Raj who was more a fill-in character than an actual primary one. To end his story without any real conclusion was just tragic. And yes, there was way too much of the Shamy/Nobel storyline.
  5. Yes miss you all Hope all is well with everyone Keep the faith
  6. Yes This is so true. So much of season 12 was devoted to Shamy quest for the Nobel prize. By my count it was about 13 episodes. Lenny had about 7 episodes and this included the ill-fated 12x3. Knowing it was the last season they could have given more storylines to Lenny and it would have been much sweeter to see Penny tell Leonard she was pregnant and also telling her parents would have been a special moment. But in retrospect I guess we should be grateful that tptb felt compelled to appease fans request for a Penny pregnancy. So to the re-runs it is. What episode is on tonite?
  7. I agree Raj had many chances with women but always seemed to foul them up. To me Lucy seemed too off-beat, Emily seemed to be a good fit for Raj as she was academically on their level but had her "dark" moments. Then they inexplicably tossed her aside. The dating two women arc was really an embarrassment for Raj. TBH, I thought Anu might have been the best fit if they had explored the story with a little more depth. Wouldn't it have been a sweet scene at the end if Anu showed up in Sweden from England and then we would have to imagine if they got back together or not. I think that would have been a better ending for Raj.
  8. On another note in the Johnny and Kaley hosted farewell when Kaley was speaking about all the happenings that occurred in Penny's apt. she failed to mention one big major scene ......when Leonard proposed marriage to Penny and she accepted.
  9. I think this is very true At the 2011 comic-con Ausiello from TV Line interviewed the cast and they admitted there was almost a fight at the table read. Also, Kunal was upset that he had to be put in that position. Also believe they rewrote the story over the summer months to show that they did not have sex and soften the criticism they received as you suggest. As Johnny said in the interview they were very "protective" of Penny. Think he meant that in more ways than one.
  10. Wholeheartedly agree with you. 8.24 was bad but eventually resolved with Leonard's heartfelt eternal love for Penny. 4.24 was another story which we never saw Penny and Leonard reconcile with. Just some minor references by Penny after the confrontation with Emily. "We weren't lovers, we just got drunk and fooled around" However, we never saw them deal with the situation. But my biggest complaint about this episode, which I also believe the cast was not too happy with either, was the way they made Raj brag about how he bedded Penny when he specifically asked her not to reveal his premature ejaculation for fear of embarrassment. (For instance what did he really tell Emily) Throughout the series they had him keep off-handedly mentioning it. And you are correct how Leonard could let him into his home knowing of their one-night history together always puzzled me. I read a very good fan-fic story about this episode whereby Leonard punches Raj in the nose for his indiscretion and then leaves Pasadena and goes to see Penny's father for some advice on how to deal with the situation. Subsequently, Penny follows Leonard to Nebraska and eventually they reconcile. A very plausible story.
  11. You are correct but having a marriage annulled is like erasing it from the books as if it never existed. So, going by that thought process her SECOND marriage was to Leonard.
  12. I enjoy reading the fan-fiction stories when they are believable and well written. Some are so good it makes you wonder why the show writers did not think of them. But also some are so out of character they are ridiculous. There are so many Shenny stories that could never happen but I guess that is what fan-fiction is about. However, being a Lenny fan I just could not really get into them with any focus.
  13. Also there had to be some implication with the Zack/Marissa situation. She said it was okay for Leonard to donate if he wanted but in her heart she didn't want him to father a baby for someone else....only with her. And the seduction scene sort of confirmed this. Maybe that is when she started thinking that having a baby with Leonard wasn't out of the realm of possibility.
  14. Any idea where this ranch/house is?
  15. Just thought thatthe things they mentioned were similkar to your comments. If I misunderstood sorry
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