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  1. Mario D.

    [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 12

    I looked back and checked if I had the facts right and this was a terrific storyline
  2. Mario D.

    [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 12

    I wholeheartedly agree!!
  3. Mario D.

    [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 12

    Wonder if they will let him keep the little beard?
  4. Mario D.

    [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 12

    Yes I agree On the show she does not date anyone but Zack when her and Leonard are apart. But it called for some nice speculation. Kind of wished they inserted it on the show. Would have made for a good storyline.
  5. Mario D.

    [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 12

    interesting analysis I recall something about Penny's feelings toward Leonard, it may have been in a fanfic, but IMO it had some merit. While Leonard had broke up with Priya, Penny had been secretly dating some guys without Amy or Bernadettes knowledge. She supposedly had three dates, one guy she dumped on the date, another she rejected after one date, but a third guy she kind of liked and they had two dates and planned a third. She did not have sex with any of them but with this third guy she might do it on this third date. However, he called and had to cancel their date and that is why she asked Leonard to the movies. After the non-date with Leonard she kind of felt that maybe they possibly could get back together so she told this guy she would not see him again. Then a couple of episodes later Leonard asked her out and the rest is history.
  6. Mario D.

    [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 12

    I think that is pretty much true. She asked Leonard to go to the movies because she knew he broke up with Priya and he was available and wanted to find out if he still had feelings for her.
  7. Mario D.

    [Spoilers] Season 12 Dark Lenny Thread

    Well, according to Holland the first two episodes will be about Shamy honeymoon. Gee, I guess they can write a honeymoon script? Too bad they could not think of it a couple of seasons ago.....twice! Unless season 12 is the final season
  8. Mario D.

    [Spoilers] Season 12 Discussion Thread

    Never say die! Keep the faith!
  9. Mario D.

    [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 12

    Love her look in the second pic. It was after Leonard said "Guess it's a little late to ask to make me taller" Just great reactions That would certainly account for her spontaneous touching gestures with Johnny. I don't think that is something I will get tired of seeing, although last season it was few and far between.
  10. Mario D.

    [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 12

    I know I questioned this before, but does anyone think when Penny does her touching gestures it is in the script and she is directed or does she do it automatically after all these years in character. Many of these gestures; taking his arm going up or down the stairs, putting her hand on his shoulder, etc. seem very spontaneous and not pre-determined.
  11. Mario D.

    Johnny Galecki

    I guess he is back to smoking. Thought he had quit for awhile and I think that is when he gained some weight.
  12. Mario D.

    [Spoilers] Season 12 Discussion Thread

    It is true. I feel that maybe they would have more personal pride in their acting ability especially since they have been acting from when they were very young. And I would think after almost 12 years of making these characters come alive they might have more influence in how their characters are portrayed. Also, I am a little surprised that none of the cast has opted to direct any episodes as many actors in other series do.
  13. Mario D.

    [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 12

    And me as well!!
  14. Mario D.

    [Spoilers] Season 12 Discussion Thread

    Didn't in one episode last year Kaley's scenes were all pre-taped and she did not appear in any scenes on taping night. When her and Johnny spoke to the audience as they always do after the taping she apologized to the fans about not being in any scenes as many of them come to see her. Very courageous of her to do so.
  15. Mario D.

    [Spoilers] Season 12 Discussion Thread

    This is what gets me. Aside from the money they get, isn't the rest of the cast especially Kaley and Johnny a little miffed at the direction the show has taken. They must have some professional pride as actors besides being rich. And I know they do not have to resign if they choose not to but I think they must be between a rock and a hard place to decide

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