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  1. I thought she was pretty darn good in Burning Bodhi as well. Speaking of being out of touch, I read a story that when she auditioned for her role the producer did not know who she was and had to told she was Kaley Cuoco form TBBT!
  2. Think this might be a turning point for Kaley as an actress. She probably wants to establish herself as an all-around talent and not just a comedic actress. Although her last film "Burning Bodhi" got her some modicum of acclaim for her dramatic role. I truly hope this puts her into that category of multitalented actors. She certainly is working hard to achieve it.
  3. Yeah He is busy riding his horses. Here in Florida actually....Wellington to be exact. If it were not my granddaughters birthday tomorrow I might have considered going to watch him
  4. Mario D.

    Sheldon's Kids

    I think I can agree with everything you explain. It is true by the end of the series I believe Sheldon knew exactly what he does is hurtful and doesn't really care. There were so many instances that show Sheldon's insulting and condescending attitude that it makes you wonder how he managed to keep any friends. One instance that comes to mind as I saw the episode just last night was when Penny and Amy take the boys shopping and Sheldon and Leonard end up having a disagreement about their living arrangements. Sheldon compromises (?) to let Leonard stay with Penny one night a week, but what happens is that Sheldon winds up sleeping on Penny's couch What the hell kind of a friend does that. Also, when Sheldon was locked out of his apt. in another episode didn't he make the excuse he was too big for the couch to sleep on and just removed Penny from her bed.
  5. Wonder where the "farm" is? Did he ever rebuild his property that was devastated by the California fires or did he sell the property?
  6. Wonder if they will meet up for her to see his new baby before she goes back to work
  7. Yeah But also think she must be partied out after her birthday, wrap party on the Flight Attendant, Christmas and New Years She admitted as much on one of her Cup of Cuoco morning vlogs
  8. Just saw on her IG story she will be watching from her couch......so not attending ceremony or after party
  9. Think that is a better bet!
  10. Is Kaley attending the Golden Globes this year...…….they are Sunday January 5, 2020
  11. Some final thoughts after re-watching the last episode. Wouldn't it have been sweeter for Raj if he kept in contact with Anu and since she was in London ask her to meet him in Sweden for the Nobel ceremony. You could still imagine what would happen next but at least it would have given him a little bit of closure. For Penny and Leonard it was a little deflating, although I was happy to see it, to just reveal her pregnancy. Wouldn't it have been much more endearing to see Penny tell Leonard that she was pregnant and also her parents and to see their reactions. But they wasted so many episodes on Shamy's quest for the Nobel prize they kind of had to squeeze it in. The best time for Penny to tell Leonard why she did not want to have children was when her father visited and Leonard admitted to Penny he did not want to donate his sperm to Zack and Marissa. Then maybe two or three episodes later Penny would reveal that she is late after Leonard urged her to put on her seductress lingerie again. There certainly would have been plenty of laughs to fulfill this segment.
  12. All memorable scenes. She is also wearing the locket Leonard gave her when he went on the North Sea expedition in the last scene
  13. "Sheldon do you have any attachment to this box?" NO "Good, there's the click" Real funny scene
  14. Guess he is in Sicily He must have some kind of business as he has traveled there several times
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