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  1. Storm looked pretty intense Hope all is well Be safe
  2. Just saw an interesting fact. Kaley is riding this week in Kentucky and in one of her events there is another rider named Alex Sokolov. I believe this is the character name that she has a one-night affair with in The Flight Attendant.....just a fun observation Wonder if Kaley has noticed LOL
  3. You are right I have noticed that at the party some people were outside the glass and it seemed that she did have a balcony. However it was never shown again As far as the glove goes I never did notice that. Will have to look more closely the next time.
  4. Thanks Always enjoy your comments. I guess this is the only way us TBBT fans can keep it alive
  5. It is incredible how you can analyze a tidbit like that and bring it out Kudos!
  6. On this date May 9, 1962 a group of scientists from MIT succeeded in reflecting a laser beam off the moon. Doesn't this sound familiar to Season 3 Episode 23 "The Lunar Excitation" when the Big Bang Theory nerds were on the roof doing this same experiment. P.S. they did not blow up the moon!
  7. There was an article a few weeks ago about Johnny calling Kaley for "pep talks" since his split from girlfriend Alaina Meyer. I guess this interview with Kaley pretty much confirms that. Like you say it is good that they remain close friends
  8. The sad part about this is that Leonard believed Sheldon and submitted to his urge to confront Pennys classmate, Cole and embarrass him and Penny
  9. Watching TBBT the first time I thought it was comical hearing Sheldon's psychotic rants and in the early seasons the gang stood up to him, especially Penny, but now they all seem to tolerate him and ignore him for the most part. However, now after watching multiple reruns of the seasons Sheldon has become to me such an annoying pain in the ass I wonder how he keeps his friends with all his insults, condescenion, and obnoxiousness. I know this is only a TV show but in the real world Sheldon would "Die Sheldon Die" And we cannot forget Sheldon diabolically manipulating Leonard with his sw
  10. Good points on her acting. And Kaley does deserve special mention as an actress as her performance in "The Flight Attendant" has shown. Playing Penny brought her celebrity status but it also held her back from expanding her acting talent.
  11. Your analysis is quite enlightening. I had never considered Penny in this manner. But looking back it is quite possible. Also, she overthinks things as do the other geniuses on the show including her husband. She also picked up her sales job easily and became quite prolific at it. With this insight I wonder why she could not master her acting craft.
  12. After watching the episodes the first time I thought Sheldon was irritating but tolerable. I liked especially in the early seasons when him and Penny went at it. That was joyful to see Sheldon getting some comeuppance once in awhile. But now seeing all the reruns of the seasons he really grates on me and I think how can a man that is a genius be so clueless in social interaction. And his repeated insults and remarks to Penny about her sexual history when he considers her one of his "dearest" friends is just disgraceful.
  13. I think it was most of them because there were a couple of female writers in the group. This was bothersome to me throughout the life of the show. Penny's sexual history and promiscuity was always injected into the dialogue even after Leonard and her were engaged and later married. Sheldon. of course, was the main culprit and how Penny managed to not slap him upside his head is a wonder. However, I believe their worst and most disgraceful dialogue was when Penny jokingly says being "in a motel with a 34 year-old guy named Luther" when she was supposedly a teenager. This went a little too far
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