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  1. Thanks, As usual you are a wealth of information!
  2. Thanks, Tensor At first when I read that she was constructing her Big Bay City ranch I thought they had purchased the house with the property. Guess not as they are constructing their own house which btw looks outstanding
  3. Her Big Bay City stable which is under construction in Simi Valley, I wonder if that is where her house is being built as well?
  4. What was disappointing was that they did not show any bloopers from this scene in gag reel. I so wanted to see Kaley's actual reaction to Johnny in lingerie
  5. Well, the National Enquirer is a trash paper anyway! Just cannot understand why she is always the target of this type of criticism. Maybe it is because her life is an open book to her friends and fans. Just as she has dropped Facebook and Twitter, I think eventually she will get fed up with these negative accounts and close down her IG account as well. And that will be a sad day for all of us who respect and enjoy her presence on this earth.
  6. I have an indifference to some episodes as well. But it is still summer and there are many reruns for shows so there is not much else to watch besides baseball. When the new season begins it maybe a different story.
  7. So true A brilliant and fitting ending to a great show
  8. She is also wearing the locket Leonard gave her and I liked the way she leaned into him after they kiss. As you say they seem to be truly happy and content
  9. Watched Kaley's interview at the Marshall's endorsement. She mentions that she will start filming "The Flight Attendant" in New York in October and will probably be there for awhile. Adding to that is her revelation that her and Karl do not live together full time as their careers and location sometimes don't fit together. Apparently, this arrangement works well for them until their house is built and they can live under the same roof forever. I got the impression that she really enjoys this arrangement by loving that she is married but also to have some alone time with her girlfriends when she thinks she needs it. There are some specific views on this kind of arrangement and I cannot say that I would be in favor of it but to each his own. If there is anyone else who has an opinion on this please comment.
  10. Also, I thought Kaley wcomedic talent!as terrific in this scene in the hotel room Just a glimpse of her
  11. Totally agree The writers completely missed an epic moment like that which was an integral part of the Lenny story. So very disappointing
  12. Just wonder if anyone else from the cast will be there as well or only Kaley? Is this a one day thing or more? She really stretches herself thin at times and is probably why she is tired alot.
  13. I can agree with you on one thing They did not fully explain why Penny did not want to have children. To me this was a major topic to explore before the finale but all we got was her assumed happiness on being pregnant. However, Leonard and Penny seem to be in a happy place at the end and certainly do love each other. As far as Shamy goes Sheldon's speech at the end was a sort of revelation in his mind especially when his wife shocked him into realization about her and his friends tolerance of his insults, condescencion and obnoxiousness. But did he really accept this? He loves his wife but yet belittles her with his relationship agreement often referring to it as being written to favor him and not as a partnership. To me marriage is a sacred partnership which Penny and Leonard seem to have without a written agreement.
  14. I can agree with you to an extent. Having multiple sex partners for two consenting adults is not a problem for me. But, what gets me is the way they emphasized Penny's promiscousness and that she would jump into bed with someone she hardly knows after just one date. To me you need to have some kind of relationship with your partner before engaging in sex. I think this way both partners would be much more comfortable in the act. However, I know in this day and age some women and men consider a one-night stand as comfortable. Just to highlight my point the scene where Penny tells the girls and Raj on playing hooky from school and being in a motel with a 34 yr old guy named Luther when she was supposedly a teenage minor. Just disgraceful dialogue.
  15. He did get over his selective mutism when Penny visited him after his break-up with Lucy but it came back when he was about to engage in sex with Anu. So, maybe his anxiety with women trigger his mutism. However, he did not have a problem when he dated two women: Emily and Claire......so whose to know what goes on in his head
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