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  1. He was never that open a person anyway and your right probably even less now. I am sure that he still speaks with Kaley on a regular basis and we can only hope they meet together in the near future
  2. Caught a glimpse of Kaley on the red carpet. Did not look she was with anyone and seemed to have a bittersweet look. also, don't think she wanted to do any interviews
  3. True I read that as well. Often wondered why he took that Ariel girl to the SAG event in the first place.
  4. Well, they sure gave them reason for the buzz. This was the "my date but not dating" event. And if I recall it was not just at the awards presentation. Their coziness continued at the after-party as well. Think this was the story everyday until she met Karl.
  5. I was totally thinking the same thing. I even thought upon her return from Germany she might have stayed over at Johnny's ranch in Tennessee where she might not be recognized and out of the paparazzi cameras.
  6. Sounds about right. Think she really missed her "glam" squad after all these months.
  7. This is true but you would think she might have a twinge of sadness and regret
  8. Speaking of Johnny has anyone seen or heard from him recently. He has been very quiet on Kaley situation. Saw a post Kaley made on her IG where she is dancing and singing with her glam squad back in California. Didn't look like she was mourning the dissolve of her marriage
  9. If that is true doesn't that give her more reason to hook-up with Davidson? Which like I said I do not think she did.Besides the pre-nup agreement Kaley is aware and concerned about her public image. I don't think she wants to jeopardize that either
  10. Strange I was reading another article from a lame tabloid that stated Kaley and Pete Davidson off day at Great Adventure amusement park was the final straw for Karl. Find this hard to believe as I don't think Kaley would be so bold as to jeopardize her pre-nup agreement to hook-up with Davidson However, Gossipcop.com delves into these stories to find the truth and reasoned that this story had no merit.
  11. Not in the least Goes to what you commented previously, that there is something that may be revealed later on what is the real reason for the divorce.
  12. She might be attracting alot of paparazzi and interviewers for comments on her divorce unless she tells them it is off limits You know after seeing that I was wondering when she posted congrats to Karl on his equestrian victory with heart emojis was she saying "I am sorry don't be mad at me" JMO
  13. Yeah, there is still some love there
  14. I kind of think you are right that the divorce has been in the works for awhile. Karl left in February to go to Florida for an equestrian event and was gone for about six weeks. Then they both go to Kentucky together for a three week event. Karl then says that he is going to Michigan for another event and may be gone for awhile. (he was gone for six weeks again) I sense that this was when Kaley became uneasy about all this time they were apart and they probably spoke about it. When he returned she made plans to go to NY to film the "Meet Cute" movie with Pete Davidson. I think she knew at the time the marriage was over and when she returned home filed for divorce.
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