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  1. Hope you are right about Johnny. She sure can use his love and support at this time
  2. The anniversary of her dog Norman's death probably adds to her sadness
  3. Do you know when filming would start on the Doris Day and Role Play pics
  4. Too bad Think she could really use his shoulder now
  5. Wonder if Johnny is back in California or still in Tennessee
  6. That is what made this plotline so strange. Did she date Stuart to make Leonard jealous or to push him to ask her out. Recall before her second date with Stuart she practically pleaded with Leonard to object and ask her out.
  7. Could never understand this plotline. Why would she be interested in Stuart? And then after the date invite Stuart in for coffee or for something else?
  8. Yes It sure seems like she is trying to find that contented place after her divorce announcement
  9. Having Penny say that Amy is her best friend didn't bother me so much as she knew in her heart that Leonard is her best friend for life. What did bother me was that every damn episode was about the Shamy wedding and Penny & Leonard became "advisors" to everyone who had a problem. Where was their story?
  10. Me neither Only noticed that they were unfinished probably because they were not popular or the writer just did not know how to end them
  11. This is so true. There are so many Shenny stories especially in the fan-fic archivesofourown. There are even smut stories of Shenny that could never happen, but they are fiction. There were two stories I read that were left unfinished: "What he doesn't know" about Penny's infidelity at a sales conference and another I don't recall the name but it was about Raj and Penny hook-up from season 4 where they actually have coitus and she gets pregnant and runs away back to Nebraska because she could not face any of her friends especially Leonard.
  12. Yeah I saw that and thought is she really hurting and regrets her decision to divorce or was that a shot at Karl. Meanwhile Karl laments he cannot take his dog with him to his next event which he is preparing for.This gets more puzzling each day.
  13. Maybe they should have been like Sheldon and not accept change LOL
  14. If that were the case then maybe they were only fooling themselves and the love they expressed for each other was not a true love. I recall Kaley stating at one point "Karl meant the world to me for so many reasons, but some of those reasons go deeper than anyone could ever know. I never thought I could find someone that looks at me the exact way I look at them. With 100% truth. You are my Prince Charming" Those words ring kind of hollow now BTW in Karl's latest IG post he reiterates a love for his dog Blue. Think he misses Kaley more than he realizes. Also, on Kaley's IG post she shows picture of an ocean view. Wonder if she still has her Santa Barbara beach house?
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