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  1. Wow This looks amazing Cannot wait to watch it.
  2. When did she tape this?
  3. Now that filming is completed on this project there are some questions that maybe posters can discuss. I have read the book and if anyone else has maybe you can enlighten me. In the book the hotel where Cassie discovers the body is in Dubai, in the screenplay it is in Thailand. Also they seem to have omitted some characters from the book, such as the actual murderers and Enrico her Italian lover who is prominent in the end. Additionally, it seems that the final scenes take place in NY while in the book they are in Italy. Finally, the book ends with a twist but it seems that the film ends a little differently. This could be because they are anticipating a second season. All things considered I thought the book was outstanding reading and I hope the film is just as good.
  4. Thanks for the update
  5. Question: How did Karl get into NY? Have they lifted the 14 day quarantine for incoming visitors unless NY does not have a protocol requirement from California Guess I might have answered my own question Also just read that Kaley will have to quarantine for 14 days in Toronto before filming, so I guess she will be there for at least that long.
  6. So she is jumping right into another project. Filming in Toronto Wonder how long that will be She is definitely working the most of all the TBBT cast
  7. Damn those people have had enough storms to last a lifetime. Hope everyone stays safe
  8. Looking back on this episode had to feel a bit sorry for Leonard as he had to stand there and watch Zack kiss Penny for New Years and all the while Penny not having the courage to tell Leonard how she really feels. I thought if I were Leonard I would have just left there asap and make Penny think how much she has hurt him.....JMO
  9. That is too bad. Maybe the 22 year difference in their ages caught up with them. But at least Johnny is a father and the caring and well being of his son is all that matters
  10. Johnny has not done much in his career recently. I guess he is trying to be the best father he could be. Someone posted that they have not seen any pics of him and Alaina only with the baby, so I checked and the last time they were pictured together was in April
  11. Don't think she has done any since the last one in California with her husband. She does some quickies in the morning when she has an early call on set
  12. Not only does he get sarcasm sometimes but I think he knows exactly what he is doing most of the time. Everything is a game to Sheldon and he must win in order to keep his claim that he is smarter than everyone else. As an example I was watching a repeat of "The Gorilla Dissolution" in the scene after Raj and Sheldon meet Emily in the movie theater, Sheldon asks Raj why he was upset seeing Emily with another guy and says to Sheldon wouldn't you be upset if you saw Amy with another guy? Sheldon's reply was can't happen they have an ironclad relationship agreement which precludes any physical contact with someone else. Raj says but you don't have sex with Amy either, in which Sheldon replies "Slick huh" This says to me that he knows exactly what he is doing to manipulate girlfriend.
  13. Have watched this clip and to be honest as a Lenny fan it will be hard to see "Penny" kissing someone other than Leonard. As a topic for discussion : How many guys has Penny kissed on-screen besides Leonard and how many girls has Leonard kissed on-screen besides Penny? I count only two for Penny- Eric in the hallway when Leonard was kissing Leslie and Zack at the New Years party. For Leonard I count Leslie, Dr. Stephanie, Alice and Priya Can anyone else think of others
  14. Yes Chrismo Happy Birthday and enjoy your day
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