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  1. To all my forum friends have a great day on this Easter Sunday. God Bless and may the Lord keep you healthy and happy
  2. You could be right but I sincerely hope they don't end Lenny story like this. In my gut Penny has to explain to Leonard and the fans why she does not want children. If they leave it the way you suggest it would be only because these a....hole writers don't know how to come up with a satisfactory explanation. Such a disgrace to end the show for Lenny in this manner. You know I would love to hear Johnny and Kaley's thoughts after the show is done on how they felt their characters were cast aside for the Sheldon/Shamy show. Don't know if they would rock the boat in that way but it sure would be interesting to hear. Johnny was hesitant on signing for the last two years until he said that the writers promised him good plotlines. Wonder how he feels now!
  3. We can only hope! I have said before there are some fan-fiction stories that have Penny and Leonard on the Nebraska farm with some even having Leonard helping Wyatt manage his farm with some modern technology. I think a good spin-off premise!
  4. I can certainly agree with you as I have always thought there is some underlying reason why she does not want children. But, I kind of have lost hope on this topic ever being explained because the time is short for the end and at this point if they do try to explain it will be rushed and without any impact.
  5. I kind of feel that maybe the real reason she is there is possibly Penny has spoke to her about her no-baby delaration and how it is disappointing Leonard. Maybe she wants some professional advice?
  6. To make your comments clearer I have made an unofficial count of the episodes. For seasons 10 and 11 there were 48 episodes. By my count Sheldon/Shamy were featured in 27 of them, Lenny in 13 and the balance were either Howardette, Raj or an ensemble episode. So far for this season 12 there are 19 episodes counting tonight and Sheldon/Shamy have been featured in 12 of them, with I believe more to go (no.21), Lenny in 5 and the balance ensemble episodes So, that makes a total of 39 episodes for Sheldon/Shamy, 17 for Lenny and 11 episodes for Howardette, Raj and ensemble episodes. Not a very fair equity and drives home your point of the excessive plotlines for Sheldon/Shamy
  7. I know it seems a longshot at this time but I sincerely hope they change their minds and have Penny just say she is pregnant. Just to see Leonard's face and excitement would probably be enough satisfaction. Even Kaley said in an interview "That I hope they change their minds on a Penny pregnancy, because women do, some say they are not there yet and then they are. Plus the fans want to see this" So she seems open to having Penny being pregnant. One other thing episode 22 is reportedly named "Maternal Conclusion" Could this possibly be about Penny being pregnant or wanting to be pregnant. And with Christine Baranski supposedly guest starring could Penny ask her mother-in-law for advice as they have a better relationship now.
  8. You are absolutely right To have Amy be pregnant and Sheldon get a Nobel Prize would be such a disservice to Lenny fans who have supported this show for 12 years And it would definitely show the favoritism toward Shamy/Sheldon that they have promoted these last 3-4 years. Just disgraceful Ditto for me
  9. I would have to say that yes, Sheldon always seems to win, no matter what it is; games (chess with Leonard, his self invented car games, comic book topics (with Stuart when he had a date with Penny) or getting his way with his friends (the table polarization, the baby wins) They always seem to make Sheldon persevere and the other characters just go along with his demands. While I like Jim Parsons portrayal of Sheldon I must admit that his character has worn me down after 12 years. With all his insults, condesencion and OCD he has just become unlikeable to me.
  10. Do not think this will fly If Jim Parsons did not want to continue on TBBT, don't believe he would want to play an older Sheldon....sorry
  11. Just was responding to another poster......no harm no foul
  12. Another good one: S9 Ep 24 At the redo wedding dinner Leonard: "I have always known that I loved you, but this past year has shown me that I also love being married to you- Thank you for saying yes" Penny: "Thank you for asking until I did"
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