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  1. I agree that the baby plotline would be a good arc for season 11. They do not have to show her pregnant (not until season 12 anyway) but maybe have them trying to conceive so they are thinking about taking the next step in their marriage. Some people have mentioned the Chuck Lorre interview and think that he might want them to continue bickering in their marriage, but I read Steven Molaro's interview where he said that Penny and Leonard make each other better and helped each other mature to be responsible adults. He also did mention that they probably will continue their ups and downs as a married couple. But how better can a storyline be for them than a babyplot line of them trying to conceive and all the joy and disappointments that go with that scenario.
  2. Totally agree that this would be a great storyline for them. What you say brings to mind the "Locomotion Reverbation" episode where Penny states to the girls that she wants something more out of her maybe a baby or a house. They kind of hinted that she was a little envious of Bernadette in this regard.
  3. Yes, agree tabloid news is unreliable and she did say she does not like working with babies, but they don't need to have her give birth now just thinking about getting pregnant or trying to actually conceive. Think this would be one good storyline for P&L that would bring their characters to the forefront again.
  4. But do you think there is any significance in this switch of apartments? Is there some ulterior motive for keeping P&L in 4A with the extra room? Is there a baby plot somewhere down the road. I read at one point during contract negotiations KC felt a little neglected that MR baby storyline was getting alot of acclaim. I wonder if she expressed that to producers/writers and they agreed
  5. I would tend to agree that probably 75 - 80% of guys that watch TBBT watch it for KC. So she has in no small part contributed immensely to the success of the show. Hopefully tptb realize this and project more storylines with her and Johnny in season 11. Plus their on-screen chemistry is terrific
  6. Agree about the tenure episode. She did try to influence the tenure committee with her looks to support "her man". But IMO it was a harmless way to show her attributes. Besides they exploited her sexuality many times in previous episodes. Also, believe that we did not get to hear her thoughts or feelings in the early seasons was because she did not have anyone to bounce those thoughts off of. Season 4 introduced Amy and Bernadette into the mix and she then had girlfriends to confide in. Totally agree with your analysis
  7. I cannot say that Sheldon lies to get what he wants but he is a manipulator. Just watch "Itchy Brain Simulation" with Leonards sweater or blackmailing Priya in the dissection of the roommate agreement. He was pretty manipulative in those situations
  8. I think her quote was "ok, we went out but we never were going out" Which means to me a couple of dates?
  9. Think they have to make Penny get pregnant as this was the plotline from the pilot episode "OUR BABIES WILL BE SMART AND BEAUTIFUL"
  10. The pic in the lower right quadrant depicts how good their marriage can be. Believe this scene was from when Penny and Leonard were deciding to offer Raj Sheldon's old room. I would think, knowing Penny and Raj past history he still went along with the idea. Penny is shown saying "You are a good friend Leonard and an even better husband"
  11. I hear ya but I cannot believe that tptb can actually break them up after 10 yrs and a very long winding journey. Yes, they might have more rocky road ahead but ultimately their marriage will survive. I think S10, Ep 22 shows that it can be done.
  12. And this is exactly why I could not understand the plotline of Raj moving into Sheldon's old room. This had to be uncomfortable for Leonard and then the episode where Penny and Raj were doing things together really had to hit home. This was just ridiculouus in my mind.
  13. It is true we do not know what actually happened only what Raj has confessed. But I agree I don't believe he would confess that he ejaculated too early and not be embarrassed by it. What I don't get is if he asked Penny to not say anything about his premature ejaculation he seemed to bring the subject up about how he "bedded" Penny numerous times stating " remember that naked night we spent together" It seems this will always be a sore spot for Leonard.
  14. If they do cast Howard's father, my wife suggests Dan Hedaya would be a good choice. He is a competent character actor
  15. While we are on this topic, what was the purpose of Penny dating Stuart in the first place? Just to act as a catalyst for her and Leonard to finally express their feelings for one another. As I recall before their second date Penny asked Leonard, no she was practically begging him, to tell her not to go out with him in a mostly veiled question of how she can get Stuart to relax around her. Never could understand this plotline.