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  1. True Penny became more of a "sister" to him in the end, but I meant after 12 years hius insults to EVERYONE beame tiresome not just to Penny
  2. At first I thought Sheldon was a funny, quirky guy and I loved his banter with Penny in the early episodes, but after 12 seasons his insults, condesencion, and obnoxiousness just became tiresome to hear. I guess we just see things differently with Sheldon but everyone is entitled to their opinion. Ciao for now
  3. That is true But this is pretty extreme She is supposed to be in NY for 6 months and they are on different coasts not a couple of hours distant.
  4. When I said in jest it was from the girls and not mean spirited. However, when Sheldon said it he was insulting and he did it more than the others. Penny took it like they all did.......they tolerated him and exclaimed "Sheldon is only being Sheldon" I also can recall an episode when Sheldon wanted to work with Bert on a geology project but did not want anyone else to know about it because it would damage his reputation. So he goes to Penny to ask for advice since she had a "checkered past" and knew how to overcome a bad reputation. I don't think she let this one past when Sheldon referred to her promiscuousness as a figure of speech and she replied " I have a figure of speech that you can go do to yourself" So, after awhile she got tired of the insults. I think the fantasy about other guys was in the last episode on the plane and was only injected into the scene as a joke.
  5. I am sure he will visit her but I think he might be busy for the next couple of weeks at horse jumping events
  6. Wonder how she will cope in NY without her husband and glam squad? But, I assume she will be busy once filming starts
  7. I can see you are pro-Sheldon, however, what I meant was that the other guys did not continue to slut shame her after they were married but Sheldon continued to do so. The girls were only teasing her in jest. I know everyone says Sheldon does not mean it but he does not realize the harm he does with his insults until the last scene in his Nobel speech.
  8. Who else gave Penny the slut jokes? Howard? Never heard him say anything like that to Penny after he married Bernadette. Raj? Maybe a little but only to remind himself that Penny rejected him after their "naked" night. But, Sheldon was another story. He kept it up right to the end in the plane when P&L revealed to him that she was pregnant.
  9. Yes She did put up with alot of crap from him over the years. All those slut shaming and promiscuity insults got to be too much. And why they never had Leonard give it back to him after they were engaged/married is beyond me. The way Sheldon kept up the insults and condescension to everyone and also belittling Amy made him to be a very unlikeable character for me at the end. And I agree the adversarial confrontations with Sheldon and Penny was comedy at its best.
  10. Yes I saw those photos That house is going to be spectacular. Wonder how much it is costing them to build it. I recall reading an article she quietly bought the property about two years ago for around $5 million. Not too shabby
  11. Think at one time she mentioned she would like to do a western. I agree, it would be a perfect role for her.
  12. Yes It makes perfect sense Thanks for the insightful detail you always manage to advise
  13. Tensor, do you think the drop in ratings is due to the influx of cable and streaming services? It seems that way as these services dominated the Emmy awards and will network tv be a thing of the past in the future?
  14. Apparently the ratings for YS tanked without TBBT lead-in Believe it was reported that YS had a 1.0 rating in the 18-49 class. Maybe tensor can elaborate on this.
  15. Agreed The worst scenario in the whole 12 years for me was when Penny and Leonard got engaged and they made Sheldon the whiny petulant child who cannot be without a roommate(s) instead of the 35-40 yr old adult he should be. And even worse was when Penny and Leonard married they had to live at least part-time with Sheldon because everyone was "abandoning" him. What an immature child he was. When Penny and Leonard caved in to his whining they should have said "there will be no roommate agreement if you want us to live here" But the writers in there explanation did not want to break up the "DNA" of the show. How ridiculous was that? So Penny and Leonard suffered thru almost two years of "Sheldonopolis" Sorry, another rambling Thanks for reading
  16. You know it would be preferable to see them in a spin-off as Penny and Leonard. But I would not mind if they do a series say as a husband and wife detective team. Maybe even with a sci-fi theme as when Leonard wanted to write a book in an episode. It would certainly be within their on-screen chemistry and ability.
  17. Have read that Jim and Mayim are collaborating on a tv project together. Maybe this is an omen that Kaley and Johnny will do something together as well. There sure have been plenty of rumors to that and many fans who would be delighted to see them together again.
  18. Thinking about this, I tend to agree however, I recall Halle Berry at about the same age as Kaley and having similar career success took the role in "Monster's Ball" where she had to do her first nude scene and won an Oscar for her portrayal. So you never know but I feel a body double is a good bet.
  19. Guess they both are missing seeing each other every day on set. I kind of thought they would all meet for dinner at some time
  20. Does anyone know if Kaley or any of the cast is attending the Emmy awards?
  21. It is huge. I wonder will these barns will be for her horses only or for Karl's as well? Believe she just got a new horse and that should bring her stable up to eight horses. Think Karl has about four or five he rides regularly, however I think his mother is shown as the owner.
  22. Think you are right on. Despite what Kaley has said in interviews, don't think Ryan was that fond of Johnny knowing that he was an ex-boyfriend. Karl seems to be a little more friendlier with Johnny, but who really knows what lurks in the heart of men. Also, Kaley has said that she has kissed Johnny every week for 12 yrs so Karl will have to deal with it. However, it is a moot point now that TBBT is over. Also, if anyone is interested, Karl has a little segment in his IG story about his riding event whereby Kaley is in bed and looks like she is trying to convince Karl to join her. Also draw your own conclusions on what she has on under the sheets
  23. I think I tend to agree
  24. Without a doubt. I think her ex-husband Ryan wasn't too keen on her profession and all that came with it but Karl seems to be a little more acceptable of her career.
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