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  1. Leonard was a very forgiving person but I don't know if his forgiveness would have extended that far. Don't forget Penny admitted that she screwed up in breaking up with Leonard and really missed him. So Raj knew this and still went after Penny and kind of took advantage of her in her intoxicated state. Also, I agree with you that this episode served no purpose. No one liked it, not even the cast themselves. I have heard that they were going to leave the ending that way so people would speculate if they had intercourse or not. But they got so much flack from fans that they wrote the season five premiere with Raj's explanation to Penny. True He only went after his friends girls instead of getting one on his own. A distinct violation of the bro code.
  2. I was rewatching this episode recently and thinking why is Raj such a douche. He is a character without substance and is not a good friend to Leonard. Why did he have to tell Emily about his night with Penny except to brag about it and then not even tell her the truth. And I thought Penny should have told Emily the truth when she was questioning her about their dalliance. What harm would it have done at that point as it seemed everyone knew they did not have intercourse. I felt the writers glossed over this as they never had a scene where Penny tells Leonard the whole story as they were engaged and he deserved to know. I feel when Penny confronts Raj about his telling Emily Leonard should have spoken up and let Raj know to stop bragging about how he bedded Penny as they were engaged and he did not want to hear that story any longer. But Raj always seem to have an underlying motive to cause a rift between Penny and Leonard in the hopes he might try again with her. One other observation I made was when Penny told the girls "so what if Raj and I slept together, everyone has a past" I think if they actually did sleep together I doubt Leonard would have gone back with Penny and their relationship would have dissolved
  3. I think she was being sarcastic but it does sound like she is kind of bitter.
  4. I have heard her say that before
  5. I wonder who got Larry, the big dog they adopted about July 4?
  6. I don't think she would give up her equestrian riding as she owns a forty acre ranch in Hidden Valley, but I recall her saying after she rode in Kentucky that it would be her last event for quite a while. So, for sure she is planning out her projects
  7. Unfortunately, that looks like the most plausible scenario. Hope their future is better
  8. I have to agree with everything you say. Looking at it this way their explanation as to the divorce certainly holds true. It just seems to me that Kaley wanted someone with his own career and life so he would not be effected by her fame and success. It is very sad that she got what she wanted in Karl but still could not make it work. I guess they just could not come up with a compromise plan for their future.
  9. From what I gathered Karl was gone in February for about six weeks and then in June for about another five to six weeks. Don't believe they were even together on their anniversary as they only traded IG messages. Then Karl came home around July 4 for a few days and then went back to Michigan. When he returned home for good around July 20 Kaley then prepared to go to NY to film the movie with Pete Davidson. So to say they did not spend alot of time together is an understatement. Guess this may not have been the trigger but it certainly was the catalyst.
  10. You are right but as fans of Kaley I guess curiosity gets the best of us.
  11. Think you may be right. She wants to be "a full-on girl boss" and that looks like her priority now. But I wonder what will happen when she gets the wanderlust to have a man in her life.
  12. Well said Here are some quotes Kaley has said about her relationship and marriage to Karl which makes your theory on a trigger event seem plausible. Kaley stated that "she has to be with someone who really has their own life and career and is not emasculated by her fame and success" Guess she still was not happy because Karl was all of that "I know I don't need Karl for anything I am financially set and if Karl left me tomorrow I'd be fine and he knows it and he would be fine too" Seemed very prophetic After her divorce announcement she said "it wasn't right with Karl" She wanted something different and felt they were not on the same page for the future as Kaley wanted to go in a different direction and have different types of experiences. It became clear it wasn't going to work with Karl. Have no idea what her thinking was here Did she want an open marriage to meet other people? This sounds like it might have been building and whatever the trigger was brought it out The last quote I read seemed to be a contradiction of her life. Back in 2017 she had a party at her house and said "I am realizing the other night meant the world to me for so many reasons, but some of those reasons go deeper than anyone could ever know. I never thought I could find someone that looks at me the exact way i look at them. With 100% truth Karl you are my Prince Charming" A very telling indication of how she felt that was not fulfilled.
  13. Yes See this is the thing If two people say they love each other as much as they said they did how can you not make it work. Every marriage has its bumps and bruises but you find a way to overcome those obstacles. You don't give up and divorce. I am a big fan of Kaley but she really is an enigma. Many people also said that she gave up on her first marriage to Ryan Sweeting as well. However, they did not live with him and his vices. Kaley has dozens of quotes where she gushes about Karl and that he is her perfect match. Then why give up and try to work things out?
  14. Just read something interesting that I did not know. Johnny has put his house in Los Angeles up for rent. He is asking for $45,000 per month? Guess the move to Tennessee is a semi-permanent basis
  15. Hopefully someone else will step up
  16. And from Kaley's IG she made a surprise visit to Mr. Roth as well
  17. I have also read that Kaley took affront to some of these items even though it was stipulated in the pre-nup. She assumed these items were gifts not on loan to her.
  18. From what i understood they kept their barns and horses separate. She has her Big Bay City stable and he has Pomponio Ranches. I believe Kaley has about nine horses she uses for jumping and I think Karl has many more than that as he breeds them as well
  19. That probably means the engagement ring which I think was in excess of $65,000
  20. Agree there must have been some trigger for Kaley to file for divorce so suddenly or did she just beat Karl to the filing first? Just watched Karl's latest walking and talking video. Besides looking younger without the facial hair he also seems to have lost some weight. Could this divorce be taking a toll on him? Always thought that the facial hair made him look older. Wonder if that was Kaley's idea or it was because Kaley is about five years older than Karl?
  21. I may be off base here but isn't it ironic that Kaley is filming The Flight Attendant 2 in California and can go home every night and Karl is in California at his ranch. Makes their divorce announcement that their career paths are going in different directions and they had not been together in a while kind of lame Also, Karl posts on his IG photos of his dogs, horses and garden while Kaley posts photos of her castmates and dogs as well. Think they are kind of missing each other and regret their decision? Kaley seems to be putting on a good face but also seems subdued in some photos.
  22. Well, she has admitted they talk on a regular basis, even multiple times a week. So, even though these are only rumors now it would not be a far stretch to see them together. Johnny has always been a stabilizing force in her life and she surely needs that now. If this friendship becomes more intimate so be it and God Bless them.
  23. Well, the rumors are starting to spread about Kaley and Johnny romance rekindling. Don't know how strong these rumors are but Johnny was always a stabilizing force in Kaley's life and she surely can use that now. Whether it leads to a more intimate relationship so be it. They are both single and adults now and they do not need to hide behind the show anymore. God Bless them
  24. Too bad A Penny and Leonard spin-off would have continued their story
  25. He was never that open a person anyway and your right probably even less now. I am sure that he still speaks with Kaley on a regular basis and we can only hope they meet together in the near future
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