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  1. Thanks for the update. However, another beautiful moment which we Lenny fans got jilted out of watching
  2. Just want to wish a Happy 2 year anniversary to Kaley and Karl....and may your best years be yet to come
  3. YES Happy Birthday Zephon75 and many more
  4. That is probably a good reason why she is so grounded and down to earth as a special person
  5. Boy, stop the world I want to get off!
  6. Have you heard anything about when they will finish filming the last three episodes of The Flight Attendant
  7. I did clarify it by saying "in one form or another" and not totally naked
  8. Have an observation: watching a rerun of S7 E1 "Hofstadter Insufficiency" where Penny tells Sheldon about her topless scene in Serial Apeist and he reveals to her that he had seen it along with Howard. So, this means to me that all four of the guys have seen Penny naked in one form or another. Leonard, of course as her husband, Sheldon when he took her to the hospital and peeked, and the naked night with Raj, and now it is revealed that creepy Howard has seen her in the buff as well
  9. Glad to hear you are safe. Stay well
  10. Yes, I have seen that today. Even my daughter and granddaughter have gone "dark". I know Kaley is passionate about her causes but she also is addicted to social media and how people perceive her and what they say about her. So, I kind of feel this may not be a long term thing. However, I do support her and all others in this cause and after 250 years times do need to change.....like the title of the last BBT episode "CHANGE IS CONSTANT"
  11. Just saw a post from Kaley that she is going off social media for the Black Lives Matter movement. Is this a permanent thing or just a temporary protest?
  12. Yes Happy Birthday 3ku11 and have many, many more
  13. Yeah I tried looking at that for some clue of her last name...even with a magnifying glass but to no avail
  14. Does she really need the money because she has not been working or is she just totally bored after 2 1/2 months of quarantine?
  15. This podcast with Kaley just reinforces the thinking of how real, genuine, and endearing a person she truly is
  16. I agree with you wholeheartedly. As you say Jim Parsons played this character perfectly The only problem for me was that he dominated almost every episode. I have mentioned previously on this forum that Sheldon/Shamy stories took up about 75% of the episodes the last three years . I also must say that watching all the reruns Sheldon became such an annoying character for me that you just wanted someone to tell him to STFU I also agree the writers took away some storylines from the other characters to write the Sheldon/Shamy characters
  17. This is why she is so endearing to her fans. She is so down to earth and what you see is what you get. A truly human being in every sense of the word.
  18. Yes I could never understand that joke about Luther. It was disgraceful, demeaning and was not funny or laughable. The writers did so much to promote Penny's promiscuousness even adding insult to injury with Sheldon's sexual insults. I could never comprehend why they had to continue with those lame jokes even after Penny and Leonard were engaged and then married. They were supposed to be his dearest friends but that did not stop him from throwing those insults. I know many people say Sheldon didn't mean it but he still said them and I believe he really knew what he was doing. I agree with you that they were in poor taste and written just for the laugh factor.
  19. She is becoming quite the domestic wife!
  20. Always enjoy your explanations. Yes, Sheldon's calculations were way off and I assume just to insult and embarrass Penny (if he even knew that) I wondered why Penny just didn't get up and walk out and have Sheldon find his own way home! It would have been sweet justice
  21. Yeah they did, but after awhile they got old and after Penny and Leonard were married they really were not funny anymore nor necessary
  22. As usual Sheldon hears what he wants to hear and says what he thinks without any factual evidence. And of course throwing insults does not faze him in the least.
  23. What about Sheldon's calculations of 193 men she dated and the 30.6 = 31 men she supposedly had sex with. Clearly he was wrong but they made it out where Penny had to think about it. Also, when Sheldon questioned Penny about her "checkered past" or when he and Amy moved into apt. 4B Sheldon remarked that plenty of men have been in Penny's bed. And this was when Leonard and Penny were married! I would have liked Leonard to defend his wife in these instances but he just wimped out. So clearly the writers did not ease up on these jokes,
  24. I enjoy looking on the forum everyday as well. Sharing ideas and upcoming events of the cast. Speaking of reruns, I happen to watch S6 E18 when the boys go to middle school to recruit young femaies into science and the girls give dating advice to Raj. I still am appalled every time I hear the lines from Penny about how she played hooky and ended up in a motel with "a 34 year old guy named Luther" Just disgraceful how the writers would think this was funny as Penny had to be a teenager at the time in high school.
  25. I just watched this episode on a re-run and I still find that dialogue disgraceful. The writers always found Penny's promiscuous past comedy but this was really a lowlight. By referencing playing hooky she had to be 16-17 yrs old and being with a 34 yr old guy borders on sex with a minor which means jail time in most states. How the writers could have felt good about this was inconceivable.
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