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  1. Have seen on Kaley's IG that she is going to NY. The caption stated it is for work possibly this new project she is talking about "Meet Cute" with Pete Davidson I thought this was only in the talking stages but I guess it has advanced some.
  2. I just rewatched on my local channel S9 E 24 and S10 E1. These were basically about Penny and Leonard's redo marriage and ceremony. What really bugged me about them was Sheldon being so obnoxious and insulting, even to his own mother, that it took away from the focus on Penny and Leonard. From inviting people to their wedding without any authority to do so and with the audacity to say it is "our" wedding when questioned to the unnecessary insults he hurled at Leonard's father and his mother was just so distasteful to listen to. I know the writers may think this was funny but I can assure you I was not laughing. Then to top it off he goes up to Penny and Leonard in the ceremony and puts himself in their " I do" moment. Gee, I wonder did the writers do anything like this to upset the Shamy wedding?
  3. Not only was she nominated for an Emmy but also from the Hollywood Critics Assoc. and the Television Critics Assoc. for best actress in a comedy and The Flight Attendant for best comedy series
  4. Yeah, she did say that her and Johnny talk several times a week. I know her husband is in Michigan at a horse show so he probably spoke to her as well.
  5. Curiously did not see any congratulations from her husband or Johnny?
  6. Well deserved and big congratulations to Kaley for her first Emmy nomination and to Rosie Perez for her outstanding performance as supporting actress
  7. Yeah I saw that Karl seems to be away alot. Think this event was in Michigan and first prize was $45,000 Not bad for a weeks work. Believe he is there another week. I read somewhere that their net worth is $100 million each. Don't think they have to worry about anything for the rest of their lives.
  8. A veritable conundrum
  9. And if she gets an Emmy nomination things will be even better
  10. Just read that Kaley is in talks for another project "Role Play" No other cast details. Her career is certainly booming. I guess the all the award nominations have interested alot of people. But having your own production company she can pick and choose what projects she wants to pursue.
  11. Same here have a great day and keep on writing
  12. Storm looked pretty intense Hope all is well Be safe
  13. Just saw an interesting fact. Kaley is riding this week in Kentucky and in one of her events there is another rider named Alex Sokolov. I believe this is the character name that she has a one-night affair with in The Flight Attendant.....just a fun observation Wonder if Kaley has noticed LOL
  14. You are right I have noticed that at the party some people were outside the glass and it seemed that she did have a balcony. However it was never shown again As far as the glove goes I never did notice that. Will have to look more closely the next time.
  15. Thanks Always enjoy your comments. I guess this is the only way us TBBT fans can keep it alive
  16. It is incredible how you can analyze a tidbit like that and bring it out Kudos!
  17. On this date May 9, 1962 a group of scientists from MIT succeeded in reflecting a laser beam off the moon. Doesn't this sound familiar to Season 3 Episode 23 "The Lunar Excitation" when the Big Bang Theory nerds were on the roof doing this same experiment. P.S. they did not blow up the moon!
  18. There was an article a few weeks ago about Johnny calling Kaley for "pep talks" since his split from girlfriend Alaina Meyer. I guess this interview with Kaley pretty much confirms that. Like you say it is good that they remain close friends
  19. The sad part about this is that Leonard believed Sheldon and submitted to his urge to confront Pennys classmate, Cole and embarrass him and Penny
  20. Watching TBBT the first time I thought it was comical hearing Sheldon's psychotic rants and in the early seasons the gang stood up to him, especially Penny, but now they all seem to tolerate him and ignore him for the most part. However, now after watching multiple reruns of the seasons Sheldon has become to me such an annoying pain in the ass I wonder how he keeps his friends with all his insults, condescenion, and obnoxiousness. I know this is only a TV show but in the real world Sheldon would "Die Sheldon Die" And we cannot forget Sheldon diabolically manipulating Leonard with his sweater and the blackmail of Priya and Leonard just to get his way in the roommate agreement. Does a real friend do these things??
  21. Good points on her acting. And Kaley does deserve special mention as an actress as her performance in "The Flight Attendant" has shown. Playing Penny brought her celebrity status but it also held her back from expanding her acting talent.
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