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  1. Yeah wish she would bring back "Cup of Cuoco"
  2. Happy Birthday to Kaley on her 38th birthday. Have a great day and live long, laugh alot, and love always
  3. Additionally, in Kaley's latest IG there is a pretty good close up of the ring she is wearing. While it is not the conventional engagement ring there appears to be two diamond chips showing. So maybe you were right in your assessment.
  4. Kaley and Tom Pelphrey are performing in a stage play for the benefit of actors and crew trying to survive the strike. This will be Kaley's first time doing a stage play and said she is terrified to do it but Tom I believe has some stage experience. Performances will be from Nov.15 - 18 in Burbank, Ca. Additionally, it was just announced that Kaley's movie "Role Play" will be released on Jan. 12, 2024 on Prime video. She actually filmed this movie in July, 2022 in Berlin, Germany and she was in the first trimester of her pregnancy. So a lot has transpired since then with her baby being born and the actors strike. Her production company also co-produced this movie.
  5. Congratulations and Happy Birthday Hope you have a great day
  6. Believe there also was an episode where Amy took Leonard to a wedding and Sheldon went to the train store and bought a train set
  7. I certainly agree with your assessment. I sensed they are engaged because she has been wearing the same ring on her left ring finger for quite awhile and agree she may not want this announcement to be public yet. But within their families and their hearts they are espoused.
  8. She did seem very happy with Karl (KC squared forever) wonder what happened to those jackets. As in their divorce announcement their paths were going in different directions. She doe seem extremely happy with her life with Tom and Matilda. Hope they seal the deal and get married
  9. You know one thing I am curious about. Has it ever been mentioned where Bernadette went to school. Howard - MIT, Leonard - Princeton, Amy - Harvard, Raj- Cambridge, Sheldon - Cal Tech (and never left) but I do not recall they ever said where Bernadette went to school.
  10. Just rewatched this episode and read Zephon75 story on it. Penny really was inconsiderate of Leonard in this episode and the writers seem to thrive on Lenny with this imbalance. I don't get the point of this episode except to show again that Penny and Leonard are opposites and they "settled" for each other in their marriage. I do not believe this is true and deep down Penny does love Leonard but the writers keep putting a crimp in their relationship with these kind of episodes. Or they just wanted to get Shenny screen time. I also believe that Zephon75's story was much more interesting as it gave Leonard's pov, yet even though there was some closure it still felt that Penny got off a little easy, but I guess this is what love does.
  11. Speaking of Karl have you seen that he is traveling alot going to equestrian events, Maybe this was one of the reasons that they were "going in different directions". If she wanted to have a baby but felt he was not going to be home much to help her in caring for the baby. Always felt there was other reasons for their divorce that was not revealed.
  12. Have read an article in Deadline.com that Kaley and Tom and Brianna will act in a play for charity. Kaley says this will be her first time doing a stage play but I believe that Tom has some experience in acting on stage. Looks like Kaley is getting to do alot of firsts in her life and what better than to do it with your life partner. I might add that I have never seen Kaley happier than she is now.
  13. I have rewatched this episode a number of times and what always gets me is when they are playing ping pong and trying to decide the players Howard suggests that "Penny has upper body strength" which was certainly a reference to her assets.
  14. Leonard was referring to a customer in the store named Lonely Larry
  15. I don't watch YS for the fact I cannot see a 10 yr old being disrespectful to his parents just because he thinks he is smarter than everyone else.
  16. Yeah, I think she is just a little gun-shy on marriage because she admitted herself that she could have done a better job in her marriages and not concentrate so much on her career. However, I thought going to therapy helped her balance that career - life situation. So again, whatever will be.....will be. Saying that I think Tom Pelphrey is a good partner for her and baby Matilda doesn't hurt either.
  17. Just saw the news that Briana, Kaley's sister has got engaged. Maybe this will spur Kaley to get married as well.......but whatever will be, will be
  18. Mario D.

    Baby names

    Well, when she conceived with Leonard she told Bernadette that she also dreamed about Idris Alba, so how about Idris Wyatt?
  19. Latest update shows Idalia making landfall just north of Tampa so stay safe Tensor and be well
  20. Mario D.

    Baby names

    Many fan-fic stories have named the children: For Penny and Leonard Savanna or Kaitlin, Christian Wyatt or Ezra Thomas
  21. Watched Kaley's IG post yesterday about getting a new car seat for Matilda. Must be nice to be notable and famous to have the company technician come to your house and show you how to work and install the stroller/car seat!
  22. Yes I believe she has shown Tom several episodes (wonder if they were some of the early episodes when as Sheldon noted "she dressed liked she was attracting sailors at the wharf")
  23. Well presently I think she is on maternity leave, Plus the SAG-AFTRA and writers strike prevents her from performing in anything. New topic I recently was reading an interview with Tom Pelphrey for W magazine. In it he promotes his film "Love and Death" He also goes on to talk about his relationship with Kaley and how he really loves her and their baby. One part of his story he relates is when he brought Kaley to meet his family in New Jersey. One of his family members was very excited to meet her as he was a huge TBBT fan. When he talked with her he kept calling her Penny and Tom had to take Kaley aside and apologize but Kaley explained that was her character on TBBT. He had no clue as he never saw the show. This reminds me that when Kaley met Karl Cook he had the same reaction and did not know who she was as he never watched TBBT either. Thought this was quite ironic.
  24. I guess we have to root for El Nino this hurricane season!
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