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  1. Just noticed something in the photo with their NYG uniform shirts. The numbers they are wearing: Kaley= 30, her birthday Nov. 30, Tom = 28 his birthday July 28, the onesie she is holding shows 26 could this be a hint of her due date? Feb. 26 or Mar, 26 How clever is that
  2. Have seen Kaley's latest IG pics. She is posing with Tom's family in New York Giants uniform shirts. As I am a lifelong Giants fan so glad to see Kaley converted to NYG blue. Not surprised that Tom is a Giants fan as he grew up in New Jersey and if I recall from his bio he played high school football until getting hurt. Strange not seeing Kaley's family there especially her sister as I believe it was her birthday yesterday Nov. 27. Then again they may celebrate Kaley's birthday on the day Nov. 30
  3. I don't recall Johnny saying he was in love with a Belarusian girl in the book unless you are referring to Kelsey Harper whom he dated prior to getting together with Kaley
  4. I think, for me, is the chapter about Johnny and Kaley. How their love, respect, admiration and joy for each other grew from castmates to romantic partners to deep friendship. There were many behind the scenes tidbits that I did not know.
  5. He is a good guy and that is what makes this weird. But I have heard this story before and in Jessica Radloff's book Johnny and Kaley do say they were blindsided by the shocking announcement. They felt as castmates Jim should have had a conversation to prepare them of his decision. Apparently, only Simon Helberg knew of his decision before hand.
  6. I guess this goes to the speculation that Jim, Kaley and Johnny still talk ?
  7. Read that Jim is writing a memoir about his departure from TBBT. It said that he has some scathing things to say about Johnny and Kaley who they said were "blindsided" by his decision to quit the show. Jim says he wants to set the record straight. I don't know if this accurate or credible as it came from Radar on LIne a notorious gossip rag.
  8. Yeah that's the one while Penny and Leonard roared with laughter
  9. You know, I was thinking this myself and looked it up. It was said that the chemicals in dyes will not harm the fetus if a woman dyes her hair while pregnant. But I guess better to be safe than sorry.
  10. Maybe or maybe not........she might reveal this tidbit in the future.
  11. Have noticed in Kaley's latest IG her hair is auburn/brown and not her notable blonde. Wonder if this is for the role she is working on or does it have to do with her pregnancy?
  12. In the episode Penny walks in while Howard is demonstrating his robot arm. He even had the robot arm give Penny a napkin. However I cannot recall the girls talking about it in their ladies night.
  13. Probably now after she gives birth which is around February-March 2023. She also has in the works a TV movie "A Season with Mom" Plus a fourth season of "Harley Quinn" and if they decide a third season of "The Flight Attendant" So much for relaxing with Tom and who knows what he has on the horizon. How is this any different than her life with Karl?
  14. Thought she said after she finished filming "Role Play" she was going to relax and be with Tom, especially after she found out she was pregnant. Guess things change daily
  15. Looks like Kaley is starting her new project "Based on a true story". Guess they will film her scenes hiding her protruding bump.
  16. Yeah, it was after their last scene together. It is as if they didn't want it to end. Also, I think the guy standing next to them is Scott London- prop master. He was waiting for Kaley to give him the wedding ring she wears as Penny Hofstadter. The way he was waiting for it and how he handled it I wonder if it has any value.
  17. I think the writers considered breaking Penny and Leonard up after the season 8 finale when they went to Las Vegas to get married. However, Kaley and Johnny were opposed to this scenario as they felt it would devastate the fans of their characters, especially Kaley who felt it was important they stay together. They considered what would happen if they did break up, how will they react to each other. In the end they kept them together and married and I think we are all grateful for that decision.
  18. Glad that you are home and feeling better. A UTI is not a picnic Take care and God Bless
  19. Yes I agree there are too few stories about Lenny. I have also checked Archives of our Own and while they have many stories on P&L, the Shenny stories are more abundant. And many of those stories are wishful thinking of how Penny and Sheldon get together. I have also checked a site Penny and Sheldon Lemonade which is pure smut.
  20. Thanks You are probably right in that it was deleted. But I thought they keep them in the archives It is too bad if it was deleted because it was a very good story. From what I remember of it Leonard was so incensed with Raj for apparently sleeping with Penny that he punched him in the face and broke his nose. He then takes off for Nebraska to talk to Penny's parents on how he can deal with this situation. Apparently he has been working with Wyatt on a farm problem he had. However, while there at the farm he meets a beautiful scientist and is attracted to her. This is where it gets interesting as Penny feels such remorse for what happened she goes to Nebraska to reconcile with Leonard.
  21. Well, Happy Birthday and all the best, Have a great day Rgds, Mario D.
  22. Have finally located the story name and author: Newtons Third Law by Newcastle 81 However cannot find the story anywhere on the fan-fiction archives........any ideas?
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