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  1. Have just read that there will be a "Friends" reunion show in the near future with all six cast members. And they will all receive in excess of $2 million each. The show will appear on WB HBO Max service. Could this be a prelude to a BBT reunion show as well?
  2. This was just how the story arc was presented. If Penny did not move in across the hall there would be no story and thus no show. So I am glad she did.
  3. You may be right about the house not on the Big Bay City property but why would they have two separate properties? However, I did read that the BBC ranch is on the outskirts of Thousand Oak, Ca. and this house is between Thousand Oak and Tarzana.
  4. Agree with your comment. The article also stated that the property also has horse facilities, assume barns, stables, and riding ovals which I believe Kaley and Karl developed. Also they own this estate as a 50/50 proposition but Kaley has been unable to sell her previous home in Tarzana
  5. Was this the house they were building or did they buy it and renovate it to their specs?
  6. Think that was Molaro's influence. He thought that the conflict between them was the basis for comedy. That may have been true but not in every episode. I think Steve Holland in season 11 got them to be a more loving marital couple instead of all the conflicts.
  7. This is true but not as much as in previous seasons. Also, showrunner Steve Holland softened their relationship down a little.
  8. While it was a satisfying ending for P&L, I still feel a little cheated that after all this time we didn't get to see Penny tell Leonard that she was pregnant and to see his reaction. Same goes for her parents particularly her father. It just bothers me that they could not have one episode whereby Penny and Leonard have this conversation and also why she did not want children in the first place. Season 12 was just devoted to Shamy and their quest for the Nobel prize. It just took too much away from Lenny. And it was not only season 12 but they devoted most storylines to Shamy in seasons 10 and 11 as well. Also, I think in season 11 they wrote P&L in a more loving, marital way instead of the snarkiness from previous seasons.
  9. Boy, she has come a long way from that 21 year old adorable girl that first appeared on TBBT Sept. 24, 2007
  10. Where is Johnny living now? Is he in California or I understand he has property in Nashville, Tenn.
  11. I cannot recall the named episode but there was one whereby Sheldon belittles his wife's work and gets the university president to assign her to work with him instead of her own research. This was truly a selfish and unacceptable act by Sheldon. Maybe someone else can recall the name of the episode for you.
  12. I believe also that because of Sheldon's OCD and his strict rigid organized schedule he does not need or care to spend money lavishly and keeps his money as you have mentioned with his uncashed salary checks
  13. As a former New Yorker, I can totally agree!
  14. Must be the New York air!
  15. That is so true. I am amazed at some of the parallels between Penny & Leonard and Kaley & Karl. Leonard will do anything for Penny and it seems Karl will do that also for Kaley. Penny liked her wine and so does Kaley. Penny likes to do yoga and so does Kaley, Does it seem like Kaley is trying to emulate her character? If so, I am fine with it.
  16. They are funny together. They should have a talk show! Although Karl has come a long way to become comfortable in the public eye with Kaley
  17. After about three weeks apart they really needed each other!
  18. Her beauty is unparalleled and her smile is infectious!
  19. Maybe they have not met in a while but at least we know he still follows her on IG...…...and I am sure she looks forward to his comments!
  20. I thought she was pretty darn good in Burning Bodhi as well. Speaking of being out of touch, I read a story that when she auditioned for her role the producer did not know who she was and had to told she was Kaley Cuoco form TBBT!
  21. Think this might be a turning point for Kaley as an actress. She probably wants to establish herself as an all-around talent and not just a comedic actress. Although her last film "Burning Bodhi" got her some modicum of acclaim for her dramatic role. I truly hope this puts her into that category of multitalented actors. She certainly is working hard to achieve it.
  22. Yeah He is busy riding his horses. Here in Florida actually....Wellington to be exact. If it were not my granddaughters birthday tomorrow I might have considered going to watch him
  23. Mario D.

    Sheldon's Kids

    I think I can agree with everything you explain. It is true by the end of the series I believe Sheldon knew exactly what he does is hurtful and doesn't really care. There were so many instances that show Sheldon's insulting and condescending attitude that it makes you wonder how he managed to keep any friends. One instance that comes to mind as I saw the episode just last night was when Penny and Amy take the boys shopping and Sheldon and Leonard end up having a disagreement about their living arrangements. Sheldon compromises (?) to let Leonard stay with Penny one night a week, but what happens is that Sheldon winds up sleeping on Penny's couch What the hell kind of a friend does that. Also, when Sheldon was locked out of his apt. in another episode didn't he make the excuse he was too big for the couch to sleep on and just removed Penny from her bed.
  24. Wonder where the "farm" is? Did he ever rebuild his property that was devastated by the California fires or did he sell the property?
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