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  1. On 1/25/2023 at 9:27 AM, chucky said:

    We'll see. I'm wondering the same thing. 

    Another picture was posted with Kaley on set again wearing a long maternity dress and her stunt double Monette Moio also wearing the same thing. Just have to think they wrote her pregnancy into the script

  2. 3 hours ago, PeriodicTableShowerCurtain said:

    They make her sound so awful! 

    She smells of books.  Titled uterus, severed the webbing between her own toes, hair the colour of mud, dandruff, scalp so oily that she doesn’t get headlice, brittle ankles, divet in her spine, nose hair, hair growing out mole on her shoulder, at least 5lbs of body hair, flushes her sinuses, she has a nightguard for her teeth

    And she flushes her nostrils out!

  3. 5 hours ago, NeckShotLime said:

    I believe it's in season 11 ,the episode where Sheldon wants to be the new Professor Proton. Leonard explains that Prof Proton is the reason he got into science and Penny says " I thought it was to get girls" LOL , then you have Leonard's reply "joke's on you, it worked". 

    Agreed that is the episode

  4. 50 minutes ago, NeckShotLime said:

    She looked stunning at the Golden Globes without wearing anything "sexually tasteless"... Just a beautiful maternity dress.The black Dior dress didn't suit her at all in my opinion 

    Well it was just one dress, one night and she looked mommy glowing in both events.

  5. 16 hours ago, NeckShotLime said:

    Not a fan of the dress she wore at the critics choice awards though. Made her look old. 

    Let's not get too analytical. She is pregnant in a maternity dress.Think I would rather see her in this than something sexually tasteless.

  6. On 1/9/2023 at 6:19 PM, chucky said:

    Her not being there is interesting. It could be that her sister will be the godmother. I guess we'll find out eventually. 

    Well another loss for Kaley in the Golden Globes but somehow I don't think she minds as she has other things (baby) on her mind.

    Next up is the Critics Choice awards on Sunday, Jan. 15    She was not nominated for the SAG awards but she will probably give birth by then.

  7. 29 minutes ago, Tensor said:

    As have I.  I’ve decided that being old  is just having to go through a lot of medical procedures.

    Ditto for me

  8. 44 minutes ago, NeckShotLime said:

    I thought her due date was the 26th of February or did I dream that?

    That is what I am thinking. When she showed those NYG uniform shirts she held up a onesie with the number 26 so that could be the due date.

    1 hour ago, chucky said:

    Either her or her costar from TFA that lived with her after her divorce from Karl. 

    I didn't see her friend Zosia Mamet in any pics so don't know if she was there. 

  9. 3 minutes ago, Swedish Chef said:

    I´m a little bit curious, how many weeks before the birth do you usually have the baby shower ??

    Someone mentioned it usually is in the 34-35th week of pregnancy but I am not sure.  What got me was that was a pretty lavish party for a baby shower almost like a wedding? Music, dancing, about a 7 foot cake with specific decorations, a drone light display and even Brad Pitt? She sure knows how to spend her money although I believe her sister Briana arranged this and probably will be the godmother

  10. 3 hours ago, HeWolf said:

    There are several iterations of the character which supposedly show his 'progression' towards a more emotionally and societally acceptable person. Original Sheldon was largely gone by the end of Season 4 and he progressed and regressed in various ways during the subsequent seasons. My take on him is that the more he supposedly 'grew up' the more juvenile he acted at times. Even becoming almost infantile during some episodes. My two favorite Sheldon episodes are 'The Adhesive Duck Deficiency' and 'The Bath Gift Item Hypothesis'. 

    Despite his supposed growing up attitude, I agree he would regress into his juvenile and infantile Sheldon persona. However, I do believe sometimes he knew exactly what he was saying and doing, but it took the last episode for him to realize what a jackass he was and that his friends just tolerated him. 

  11. Looks like Kaley had her baby shower last night, January 7.  It sure looked almost like a wedding and seemed to be held at her ranch. Kaley was glowing and Tom was beaming. So baby Pelphrey will soon arrive. Best of luck to them both.


  12. 15 hours ago, fashwash said:

    I am not familiar with the show and I wanted to know what are Sheldon's best episodes and what are the episodes that are integral to his character.

    I think Sheldon's best episode that certainly shows all his OCD and germophobic eccentricities is "The Adhesive Duck Deficiency" where he has to take Penny to the hospital after she slips in the shower. Many funny interactions between them. Like Chucky, I am not a big fan of Sheldon but this was a timeless episode.

  13. 1 hour ago, chucky said:

    We'll see.  She may not attend. It'll probably depend on how far along she is at the time. 😊

    That is true. Those award shows are in January so she probably be about seven months.

    Chucky just want to wish you and your family a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year  And to all my forum friends as well  Be well and God Bless

  14. 46 minutes ago, chucky said:

    Yeah,  but she's both happy and comfortable.😊

    What can you say, she is pregnant and I am glad she is wearing loose maternity clothes than what some women wear that just shows off their belly bump. I'm just trying to visualize what she will wear to the Golden Globes and Critics Choice Awards

  15. 44 minutes ago, Swedish Chef said:

    He is with her, I have seen him on Instagram stories today. 

    Yes I did as well.  Looks like they are on some island retreat

    Is it wrong to say that she does not have to show her belly bump in every picture. We all know that she is pregnant

  16. 6 minutes ago, Swedish Chef said:

    If you look on Kaleys Instagram stories you will see that she´s on vacation. I don´t have the location but my guess would be somewhere in the Caribbean. 

    Yes I just watched it.  It could be in Hawaii . Wonder if Tom is with her as I don't think she usually travels alone.

  17. 37 minutes ago, chucky said:

    I'm glad you enjoyed it. I won't go into my feelings on the wedding and the Season 11 as whole. I have stated it before and I don't think anyone wants to hear it again. 

    Yeah I get you Chucky, the Shamy wedding was near perfect. It was what the Lenny wedding should have been but ruined BOTH times. I didn't see anyone ruin Shamy wedding like that.

  18. 1 hour ago, HeWolf said:

    The folding board is probably more efficient and less likely to damage the shirts.

    Sheldon speaks what the writers write. The bigger issus is the writing staff composing dialogue containing sentences that end with prepositions.

    Sheldon didn't truly become Sheldon until the show had progressed through several episodes. Sheldon in the aired pilot is essentially Sheldon from the unaired pilot. 

    Welcome to the forum!

    The writers became so engrossed in the Sheldon character they could not write for anyone else. Besides the preposition endings why did they make him as such an obnoxious person without any regard for who he was insulting, especially Penny who he considered a sister/friend. I can understand his OCD and germophobia but why make him out to be such a dick. And they make Leonard into some kind of a wimp at times. Just wish they would have people tell him off or threaten him with physical harm  ( not like Leonard does) once in a while to keep him  honest.


  19. 15 hours ago, NeckShotLime said:

    Honestly I don't think they would have split up over the no kids decision. Leonard will never have a Batmobile or a Nobel but as long as Penny is by his side he's happy 

    Leonard admitted as much when they talked and he said "I never thought I would get some things I wanted, like you"

  20. 46 minutes ago, chucky said:

    I agree. To me,  it seemed like the writers were trying to break them up again. Penny was always seemingly making snide remarks. Then the admission of her not wanting children. That almost put them over the top towards divorce. But Leonard accepted her decision. Then the discovery of her being pregnant resolved their issues. 

    Agreed  It is a shame that their story did not continue. They could have had many good episodes to enjoy especially since they were short-changed the last 2-3 years.

  21. 12 hours ago, chucky said:

    I agree that Tensor could best answer that question. I don't think she went into the marriage trying to protect her interests in case of divorce. That is what prenups are designed to do, I guess. As never needing a prenup I wouldn't know for sure. 😊

    As always want to wish you and your family and all my forum friends a very joyous and blessed Christmas

  22. 32 minutes ago, Bigbangfan1 said:

    The fact that Kaley was having her own ranch built when they got married, is that something at the time you think was decided to protect her own interests in case they got divorced in the future.

    Was they sharing his ranch at the time?


    Think Tensor can answer this best  but I don't believe that Kaley built the ranch to protect her in case of divorce. Think when they married they decided to keep their stables and horses separate as they have different approaches to caring and training for their horses.

  23. 4 hours ago, Tensor said:

    Karl’s. Kaleys ranch was still not fully completed at the time. 

    All the recent pictures including the ones from yesterday with her family and I presume Toms's family were from her ranch because the background did not look like it was from her house. 

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