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  1. Have you seen Karls latest IG post He shows a woman in bed (who does not appear to have clothes on) with his dog Blue and the caption "I dare you to say there is a better way to wake up" Guess he has moved on as well. Just wonder if this was a shot at Kaley for all the pictures she posted with Tom?
  2. Wonder if Karl will express any news now
  3. Kaley's IG shows her on a double date with her assistant Emma and her BF. It seems Emma has given her nod of approval for Tom. Is Johnny next to approve?
  4. I don't think he really cares about her at this point even though he still has about ten pictures of her on his IG account. Maybe he will have something to say after the divorce is final.
  5. Honestly, she did not wait too long with Karl after divorcing Ryan . And she did say that he is "the love of my life" and visiting the parents after only two months dating is really speeding things up.
  6. It looks like she was in New Jersey with him and met his parents, so I would say this is a full-blown romance with the ILY. She seems to be making the effort to be more involved in her relationship by taking the time to visit Tom and his family in NJ. How come she did not do this with Karl? I don't recall (although I could be wrong) her going to Karl's parents for a visit. I only remember they had a vacation with them in New Zealand and Australia for New Years
  7. It is going to be up to her. If she gets nominations again for GG, SAG, EMMY she might reconsider doing another season but meanwhile she has other projects in the works: Doris Day biopic, A Season with Mom
  8. Hey she sure can pick Jersey guys......first Leonard and now Tom! Don't know That may be awhile. Think she would have to go into some training again since it has been quite some time she has competed.
  9. Sure does At this rate she may be married again by the end of the year and eat those words of Never Again Think the finalization of her divorce must hinge on the sale of the house as she is still living there. If she is going to Germany on July 1 to shoot a film wonder if she will move before then or probably have people move for her and just move into the new house when she returns. One thing I am curious about is how Karl is taking all this. Is he bitter seeing Kaley all lovey-dovey with her new BF or good riddance and lotsa luck.
  10. Looks like Kaley is in New Jersey with Tom. Since he has met her parents think she is meeting his parents?
  11. Yeah, like she says she cannot think about a season 3 now. She needs a break plus she is going to Germany to film "Role PLay" for three months so I can believe she needs the time off.
  12. Yeah, think they have become fast friends just like Zosia. She possibly lives nearby as she works out alot with Kaley at her home with trainer Ryan Sorensen.
  13. Whatever will be.......will be But I think the real question is when will he return to California?
  14. Just wondering if this was a recent picture. She mentioned that Johnny had a jacket on that he wore six years ago?
  15. I kind of believe her statement about marriage but she has changed her mind before. It seems that Tom is just as smitten with her as she is with him. So, we will see how this develops. Yeah, saying he is the love of her life so soon means to me that it really was love at first sight for her. And as I recall it was not love at first sight with Karl. I think it was for him but not her. She had to grow into the relationship. I believe the statement when she says she wants to support Tom in his career stems from her therapy to find that balance between work and personal life. I think Kaley is in a pretty good place professionally as she can pick and choose her projects and not have it conflict with Tom's work. Kaley's quote that she falls hard and deep into a relationship but when it's over....its over seems true right now. And Kaley's bond with Johnny isn't likely to be broken and I think all her boyfriends have to live with that.
  16. WOW Just read an article where Kaley dishes on finishing up the "Flight Attendant" and her new relationship with Tom Pelphrey. She says it was a most difficult time with the stress of her personal life in the midst of a divorce and her scenes in the film. With four days left of shooting she developed Covid-19 diagnosis. She was devastated and got very depressed. As for her new beau Tom Pelphrey, she calls him "the love of my life" and it was love at first sight for her. She states that he totally changed her and she is in a very different place than she was before they met. However, she still says she is not interested in marriage. We will see what happens with that. Kaley says they met through her manager which also is Tom.s at the "Ozark" premiere in April. She was standing with her manager when Tom walked over and as soon as she turned around it hit her and it was love at first sight. They immediately connected and says they are ready to build a life together. As for work she says she leaves for Berlin, Germany on July 1 for three months to shoot the film "Role Play" Then she wants to take the rest of the year off and support Tom in what he is filming So, I guess that answers a few questions and that Karl is really in the rear view mirror now. This woman is such an enigma. Didn't she say the same things about Karl when they met. Hopefully, this relationship will last when they are apart
  17. If she was a random fan why would her face be covered?
  18. I know Kaley has erased all of Karl's pictures from her IG account. However, Karl still has about a dozen pics of Kaley on his account. Wonder if he is still pining for her.
  19. Yeah that idea about Karl has crossed my mind as well. And the fact Kaley has stated that she went through this traumatic inner turmoil while filming TFA 2 adds credence to that. But she also said she made mistakes in her marriage by not putting enough effort into it. Also, Karl has been very quiet on giving any hints about their break-up. There are probably many factors that went into their divorce that has not been publicized. We might never know what they were. BTW, Kaley has posted some pics where she was at her producing partner Greg Berlanti induction into the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And Tom was there with her getting cozy and holding hands.Their first public appearance together. They have become inseparable..........sound familiar?
  20. Yes I can understand her need for intimacy. She even said as much in the Glamour article "she cannot be by myself" and I also hope Tom is the answer she is looking for. The thing is for me that all these gushy PDA pics seem to be a slap in the face to Karl and what they had. I keep wondering if he will express how he feels about her latest journey into romance and maybe reveal a reasoning why they divorced. Possibly after the divorce is finalized. We will see
  21. Just saw a pic on her IG where it looks like Kaley and Tom were out to dinner. She captioned it "Love U" This romance is really heating up
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