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  1. You know that is intriguing. I also had something similar that I rolled around in my mind........that Leonard is hurt in a lab explosion!
  2. I too have read Jessica Radloff's review and I didn't get the vibe that they were going to separate either from their scenes. She did make some valid points and you made just as good rebuttals. I also agree that after reading the last TR about the next episode it certainly does not give any kind of omen for a split-up. I just cannot conceive after 10 years they would break this couple up. Believe both Kaley and Johnny stated in one interview that it would be tragic for their characters and for them in portraying that scene. I know Ms. Radloff has a pretty good handle on BBT episodes but I can only hope that she is wrong on this account.
  3. Think this is true. Ever since the scene with the girls in the car (Bernadettes first night out leaving Halley with Stuart & Raj) she does not exactly know what she wants out of life. It is hinted in this scene that maybe she wants a baby and a house like Bernadette but it could be deeper than that. Hopefully, this will be sorted out in the season finale episode.....or not
  4. Yes, she is looking good Are those leather pants she has on?
  5. Yeah, didn't Sheldon say at the wedding that Leonard and Penny are very important to him.........so keep insulting them When is he ever going to grow up You think that Bert's gf will get friendly with Raj??
  6. This is true. They have been dangling hints of a job change since season 9 "Big Bear Precipitation" But as I recall she only said she was unhappy with her job because she had to flirt with doctors to get sales. According to the TR for episode 22 she states she is unhappy because she has to lie about the products she sells. Where did this come from? Do not believe it was ever mentioned before. Additionally, would it be too far-fetched to have the boys leave the university and form their own company to develop the gyroscope? Then maybe Penny could work for them as an administrative/sales person. Just a thought
  7. Believe she mentioned this when she was studying for her company ride-along with Bernadette but I don't know if this actually happened or she was just saying it off the top of her head
  8. Yes, OK missed that one Thanks Tensor Guess Leonard wins this event!
  9. Did a quick count of Penny and Leonard's past romances/flings: Penny- Kurt, Doug, Eric, Mike, Zack, Leonard and dalliances with Stuart, Raj Leonard - Joyce Kim, Leslie Winkle, Dr. Stephanie Barnett, Prof. Plimpton, Mrs. Latham, Priya and Penny Also dalliances with Alice and Mandy Chao Did I miss anybody? This list does not include her teen years in Nebraska
  10. And she did not look too bad in that top either!
  11. Yes, and if I remember she added after she said these comments " It's a joke,........ which sometimes is true" or something to this effect. This sounded like it was meant to soften the comment but it didn't do that for me
  12. Additionally, I recall how they make Penny out to be too promiscuous: The episode where Raj asks the girls what kind of date he could take out Lucy. The girls give suggestions and Penny chimes in by saying "on a Disneyland ride they are shorter than you think so be sure to put your clothes back on as they take a picture at the end" or "being in a motel room with a 34 yr old guy named Luther on top of you" Maybe these lines were meant to be humorous but I did not see the humor in them.
  13. Finally, a happy ending (sort of) for the Hofstadters. I think the bts hug and kiss was true to life for them and maybe a little emotional. Just goes to show they truly are very close friends.
  14. Penny has stated she is unhappy about having to flirt with doctors to make a sale. Since this is tv why can't the writers have her company give her a promotion, say to a regional manager where she does not have to go on sales calls but has sales people to manage or direct. I don't believe she was unhappy with the company only the part of the job she disliked.
  15. Thanks BFM for your support and thoughtful insight. Totally agree that some scenes can be serious with a comedic backdrop. Just think of the engagement scene with P&L. This had everything, humor, poignancy, and touching emotion. Believe the writers can write a storyline to show the joy and disappointment of a couple trying to conceive. Like you state they did a masterful job in portraying Bernadette's emotions during her pregnancy.
  16. Think this is a valid point. Someone else on this forum suggested a plotline where Penny thinks she is pregnant in the last episode this season and then in season 11 episode one she finds out she is not and is very disappointed and this storyline can develop throughout next season where she and Leonard try to have a baby. They could handle this in the same manner they portrayed Bernadette's pregnancy only from the point of conception. Showing the would-be parents highs and lows of trying to conceive.
  17. You are right on with this song Depicts his thoughts perfectly
  18. Yes he knows what everyone else knows or what Penny chose to tell them. But does he really know the whole story and what she confessed to Raj? And as you state Emily knows a different version of what happened.
  19. Agree with most of what you are saying, but the dialogue before they wound up in bed was Penny confessing how she messed up in breaking up with Leonard and how she missed him. In season 5 premiere she admits to Amy that she hurt Leonard until she found out her and Raj did not "sleep together" and promised not to tell about his "quick draw" moment. But, IMO Leonard really does not know this full story and it might be a point of contention towards the season finale.
  20. Totally agree with everything you state here. Also, I think the scene with the matching shirts was overkill. I was hoping Leonard would have said matching shirts should be with your husband and not Raj. It certainly seems that there was no resolution to this episode, as usual, so in all likelihood it will not be mentioned again as with the RA between Penny and Leonard. JMO, I know it was not mentioned but I cannot help but think that the night Penny and Raj were together in season 4 finale just might come up again as Leonard would feel more uncomfortable for as long as Raj lives there in apt 4A. Just a thought?
  21. Have to agree after watching this episode. Somehow the writers have reverted Leonard back to the whiny, wimpy nerd he was in the eaely seasons. And shown Penny as a selfish , harsh wife who ignores her husbands feelings. She didn't even know he left the room!! And then said he was rude for doing so. I was so hoping that Leonard would really tell them off but as usual the episode ended without any resolution to the LENNY storyline.
  22. Agree to what most is said but I also do not see any of their disagreements or spats as being so serious to warrant a separation or divorce. To have them get a divorce would be such a disservice to the many loyal LENNY fans that have watched for ten years. However, I do believe that there may be some kind of plotline for the season finale. Could it be that they are on the verge of a break-up and then Penny reveals that she is pregnant or thinks she is? That could be interesting.
  23. Agree Cannot see why the writers do not give Penny some sort of accomplishment in her pharmaceutical sales job: like maybe receiving an award for sales and having to accept the award at a dinner. This would certainly show to many that she is capable being successful in life.
  24. It certainly seems to be going in that direction but I just cannot perceive Penny and Leonard separating after 10 years of putting them together. And where would Penny go? She cannot go back to apt. 4b, she cannot go to Howard and Bernadette as they already have the moocher Stuart, go back home to Nebraska...not likely. I do believe there will be a cliffhanger for the finale but not Penny and Leonard separating. I could imagine that Raj creates so much drama, maybe it forces them to look for a house of their own. Didn't Penny say that she was envious of Bernadette with a house and a baby?. However, would like to see what happens after this next episode and then we can speculate on the finale.
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