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  1. It certainly seems to be going in that direction but I just cannot perceive Penny and Leonard separating after 10 years of putting them together. And where would Penny go? She cannot go back to apt. 4b, she cannot go to Howard and Bernadette as they already have the moocher Stuart, go back home to Nebraska...not likely. I do believe there will be a cliffhanger for the finale but not Penny and Leonard separating. I could imagine that Raj creates so much drama, maybe it forces them to look for a house of their own. Didn't Penny say that she was envious of Bernadette with a house and a baby?. However, would like to see what happens after this next episode and then we can speculate on the finale.
  2. Could not agree with you more. No one really knows what happened with Raj and Penny, except what she stated that they "did not sleep together only got drunk and fooled around" However, if I were Leonard I would feel uncomfortable with Raj living there: 1) since he boasted about them being lovers, 2) doing "stuff" with her and then getting matching shirts, shouldn't that be with your husband and not your perceived "lover" This whole scenario seems to be going somewhere and I only hope it ends on a good note.
  3. Think their best episode together this year was the Fetal Kick Analyst where Penny signed autographs at a comic-con convention
  4. Have to agree with you on this. While it may not be romantic it does present an uncomfortable situation for Leonard. Why is she spending so much time with Raj instead of her husband. Cannot help to think that S4 E24 will come back up again JMO, but I hope not. Maybe if Leonard gets so annoyed by this that he will tell Penny how he really feels and they can move on as a happily married couple. Think the writers have to come up with a meaningful heart-to-heart scene for Lenny.
  5. A hand job is probably not sex in the "conventional" way as Raj stated. I think what Penny meant when she said they did not sleep together was that they did not have intercourse. But helping Raj put on a condom would certainly rank as a hand job and that is probably why Raj ejaculated so early. This little info is what she did not tell Leonard or anyone else as it is what she promised to Raj
  6. Just because she said that does not mean Leonard knows the whole story. Even though they were not dating at the time she still knew she had feelings for Leonard and she even admitted such to Raj just before they wound up in bed. I think now that they are married she should tell him the whole story especially that Raj is living with them she should be the one that is uncomfortable with the situation knowing the whole truth
  7. Would the season finale be a good one if they go together and visit Dr. Gallo (Jane Kaczmarek) as they both said she helped them get over some of their anxieties. She might be able to alleviate their communication problems. Don't know why the writers never explored this further
  8. I have to agree to some extent, but I can also see how this might be an uncomfortable situation for Leonard. We still do not know how much Leonard knows about their night together. It could become a sensitive situation where he has to confront both of them. Just my opinion
  9. Agree wholeheartedly...........Do you think any of the writers read this discussion site?
  10. Agree I can see a cliffhanger but nothing so dramatic or serious for Lenny. Possibly, a promotion for Penny and maybe she becomes a spokesperson for the drug company and has to tour the country and promote the company. This would allow her to leave for the summer and maybe Leonard meets her at various times Just a thought
  11. Read it in a tabloid "Christian Post" Don't know how accurate it might be
  12. At this point we do not know how much Leonard knows about Penny/Raj night. Penny has mentioned in Season 8 Episode 4 (Hook-up Reverberation) that everyone knows that they" did not sleep together just fooled around" But how much is really known. Believe there should be a good heart-to-heart scene with Penny and Leonard where she confesses the whole story, especially now if he is to move into Sheldon's old room. And after this talk Leonard must evaluate if he still wants Raj there. Additionally, have just read that the producers/writers may have Penny re-evaluating her career and that she may go back to acting. This certainly a big turnaround as she stated she does not want to feel all the anxiety and rejections of auditions. Also the article stated that her maiden name might be revealed this year. Has anyone else heard about this?
  13. Yes What you say is true, but we all saw how hurt Leonard was and now that they are married I think she can tell him how that all came about. Penny even admitted that she hurt Leonard when she told Amy
  14. This is so true. Cannot see how Leonard can be comfortable in this situation knowing what had transpired with Penny and Raj. How can he be intimate with his wife knowing Raj is on the other side of the wall. BTW has Penny and Leonard ever had a serious heart to heart conversation of how that situatioin with Raj came about? She only said to all the guys that "Everyone knows we didn't sleep together only fooled around" That is not much of an explanation. And I know Sheldon was on the other side of the wall as well, but when they wanted to be intimate they could have gone to her apt. 4b. Now they do not have that option.
  15. Agree they need to do something together without a third person or the other couples. I have mentioned maybe a trip to see her parents in Nebraska or possibly having them go to Leonard's 20 year high school reunion. These storylines would certainly put them in a better light. Just like the episode where Penny signed autographs at a small comic-con
  16. Totally agree with you. This is utter madness to have Raj live with Lenny. They just got rid of Sheldon and Penny even said she can finally live alone with her husband, and now they get Raj as a border. What are the writers thinking? I guess they feel that if you don't have conflict there is no comedy. Also, I think you made a great point in stating that Raj nearly slept with Penny and now they are going to be roommates. Has to be an uncomfortable situation for Leonard and most unrealistic. Hopefully, this is only a short-term situation and not like with Sheldon when it was supposed to be for a little while and not forever but was over a year in that LA.
  17. Agree. It was a stupid drunken mistake that Leonard felt guilty about as soon as it happened. Don't think that Leonard would ever consciously cheat on Penny. he loves her too much. Although Penny has never strayed on Leonard while they were dating, engaged and married, the writers do show her with a very promiscuous past. If she met Leonard when she was 21/22, how did she do all that before then?
  18. Concur there are more stories to tell with Lenny. As I stated before, I think Johnny Galecki realized this and it was a major point in his contract negotiations. Believe the writers can come up with other plotlines such as: A sales award and banquet dinner for Penny and a promotion, Have Lenny visit her parents in Nebraska....would like to see Leonard on a farm, Have Lenny go to Leonard's 20 year high school reunion with a beautiful wife to show his geeky friends and bullies. These are just some storylines they can tell and I am sure there are plenty more. As far as Penny getting pregnant, now that the show is extended for another two years it probably will not happen this year. Most likely next year unless Kaley gets pregnant IRL.
  19. Think you are right. Believe they do have something in mind for Penny. As I recall before this season began the producers said they may have a career change in store for Penny.
  20. I also favor the 2 season renewal. I think it gives the writers a chance to end the series with closure for all the characters. The reason this season has been so erratic was probably because the writers just were not sure if this would be end or not. As far as the Lenny storylines go I think they still have some interesting ones left and if I read in between the lines from some of Johnny Galecki's interviews, this could have been a sticking point for him, but I guess the writers assured him of some good plotlines for P&L and all us Lenny shippers should be happy with that. As for the Shamy stories it has been true that Sheldon has been the center of many episodes especially since Lenny got married. I really don't see this changing as the writers feel that Sheldon is the catalyst to drive the storylines. Hopefully the whole ensemble will benefit from this renewal
  21. I think you kinda got to the heart of the matter for Penny. Maybe seeing her friend moving along in their relationship makes her feel unfulfilled as a woman. It could be this is the crux of her discontent. But it certainly shows how far Penny has evolved, from a sexy farm girl to a mature married woman who wants a little more out of life. A good scene would be if her and Leonard would talk it out and come to a realization about their lives. When Bernadette first announced her pregnancy Penny was happy for her but said to Leonard she was not in a rush to have children, maybe now she is.
  22. Totally agree! Maybe the writers have finally listened to all the LENNY fans
  23. Think Penny just has to do figure things out as she said to Leonard in the spa scene. Believe marriage, her sales career (which she admitted she was unhappy with), being envious at Bernadette (hinted at) for the life she has: a good job, a baby and a house. Maybe these are the things she desires but possibly because of her committment issues she has to figure out a way to truly embrace it all.
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