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  1. Your last line is very interesting. Can the producers/writers be building Lenny up by arguing all the time with maybe Penny getting pregnant to bring them closer and to have someone to care for and not emphasizing their incompatibility??
  2. Agree this Lenny fighting storyline is getting tiresome. Cannot believe the writers cannot come up with better storylines for them. They should listen to the fans as they did when they had them re-do the wedding ceremony. I can probably come up with a few storylines alone: Penny winning a sales award and possibly getting a promotion, Priya returning to cause chaos for Lenny, Lenny visiting her parents in Nebraska. Think any of these would be more interesting than what they are giving us now.
  3. Think the analogies of the Guitarist Amplification and the Thanksgiving Decoupling were excellent examples of how episodes are just written without any continuity. These episodes told a story and then were resolved with a happy ending and not mentioned again. Another prime example was the 'I Love You" episode 43 Peculiarity. This was I believe a pivotal moment in the show and it was done and never mentioned again, not even in the next episodes. So, I think we should just wait until this episode is aired and judge for ourselves. This just might be another story episode with a happy ending.
  4. As I am new to this forum, I would like to wish all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hopefully, early within the new year we will hear about TBBT renewal for season 11 and possibly beyond with new and exciting stories to tell God Bless
  5. The tenure storyline would create a funny episode but not something I would anticipate happening. I feel there should be more expansion of a storyline for Penny and Leonard. Perhaps, Penny can receive a sales award and speak at an acceptance dinner. This would make an interesting episode as the boys always receive accolades and awards for their work, it would be a nice change of pace to see Penny get rewarded for her work and then possibly getting a promotion at the pharmaceutical company instead of doing sales work where she is not happy.
  6. I agree that Amy has become a much more central character because of Sheldon usually the focus of almost every episode. Penny has become less central to the story but that is probably because her storyline centers mainly around Leonard now that they are married. Perhaps the rumors of Kaley's displeasure with her storylines is maybe the cause of the delay to announce the extension of TBBT for season 11. I don't know as this is only speculation at this point. Once the announcement of season 11 has been confirmed Penny will get more solid plotlines: for instance getting a different job or maybe being promoted on her current job, having her and Leonard visit her parents in Nebraska or possibly getting pregnant. Another good storyline would be if she were to receive a sales award by the pharmaceutical company. Believe these storylines would generate more interest for Lenny fans. Mostly off the internet so I don't know how much stock you can put into these rumors and stories.
  7. I think we are all kind of jumping the gun here on the Lenny situation. There has been so much speculation and rumors regarding TBBT status for season 11 that only a confirmation by CBS/Warner Bros. on the cancellation or extension of the show will clear things up. I do agree that the Shamy relationship has taken center stage or more so Sheldon has become the core of each episode leaving Lenny as a secondary storyline. Since the redo wedding in the first episode, which I found the scene with Sheldon embracing Lenny after their vows was just ridiculous as it took away from a touching moment, there has been only the comic-con episode where Lenny was a primary plotline. I understand now that an announcement will be made on the future of the show in January and I have also read that seasons 11 and 12 is confirmed and that Kaley and Johnny have both signed. Jim Parsons seems to be in many other projects and there is rumors that he may only be in TBBT on a part-time basis. I guess we have to wait until an announcement is made to see the big picture.
  8. There has been so much speculation on the renewal of the show that we probably will not know until an announcement is made. Understand there may be an announcement in January on the future of the show. But the latest scuttlebutt is that it will be renewed for two more years and both Kaley and Johnny have signed on. This would mean that possibly they have more storylines for them. Perhaps Penny getting pregnant or a new job or maybe even going to visit her parents in Nebraska
  9. I concur with this opinion of how the Lenny storyline has gotten off course. Ever since they got engaged it seems the writers have made Sheldon the center of the episodes. My goodness, even the wedding episodes showed Sheldon center ring when the most focus should have been on the wedding couple. And yes, the redo wedding in season 10 opener should have been an hourlong premiere to accomodate all the guest stars appearing. Could it be that all the tabloid stories about Kaley and Johnny salary demands, Kaley jealousy of Bernadette's pregnancy, or Kaley boyfriend jealousy of Johnny Galecki be effecting the storylines? Somehow I cannot believe this is true as there was an article stating that TBBT was renewed for seasons 11 and 12. But there have been no confirmation by the producers, CBS or Warner Bros. so it is just speculation as this point. But I do hope the show does continue and they give Lenny some solid storylines to enact. Think that statement about her sales job in the opening episode was a peek into her character's career. Maybe if she receives a sales award from her company, this would make her have some type of accomplishment in her life as her husband and friends have all received awards and accolades in their life. Maybe even that can promote her to possibly a regional sales manager where she does not have to go on sales calls and flirt with the doctors to get the sales. Just a thought how they can embellish her character a little.
  10. Considering Penny's vows at their wedding ceremony, that she is "incredibly happy" think their married relationship will get better and maybe a Penny pregnancy will be forthcoming at the end of the season. What else can they do with Sheldon's room but make it a nursery
  11. Thanks for yr input. I usually don't believe in the rumors but they have been running rampant lately that I thought some of them may be true
  12. Can anyone shed some light on all the rumors involving Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki leaving the show after season 10? Seems like there is a story everyday about Kaley and Johnny's salary demands, or Kaley being jealous of Bernadettes pregnancy, or Kaley's boyfriend being jealous of Johnny and asking her to leave the show With CBS and WB not confirming yet a season 11 these rumors are running rampant. I would suspect they have to make an announcement soon if season 10 will be the last so as they can have closure episodes. On the other hand another rumor has it that season 11 has already been agreed upon and it is just getting all the cast contracts to be signed. What's up with all this?
  13. Don't think leases are the writers concern. But the bigger picture could be if this is the final season or even if there is a season, 11 is that by keeping Penny and Leonard in 4A maybe they convert it into a nursery. Food for thought
  14. Some suggestions for storylines would be: Have Penny win a sales award and give a speech at a banquet with all friends attending, Have Priya return for an episode to advise the boys on their military contract and also find out that her brother "hooked up" with Penny one night. This should be an interesting comedic situation, Have Penny on one of her sales calls receive unwanted advances from a doctor and struggle to tell Leonard about it, Have Penny and Leonard make a visit to her family in Nebraska. Would be hysterical to see Leonard on a farm. Believe these storylines would be most interesting to see and keep the show moving forward
  15. It has always been implied from the pilot episode that Penny and Leonard would eventually end up together and married. Even Kaley herself admitted that she wanted them to end up married. How they got there was a long 10 year journey. But it now seems as some have suggested that their journey is complete now that they are married. I believe they still have plenty of stories to tell for this couple. It is true that the cliche "he wore me down" has become a tired joke. It would be nice if the writers have Penny compliment her husband a little and not make it sound so snarky, but from the heart. I don't think Penny has settled for Leonard as her love for him built up over the years. I think her love is genuine because from their first date she wanted someone who was nice, honest and really cares for her. Leonard fits all those traits. I do believe, going forward they should definitely have them interact more with each other as a married couple: for example show a little more intimacy as newlyweds. They had more intimacy scenes when they were dating than now as a married couple.
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