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  1. Yes I can understand her need for intimacy. She even said as much in the Glamour article "she cannot be by myself" and I also hope Tom is the answer she is looking for. The thing is for me that all these gushy PDA pics seem to be a slap in the face to Karl and what they had. I keep wondering if he will express how he feels about her latest journey into romance and maybe reveal a reasoning why they divorced. Possibly after the divorce is finalized. We will see
  2. Just saw a pic on her IG where it looks like Kaley and Tom were out to dinner. She captioned it "Love U" This romance is really heating up
  3. From the bits and pieces I put together think they have known each other since early April but did not make their dating official until they posted on the IG
  4. Well she is pretty upbeat about it and if James Corden asks the right questions she just might talk about it
  5. Kaley will be on James Corden - Late Late Show Tuesday May 24, 2022 Actually she will be on James Corden tonite May 23 but his shows airs on May 24
  6. What you say is true however, I recall after her divorce from Ryan in an interview she stated the reasoning for the divorce: that Ryan popped pills and could not get himself sober, so she had no choice. This revelation was never mentioned when the divorce was announced. So who knows what will be disclosed at sometime in the future.
  7. I don't know about that. It just seems to me it is a little unsettling for Karl to see those pics (if he has) when they were married for three years and he was the love of her life. It feels like something is missing
  8. IDK but in a way I feel a little sorry for Karl. Just about 3 weeks ago Kaley was commiserating on Kelly Clarkson show about her inner turmoil in filming The Flight Attendant 2 and her personal life with her divorce. Now she is flaunting all these pics with her new beau Tom Pelphrey and being in a happy place. She erased all pics of Karl on her IG as well. So what is Karl to think as their divorce is not yet finalized. Don't get me wrong I truly want to see her happy and content but all this seems to me that something has not been disclosed in their divorce announcement. Maybe it will be revealed when the divorce is final......or maybe not.
  9. If you all want to read more Lenny stories you can go to Leonard Hofstadter-Penny Works Archive of our own.com They have a little more Lenny stories than in fan-fiction.com not as many as we would like but more nonetheless
  10. This is true There are so many Shenny stories, even smut ones which are totally distasteful as this could never have happened. That is why it is fan-fiction. But we definitely need more Lenny stories
  11. They sure are fast-tracking their romance! Let's see what happens after a few months, however i recall that Kaley and Karl did not move in together right away even after they were married!
  12. Yeah, one of the pics shows Kaley's new tattoo of a heart on her pinky finger. Supposedly she was encouraged to do this for her new beau Tom Pelphrey! Love endures
  13. Looking at her latest pics it seems she likes guys that have beards. If I recall Ryan Sweeting had a beard when he was with her, Karl grew a beard when married to her and then shaved it off when they divorced, I think even Johnny had a beard when dating her - although off screen, and now Tom Pelphrey has one while dating Kaley. Guess she likes the tickle the beard gives her
  14. I agree she needs companionship but this is a pattern she has made for herself. Didn't she do the same thing with Ryan when she met Karl? Sure hope this one lasts as this guy Tom seems a genuine, likable fellow.
  15. Thought he might have moved in already. He has been there all week. And didn't those PDA photos with Tom look familiar? Wonder if he is a horse guy? You know her mantra "Must love dogs and horses"
  16. IDK if I would call it a lie Think she was trying to embellish her response to the scene
  17. Yes I heard say that as well about thinking of the flash mob. I don't believe she meant it as both her and Johnny always said this was a special scene. Even producer Molaro recounted the scene at comic-con and said it was perfect so I just don't think that was true.
  18. Guess that is why she is in therapy. It seems to me that she loved being married but could not sustain a relationship within the marriage. I think her career just began to overwhelm her. Very sad I hope she finds that equal balance with work and personal life.
  19. Yes Karl did seem like a nice guy and Kaley did say that he was her "perfect match" but I guess those kind of things wear off. However, like I mentioned Tom Pelphrey seems just as nice a guy. So whatever will be.........will be
  20. It sure looks like the same scenario she had with Karl after her divorce with Ryan Sweeting Yeah, saw another post on her IG where Tom and Kaley are playing with her dog Shirley on the patio. Guess he stayed the weekend. But like you say it is her life and she has to lead it by however she feels.
  21. Well, she did take her time a little with Karl. But, on her IG she just posted a pic of Tom with her dog Dumpy and it looks like it was from her house so I guess she is fast-tracking this relationship a little.
  22. Yeah She is also starting to gush a little about him as well. Actually, I saw him on Jimmy Fallon and he was quite engaging, genuine and humble for his life. He maybe a good catch plus he is a Jersey boy as I was
  23. I really don't know much about this Tom Pelphrey fellow but for Kaley I think she is trying to forgive herself for two failed marriages and maybe not putting enough of an effort into them. Although her first marriage to Ryan Sweeting was not all her fault as he did not put much effort into the marriage either and practically lived off her. With Karl she is probably regretting alot of mistakes she made and working through it to a more stable life.
  24. Well, give this romance a little time, she just might end up there again.
  25. I can't help but think this is very similar to when she divorced Ryan Sweeting. She met Karl about five months after the divorce announcement and started dating him approx. one month later. It has been a little longer after the announcement with Karl, about seven months, but if they just went away for a weekend together so they must have met awhile earlier. Now she has deleted all pictures of Karl on her IG just like she did with Ryan. And I just saw a pic of her with this fellow Tom and already was gushing about him. Is this history repeating itself? I admire Kaley alot for who she is but she is certainly real hard to figure out. Quite an enigma
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