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  1. It looks like they went to some cabin for the weekend. That would explain her non-posts until yesterday. Don't know how long they have been dating or this was their first date. I guessed they had to get to know each other. Since he is an actor he probably can sympathize with her in balancing her career and personal life.
  2. Didn't she just say about a week ago in an interview that she was dating anyone. This could be a one time date. It also explains why she hasn't had a post since Saturday. I do not think she is forgetting about Johnny just because she did not post to him on his birthday. Like many of us speculated she probably called him or skyped with him.,
  3. If they are close friends as she says they are, speaking maybe multiple times a week, then a Skype call would be more intimate and she may have wanted to tell him something that was not for publication. It is just that Johnny always gives Kaley an expression of his friendship for her on her birthday. I guess some people think she should reciprocate the message. And she does most times.
  4. Yeah Kind of disappointing Maybe she spoke to him on the phone
  5. Johnny, a very hearty Happy Birthday Enjoy your day and may you have many, many more
  6. Yeah That would have been nice and buzzfeed for the papers. Think the only way this will happen is if Johnny gets the notion to go and see Kaley in California and give her the support and advice she needs. Or if he invites her to his ranch in Tennessee So whatever will be.........will be
  7. Yeah I noticed the same thing. But found out he was just a friend and not a suitor. I don't believe her divorce is finalized as yet.
  8. Hope you do the same with season 2
  9. BTW, have you been watching TFA 2 A little convoluted storyline but her acting is incredible
  10. Go to Dirt.com for the pics and story
  11. It also seems the house is built on a little hill. The road seems to be way down from the driveway. But I guess this is what gives it such beautiful views.
  12. I know the whole house is glass!
  13. Do you really think she does the cleaning??
  14. Especially that he is leasing his house and needs a place to stay on his return to California Wouldn't that be fuel for the tabloids!
  15. Understand Agoura Hills is only about a half-hour ride to her Hidden Valley ranch. So within distance
  16. MOVING ON Hope this house lasts her more than two years
  17. Yeah, she always says that when someone asks her about Penny's surname. Sort of an affection she has for Hofstadter
  18. Interesting glimpse of her thoughts. But I wonder was she really thinking about the flash mob dance during the I Love You scene with Leonard? They always said it was one of their favorite scenes and they only taped it in one take. So it seems it would have been more memorable than that.
  19. Final decree should be within the next week or two going by her previous divorce timeline. Karl has not deleted all pics of Kaley. There are some still up
  20. I have also noticed that Kaley has deleted Karl's pictures from her IG account. Their anniversary messages and the photo with the dog Larry from July 4 are gone.
  21. I agree Johnny pretty much gets along with everyone even his ex-girlfriends don't have anything bad to say about him. I think this is just a case where Karl does not want to inject himself into Kaley's friends and life. And Johnny for his part probably does not want to upset Kaley in any way by communicating with Karl. So life goes on!
  22. Didn't know this was from NY as well. Seems like she had a full day yesterday with tapings and live appearances Wonder when she returns to California
  23. Yeah I just saw that I guess she will be live on Seth Myers Don't know how long she will be in NYC and if she will appear on any other show while there.
  24. Yes the guy she was with after Johnny was Christopher French when she broke her leg and they recorded a song. I believe he is now married to Ashley Tisdale a friend of hers
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