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  1. Yeah I omitted Josh Resnik who she was engaged for about 6 months as you say. However, he was an "addiction Specialist" whatever that is and was a "dark" guy not a musician. There were some reports that Johnny convinced her to break the engagement as she would not have been happy. Also, he was about 13 years older than her.
  2. Also, I believe she will be on Kelly Clarkson Apr. 28 Guess she is getting out there to promote TFA 2 Jimmy Kimmel is telecast from Los Angeles I believe Seth Myers is from New York so she is probably doing this virtually on zoom Not sure about Andy Cohen on WWH
  3. After working together for 12 years and dating in real life their closeness may go a little beyond friendship Not that they will be romantic again but Kaley seems to want him in her life. I keep thinking of a quote she made once: "SHE FALLS HARD, GOES DEEP INTO A RELATIONSHIP, BUT WHEN IT'S OVER.........ITS OVER"
  4. That article was a very insightful look into Kaley's life this past year. Not only did she say she would not marry again but also the inner struggles she had to endure while filming TFA 2 and the turmoil over her divorce with Karl. She had many issues that were not made public. One thing that kind of jumped out at me was that she said she was in some wonderful deep relationships. Besides her two marriages the only other deep relationship she was involved with was Johnny Galecki. Think all her other relationships were when she was young or just flings to fill her time.
  5. I think that essentially giving up on her marriage also may mean giving up on having children, not to mean she could not have kids without being married, but I just don't see her going that way.
  6. I think the main factor was that Karl wanted a marriage with eventually a family and Kaley wanted a career. But it seems neither one wanted to compromise to keep the marriage intact. And when she says she made some mistakes in her relationships she probably meant this one with Karl. Does this sound like S12 E3 of TBBT "Procreation Calculation" when Penny told Leonard she did not want children and he did. But Leonard stayed.........Karl didn't.
  7. A very revealing portrait of her life this past year. I assumed she had issues within her marriage but did not know how deep her struggles were. She is definitely a complicated person. Hope that she gets whatever happiness and true love she is seeking.
  8. Tensor can probably give you more info on this but as far as I know she has the BBC ranch in Hidden Valley, a condo in North Hollywood and a beach house in Santa Barbara
  9. As Chucky mentioned you are a wealth of information and thank you for sharing. As the sale of the house was kind of sudden (to fans at least) assume they both agreed to the sale before the final decree of divorce. Wonder if Kaley really wanted to sell the house as she put her own touches in the decor (not as much as her previous house) and it seemed she truly loved living there.
  10. Been there......maybe we should take Prevagen! Are the court records that readily available? You cannot read the specifics of the divorce decree correct?
  11. My thoughts as well Kaley either had to buy Karl out or they had to sell it. Either way a very sad situation and it possibly was why Kaley was in an emotional turmoil the last week or so. Her sister had to bring her flowers and then Zosia showed up for support. But she looked positively radiant yesterday at the TFA 2 premiere. So maybe things are starting to turn around for her.
  12. She might be living on her ranch for awhile.Her last two homes were with her ex-husbands and now that she is single she may not want a big house. But whatever will be.....will be
  13. I think they bought the basic house but had renovations made to tailor their tastes She previously mentioned that she would love to have her own ranch but in Kentucky not Tennessee. However that is a little premature right now unless Johnny invites her to his ranch? Think she has enough room for her animals there, she has about 40 acres. Her garage not only held her rabbits but also was her home gym. My question is what ever happened to Larry the large dog they rescued just before they split. Also Karl was rehabilitating a couple of her horses. But true this is very sad and it might hit her all at once when the divorce is finalized which should be soon.
  14. Also to note Kaley will be in a segment tomorrow night on Access Hollywood 7:30 edt
  15. I happen to watch Entertainment Tonight last night and they had a segment on Kaley and her struggles in filming TFA 2 and also her struggles in her private life getting through her divorce. I have to say that I admire Kaley even more now than when she divorced Ryan Sweeting. Then in the midst of her divorce she had to film the first two episodes of season 9 of TBBT. These were the episodes where Penny and Leonard get married and then reconcile after their spat on their wedding night. Her performance was extremely good despite her emotional burden of going through a divorce. But it seems this divorce is taking more of a toll on her as she had to start filming TFA 2 only four days after her divorce announcement. And not only was she the star but also the producer boss. She admitted there were long days in filming as she had to play multiple versions of Cassie Bowden and then go home at night and struggle through her privacy without Karl. She said she had no escape to relax and ease down and hinted at seeing a therapist. So I admire her for her inner strength of character to meet each day and admit she needed help. She said she would not have made it if it was not for her friends and filming crew and that is why she had a meltdown after the last scene was shot. Kudos to you Kaley and I hope you find true happiness and love in the future.
  16. He also was clean shaven. It has been awhile since we have seen him like that
  17. As usual you are correct. I guess I was in the right church but the wrong pew. Why didn't Leonard realize then that this was only a fling to Priya and would not lead to any real committment?
  18. Wondering if Jessica Radloff got any impression that they might rekindle their romance.
  19. I think it may have been S4 E16 "The Cohabitation Formulation"
  20. Yes this was a comedy, but you are right some scenes and dialogue were in poor taste. As now I am watching all the reruns I have a hard time digesting Sheldon's attitude and overall obnoxiousness. You know if there were a 13th season without Sheldon the other characters storylines might have been more prominent without all the insults.
  21. You cannot tell me that all those remarks to Penny about her sexual history and promiscuity even when she was engaged and then married to Leonard he didn't know what he was saying? They were so distasteful and insulting that I will never understand how Penny did not slap him in the face once in awhile. Also, I recall one scene where Sheldon was talking with Raj about his relationship agreement with Amy and he certainly knew what he was saying and doing.
  22. Agree that Sheldon has many of the Aspergers traits. But one thing you say is true. His friends cover for him by saying he does not mean what comes out of his mouth, but in reality the hurtful insults he says he truly knows what he is saying. There were many times he says inappropriate things and after a few moments tosses them aside as if they did not mean anything. In real life Sheldon would have been shunned with no friends
  23. Think her sister has a serious boyfriend
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