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  1. Yes this was a comedy, but you are right some scenes and dialogue were in poor taste. As now I am watching all the reruns I have a hard time digesting Sheldon's attitude and overall obnoxiousness. You know if there were a 13th season without Sheldon the other characters storylines might have been more prominent without all the insults.
  2. You cannot tell me that all those remarks to Penny about her sexual history and promiscuity even when she was engaged and then married to Leonard he didn't know what he was saying? They were so distasteful and insulting that I will never understand how Penny did not slap him in the face once in awhile. Also, I recall one scene where Sheldon was talking with Raj about his relationship agreement with Amy and he certainly knew what he was saying and doing.
  3. Agree that Sheldon has many of the Aspergers traits. But one thing you say is true. His friends cover for him by saying he does not mean what comes out of his mouth, but in reality the hurtful insults he says he truly knows what he is saying. There were many times he says inappropriate things and after a few moments tosses them aside as if they did not mean anything. In real life Sheldon would have been shunned with no friends
  4. Think her sister has a serious boyfriend
  5. Yes she certainly is trying to keep her friends close and they seem to feel that she needs them. Almost every day one of her friends is with her. Wonder how she will react when the divorce is finalized. Also, if she goes on this press tour to promote TFA 2 hope there are not too many questions that come up about her divorce. This may put her back a bit.
  6. He tried to be nice but his insensitive and clueless side was front and center. I don't think he was ever sincere about his apologies and thought it like it was a game. And they never should have let him on the bus after his so-called apology to Emily. This only emboldens him the next time and he never learns from his insults and actions.
  7. Any idea who her co-star husband is?
  8. Supposedly her next project is the Doris Day Biopic and then Role Play. Could these instructions/training be for one of these?
  9. Wonder if this training is for a project not yet announced. It seems to be pretty intense training
  10. I wonder how far Kaley and Johnny will go about their relationship
  11. Noticed on Johnny's IG that Kaley gave him some love and support for the loss of his friend
  12. Yes it does look like she is feeling more like herself. She did say the weapons training was for her next project. I wonder what that could be? But didn't she handle a pistol in the last episode of The Flight Attendant when she shot Buckley? I guess this may be more intense.
  13. The "Itchy Brain" episode was so-so for me and I agree that Johnnys performance was excellent. The "Hesitation Ramification" and the "Occupation Recalibration" go hand in hand for me. They were two stellar performances by both Johnny and Kaley. How Leonard felt when he did not say yes to Penny's proposal and his thought that their relationship may have ended was a true believable moment. Have you caught on Kaley's IG how she is taking weapons instruction. She said it was for her next project. I wonder what that could be?
  14. On one of Kaley's post yesterday she showed getting instruction on firing a weapon for practice on her next project. Wonder what that could be? Her next project I think would be the Doris Day biopic?
  15. Lets hope she does get through this rough time. Wish we could know if Johnny has reached out to her as well.
  16. Yeah for one year they could have worked their way around the absence of Sheldon. This would have given more storylines to P&L and Raj, but Chuck Lorre prevailed.
  17. Glad to be of service I always got the impression that he knew that Kaley and his roles somewhat became secondary. I recall an interview he and Kaley did prior to season 11 in which they were very indifferent to the questions asked about the upcoming season. It was as if they kind of knew their storylines were not going to be A plots. Also, I think this was a factor in Johnny's hesitation on signing a new contract. And also why he and Kaley wanted a season 13.
  18. Yes In the article there was mentioned for each episode why Johnny favored it. And working with Jessica Walter was one of the reasons he favored this episode. But mostly he liked these episodes because his character was growing in depth from being nerdy to a more confidant individual.
  19. This was awhile ago. The other episodes he listed as his favorites: S3 E19 "Wheaton Recurrance", S4 E15 "Benefactor Factor", S6 E8 "The 43 Peculiarity", S7 E23 "The Gorilla Dissolution" and as mentioned S8 E22 "Graduation Transmission" I guess you can tell most of them were with Kaley.
  20. Also, I read an article where he states this episode as one of his favorites
  21. Yes I have seen the commercial for the TBS showing and I intend to stay in front of my tv for a long period of time. ( I also have HBOMAX) Will probably have to see an eye doctor when all this is done!
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