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  1. I don't think it was a matter of Johnny not wanting to go public with their romance. Both of them agreed that they did not want to distract from the TBBT characters they played. And I also have to believe that when the producers found out about their relationship they also didn't want them to go public. This is what Kaley meant when she said they couldn't go anywhere alone. This secretive romance eventually took a toll on their lives and led to their break-up, but not their love for each other. So now without the show as a barrier maybe the door is open for them to rekindle their relationship. The only thing I can see now is that Johnny wants to stay close to his son and Kaley wants to focus on her career in acting and producing. So whatever will be.......will be.
  2. I recall her saying that about her friend Christie who came to stay with her in Season 1 Didn't she say "she was engaged to her cousin while sleeping with her brother.......so she is sort of family"
  3. Many people feel what Leonard did was cheating. I really didn't consider it cheating as it was a drunken mistake and not an intimate kiss. Even Mandy thought it was no biggie. Also, when Penny kissed Leonard for his birthday in S1 E16 wasn't she still dating Mike? She did not break-up with him until the next episode when she caught him with another woman. So, wasn't this a cheating of sorts too? What goes for Leonard should also go for Penny.
  4. Agreed That was such an asinine plot for what? To give the viewers a season cliffhanger so they were sure to tune in next year. They already had the Shamy cliffhanger with their break-up. The Lenny plotline was so unnecessary.
  5. IDK Season 6 was when she admitted to herself and Leonard that she loved him. Season 7 was mostly about getting more comfortable with each other and then eventual engagement. Although some of you disliked season 8 I thought that the first 8 or 9 episodes centered mostly on Penny & Leonard. Yes, there were episodes where Penny was snarky to Leonard like with the money episode and sort of emphasized Leonard's deficiency in the bedroom or on Wil Wheaton's podcast. But overall these first episodes focused on P&L. In S6 Ep 2 where Penny is torn to make a decision I kind of got the feeling she didn't really want to break-up with Leonard but maybe take some time to contemplate the consequences. However in the end she felt if they did break up it would probably be the end of their relationship as Leonard I don't think would have taken her back again. In the episode where Penny tells Leonard that she does not want kids I felt when Leonard stormed out she did not register any real sad expression. And for Kaley who is the queen of facial expressions this was kind of disconcerting.
  6. Yeah, that S6 E2 was almost a heartbreaker., One thing that bothered me was when the girls were talking about getting married and Penny sort of hesitated her answer because she was unsure why didn't Amy and Bernadette remind her how miserable she was without Leonard and when he was dating Priya. However her committment phobia came out again.
  7. Could not agree with you more. I think your analysis of Johnny is spot on. With Ryan she was accused of not trying hard enough to keep her marriage when Ryan could not stay sober. With Karl he was her "perfect match" and "horse guy" But she also could not do anything to save this marriage either. Our paths are going in different directions? I always felt this was a lame excuse. We can only wait to see if anything is revealed after her divorce is finalized. BTW good to see you on the forum again. I have read your fan-fiction stories and they were exceptional, especially "What could have been"
  8. You know while all these stories and reports have no insight into their lives I have to believe some parts of them are true. Why does Kaley fall in and out of relationships? What is she looking for or waiting for? Why has Johnny never married? These are questions only they can answer and maybe in time we will know too.
  9. Hate to bring this up again but there have been numerous stories and reports about them getting back together. While many TBBT fans of Lenny would love to see this I don't think this will happen until her divorce is finalized if at all. There is no doubt that they are extremely close friends and Kaley seeks out Johnny for advice and support. Whether this leads to a rekindling of their romance is speculation at this point. The latest story has Johnny pining for Kaley and hinting that her divorces were only road stops to eventually be with him. I kind of feel that Johnny knows Kaley only too well and does not have any illusions about being back together. If their romance gets rekindled, so be it and good luck to them. FYI Gossipcop.com has debunked this story as being bogus.
  10. But in retrospect she was the catalyst that pushed Penny to make a decision toward Leonard
  11. Looking back on this episode, Leonard probably should not have told Sheldon about his proposal to Penny knowing how Sheldon is and how he likes to get under Leonard's skin. Penny handled the situation pretty well though the succeeding episodes at the beginning of season 6 showed her trepidation. But ultimately they came out of it ok.
  12. I hope not too good a friend! Does this mean they are good friends or is she feeling more than that?
  13. Sheldon was always the catalyst for being annoying. I was so glad to see Leonard tell him to "shut up" If more people would have treated him like that maybe he would not have been so insulting every time he opened his mouth.
  14. Well, I guess Penny calls Sheldon her little brother probably because emotionally he is still a child. I think that tushie expression did come from an episode but I would have to do some research to find out which one. It could have been from S7 E4 "Raiders Minimization" where Penny buys Leonard's mothers book for her study class.
  15. Good enjoyable read. Very glad to see a Penny/Leonard story. So many fan-fic stories are Shamy or Shenny which I can never understand. I guess it is Sheldon fans fantasies. So thanks for giving us a Lenny story Hopefully there will be more.
  16. How true Sometimes I want a cold beer but the 'frig is empty, so those times are few and far between.
  17. Good to know I was drinking Smirnoff long before she did these commercials........SKOAL!
  18. I think this weekend (Feb 26/27) her glam squad is with her And I don't believe she is attending the SAG awards show
  19. If they did would it spur them on to try............who knows time will tell
  20. I think that was after Ryan filed for spousal support even though they had a pre-nup agreement.
  21. Sounds about right.......maybe there is a little more bitterness than speculated
  22. Writer Nicki Swift, who has written several articles on Kaley and Johnny, conducted a survey as to whom Kaley will date next. Johnny Galecki won handily with a 28.57%, next was Henry Cavill at 24.92%, and bringing up the remaining slots were three guys that I doubt she would be interested in - Pete Davidson at 24.09%, Bret Bollinger at 12.62% and Al Santos at 9.8%. Even though this is wishful thinking it shows how much people are rooting for the rekindling of their romance.
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