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  1. They keep making money over money!.........ah the good life
  2. Guess TBBT is still popular with the tv audience It probably could have gone on for another year or two with these ratings
  3. You could be right and I may just be looking at the positive articles as a Lenny fan. And yes, it is possible that the different writers have their own aspect to the show thus write how they look at it.
  4. Interesting, I don't know what you mean by biased, to whom? And as far as accuracy goes I think their articles are to the point especially for Penny and Leonard and their analysis of the last three years of the show where it became mostly focused on Sheldon/Shamy.
  5. Read this article and felt it was a true indication of the three-headed relationship. Screenrant has some very good insightful articles on TBBT and particularly Penny and Leonard
  6. I guess another continuity error by the writers...........oh well it is a comedy
  7. In season 7 episode 6 "The Romance Resonance" Why was Sheldon so bothered in the hospital to see Bernadette. I know he is a germaphobe but she was in quarantine and thus could not effect anyone. Couldn't Sheldon with his 183 IQ figure this out?
  8. Great video Absolutely shows the journey of love for Penny and Leonard Wish there were more drama scenes like this with them
  9. I heard that story with Molaro before. I really believe their break-up was not because they did not love each other, it was just the fact they had to keep hiding their relationship and eventually it took a toll on their lives. However, it also shows that their love for each other has never really faded and just maybe their lives will enjoin again.
  10. Totally agree I recall seeing this pic as well. But knowing that she is a fitness junkie I don't think this is a recurring habit. Like some others have commented this may have been brought about by stress and anxiety.
  11. Curiously funny analysis
  12. Exactly my thought when I mentioned seeing the picture
  13. Agree I think this was from about 2009 when they were dating and probably picked it up from Johnny. Also agree I don't think it is a regular habit of hers.
  14. Saw a photo of Kaley taking a break from filming TFA 2 and smoking a cigarette. Have never seen her with a cigarette before and did not know that she smokes. I doubt it is a habit and is probably stressed out from the divorce and filming TFA 2
  15. BTW Kaley's new commercials for Priceline are out. Ca-ching....... more money to add to her bank account!
  16. Think Johnny's priority now is his son and that is why he is still in Tennessee. But whenever he feels it is right and goes back to California to resume his career it is certain Kaley and Johnny will meet up and give her a shoulder to lean on. However, I think they probably have been communicating in some form: phone, video, skype, etc.
  17. On Kaley's IG post today she pays tribute to Zosia Mamet for her birthday and also for her friendship in staying with her when she was going through some emotional times these past few months. Apparently Kaley may have been in a lower place after her divorce announcement than many people had thought. She was grateful that Zosia was there to encourage and comfort her and keep her focus. We have not heard too much about TFA 2 like we did for TFA 1 and hopefully Kaley's performance has not suffered because of her emotional situation. Maybe Johnny can take over for Zosia if they are as close as she says they are.
  18. Does anyone know who Willy V is in Kaley's IG stories? Looks like a personal friend
  19. Yes a beautiful sunny day here south florida as well
  20. Definitely a child who has never grown up. My theory on this is when he was a boy genius everyone coddled and catered to him and he just thought this was par for the course. He was never allowed to be a child, do kids things and grow into manhood. Thus we have a man-child who is acting out in his mid-thirties all the things he should have done at 8, 9 & 10 yrs. old and is emotionally inept to deal with every day life.
  21. I recently read an interview that Kaley gave to Playboy magazine back in 2011. Her answers to questions reflected how carefree and young she was. I also got the impression that she emulated her Penny character a little in real life. And some answers you have to take at face value and surmise what is truth or fiction. She is very good at this of one-on-one interview. For instance she stated that men seem to be intimidated by her so she would have to take charge and go up to a cute guy and say "wanna go out" She wanted a guy who was as bold as she was She thinks it was sexy if a guy is in control. Two, she spoke about Johnny Galecki and how she fell for him and that they had a connection immediately and thought let's just go for it and don't give a s...t. Which makes me think that tptb maybe told them to be low-key and not go public with their relationship. Even though she was a working actress at 16 she said she never did drugs, didn't have a drink until 21, but got a tattoo at 17. The most eye-opening quote she said was that she was dating a guy and he traveled cross-country just to have dinner with her and then had to leave the next day. She thought that was so sweet and a huge turn-on and was candid about how she showed her love and appreciation in many ways to him., She thought they might be doing that again sometime soon. Suffice it to say you can guess her many ways. This interview like I mentioned was in 2011 and I think she has matured drastically since then and probably would not do those things today. However, the one constant in her life is Johnny who always makes her laugh.....hard
  22. Maybe Kaley learning about this why she was feeling emotionally sad recently
  23. Karl Cook has hired Kim Kardashian's divorce attorney and has filed a declaration for disclosure of legal documents. I understand this action is the beginning of the finalization process of the divorce.
  24. I got a kick out of one interview she did she stated when she travels after all the wonderful roles she acted in she is only recognized as "Leonard's mother" I guess a tribute to the worldwide popularity of TBBT
  25. Hope you are right about Johnny. She sure can use his love and support at this time
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