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  1. Yes I could never understand that joke about Luther. It was disgraceful, demeaning and was not funny or laughable. The writers did so much to promote Penny's promiscuousness even adding insult to injury with Sheldon's sexual insults. I could never comprehend why they had to continue with those lame jokes even after Penny and Leonard were engaged and then married. They were supposed to be his dearest friends but that did not stop him from throwing those insults. I know many people say Sheldon didn't mean it but he still said them and I believe he really knew what he was doing. I agree with you that they were in poor taste and written just for the laugh factor.
  2. She is becoming quite the domestic wife!
  3. Always enjoy your explanations. Yes, Sheldon's calculations were way off and I assume just to insult and embarrass Penny (if he even knew that) I wondered why Penny just didn't get up and walk out and have Sheldon find his own way home! It would have been sweet justice
  4. Yeah they did, but after awhile they got old and after Penny and Leonard were married they really were not funny anymore nor necessary
  5. As usual Sheldon hears what he wants to hear and says what he thinks without any factual evidence. And of course throwing insults does not faze him in the least.
  6. What about Sheldon's calculations of 193 men she dated and the 30.6 = 31 men she supposedly had sex with. Clearly he was wrong but they made it out where Penny had to think about it. Also, when Sheldon questioned Penny about her "checkered past" or when he and Amy moved into apt. 4B Sheldon remarked that plenty of men have been in Penny's bed. And this was when Leonard and Penny were married! I would have liked Leonard to defend his wife in these instances but he just wimped out. So clearly the writers did not ease up on these jokes,
  7. I enjoy looking on the forum everyday as well. Sharing ideas and upcoming events of the cast. Speaking of reruns, I happen to watch S6 E18 when the boys go to middle school to recruit young femaies into science and the girls give dating advice to Raj. I still am appalled every time I hear the lines from Penny about how she played hooky and ended up in a motel with "a 34 year old guy named Luther" Just disgraceful how the writers would think this was funny as Penny had to be a teenager at the time in high school.
  8. I just watched this episode on a re-run and I still find that dialogue disgraceful. The writers always found Penny's promiscuous past comedy but this was really a lowlight. By referencing playing hooky she had to be 16-17 yrs old and being with a 34 yr old guy borders on sex with a minor which means jail time in most states. How the writers could have felt good about this was inconceivable.
  9. Nothing more to say That says it all
  10. Thanks for the info. In my mind there still were many stories left to tell about Lenny that were neglected the last three years. It would be very satisfying to read about them.
  11. Absolutely agree with you. By my count 13 episodes were devoted to the Shamy quest for the Nobel, 7 for P&L: episodes 3, 6 (this was the Halloween episode but I counted it for P&L as they were featured) 12 , 15, 17, & 22. Two episodes devoted to ensemble D&D, Paintball. The final two episodes you can also count for Shamy as they were dedicated to the Nobel prize ceremony. I will always feel a little cheated that we did not get to see more of the Penny and Leonard story and also for Raj. I didn't think much of his character but at least they could have given him some kind of closure.
  12. Johnny's quote was one of the funniest I have heard...…...it does look like Karl needs a little trim
  13. The only time I ever heard them discussing names was in that episode where Leonard and Amy were talking about names and they both said Elliott and Penny then asked Leonard when did he think about naming their kids and he answered "Remember when we first met, a little bit after that" Don't recall if these were the exact words but I think they are close
  14. I guess this was another aspect we never got to see...…...how Penny and Leonard navigated thru her pregnancy and their conversations about it. I did hear Kaley say once that she has names in her head for when she gets pregnant but keeps them a secret and would not use them if Penny got pregnant (this was prior to season 12)
  15. Yes, but this was in the infamous 12x3 episode. I meant throughout the whole series before that
  16. Glad to hear you are safe Take care
  17. True her laughter is hilarious. In the failed attempts it looks like she is almost grabbing his crotch for leverage......really hysterical
  18. Think the boys name was Elliott?
  19. Well, she has already introduced her dogs, maybe this time she will introduce her horses, rabbits and goats
  20. Sometimes fate takes charge. If John Ritter had not passed away 8 Simple Rules might have been a bigger hit than it was and Kaley might never have gotten The Big Bang role she so prominently made into her own and became the star she was destined for.
  21. I tend to agree with you but would love to see a Lenny spin-off. Especially, since the last three years except for the re-do wedding in S10, E1 they have not had any significant storylines so there should be many more stories to tell. Also, I know Kaley is in the middle of her Flight Attendant series but should be through as soon as this coronavirus pandemic clears up. However, I have not seen anything that JG is connected to so maybe in the near future he might be acceptable to re-kindle his role.
  22. FYI, Kaley is scheduled to appear on Jimmy Kimmel tonite. Don't know if this is a repeat show as it is dated today April 6 Time: 12.00 eastern. If current she might appear from her home.
  23. My guess is that they have a pre-nup whereby whatever they each take into the marriage they keep and whatever they buy together in the marriage they split evenly....for instance the house they just bought. That is probably why they keep their horses and barns separate. Think Kaley's Big Bay City ranch is all hers and Karl's ranch where they got married is all his, Seems very practical.
  24. Aside from being a tough real estate market, I think her house was hard to sell because of all the personal things she had as décor: horse wallpaper,etc. I guess whoever bought it did not want to pay the asking price and then pay for any redecorating to their taste. But, like you said do not think she is hurting financially.
  25. All is good here in Weston, Florida...…...only problem is eating and drinking too much as there is not much else to do
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