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  1. All is good here in Weston, Florida...…...only problem is eating and drinking too much as there is not much else to do
  2. And to you as well......stay safe and keep the faith!
  3. In this stay-at-home age was just scrolling thru my tv and happened to come across a film that Kaley was in......Lucky 13 The odd thing is that the film is dated 2005 which would make Kaley 19-20 yrs. old, however she played the younger sister of the lead character who it seems is about 13 or 14. So this film had to be done about 8 or 9 yrs. earlier. Very strange indeed
  4. You know today, March 30 marks the 21 month wedding anniversary for Kaley & Karl which was as long as her first marriage to Ryan Sweeting. Needless to say think this one will go the distance.
  5. The last time I saw him he was at Karl's ranch in Rancho Santa Fe
  6. And also to have Stuart bring his girlfriend to the house when two young children live there was not a good idea.
  7. I would not have left Penny and Leonard live with Sheldon for over a year after they were married. I think some of the jokes and situations would have worked just as well with Penny and Leonard living alone. Also, I think it was a big mistake in not having Penny explain to Leonard why she did not want kids and how she felt about being pregnant in the end.
  8. So, I guess some things are meant to be...…….until they aren't. But their relationship and love & respect for each other has lasted until today!
  9. Think that makes seven dogs in the household...…...good thing they have a big house and ranch
  10. Didn't JG admit that they first wanted him for the role of Sheldon but when he read the script he felt he wanted the Leonard role as it was hinted that there would eventually be a romantic relationship with his neighbor. So, this was sort of meant to be the core couple of the show and I also recall Kaley saying that her dream from the first episodes was that Penny and Leonard would wind up married. And I have to add that after meeting Kaley JG knew he made the right choice.
  11. Very glad to see that Kaley has not have shown any symptoms of the coronavirus since her last travels were to Rome, Italy and New York, now considered two hotbeds of COVID-19. Hoping that she stays healthy and safe God Bless
  12. I imagine her whole schedule will change now due to the coronavirus
  13. True The last 4 seasons had Penny and leonard play secondary characters to the Shamy/Sheldon show whereby Penny was disrespectful to Leonard on many occasions except for the redo wedding in the season 10 premiere. But, I think this was the Molaro influence as he thought conflict between Penny and Leonard was comedy. When Holland took over he seemed to have softened them a bit and they became more of a loving married couple.
  14. Mario D.

    Penny's Bra

    I am no expert but my wife has informed me that enhancement surgery does require some tweaking after so many years. Since she had the surgery at 18 maybe she did have to get some treatment to keep the girls up. But to me I really do not see a difference from season one and season 12
  15. I agree I hated Penny when she was snarky at Leonard but I do not think that was in Sheldon's birthday episode. I believe that was in the episode where Sheldon did the "spockumentary" with Adam Nimoy
  16. Totally agree I think the best part was seeing Penny in that dress!
  17. What you say is true and the final scenes were impactful and compelling, but why did it take the final scene in the fianl episode to make Sheldon realize how important his friends were to him?
  18. Mario D.

    Penny's Bra

    You could be right but I think she had her enhancement surgery well before she ever appeared on TBBT. I believe she had the surgery when she was 18 yrs. old.
  19. Totally agree with yr analysis. When Penny realized that Leonard was the love of her life she was faced again with the "commitment" dark cloud that always seemed to follow her. Whenever she had to make a life changing decision she recoiled back into her shell: when Leonard asked her on a date, when she couldn't say ILY, when Leonard proposed numerous times, when she finally said yes, when after a year of engagement she was ready to take the leap into marriage, and finally when she was faced with the decision to be a mother. I also agree with you on how we did not get to see Penny and Leonard have that conversation you mention....why she did not want to have kids and then when she found out she was pregnant telling Leonard how she felt about it.I guess the writers just didn't know how to write this sensitive and emotional subject. Too bad we all lost out.
  20. Very true However, she still never said she did not want kids at all.
  21. Think she is looking at this opportunity to get back with her husband who she hasn't seen in about four weeks.....if you read in between the lines
  22. Mario D.

    Penny's Bra

    Definitely agree I have always thought that this episode "The Focus Attenuation" S8 E5 was the best she looked in the whole series
  23. Very glad to see they keep in contact. There has not been much publicly recently on their friendship
  24. We keep coming back to Pennys no kids declaration. If I can recall Penny never in the whole series said she did not want kids until the infamous 12x3 episode which started this whole topic. If the writers only would have inserted one damn episode whereby Penny expresses to Leonard why she did not want kids and when she got pregnant how she felt about it this whole debate would not be discussed. But the writers simply chose to ignore it until the finale.
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