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  1. I did not mean to say that Johnny was at fault I just said it was a factor in their break-up among other things
  2. But it seems he realizes his stubborn stance on privacy issues was a factor in their break-up, however it did not cause their friendship to be broken
  3. This will probably never become reality now, but I wonder if he still holds a candle for Kaley and after reading Jessica Radloff's book he may have regrets about breaking up with her.
  4. True and it is amazing that he has not found that long term relationship into marriage.
  5. I agree with you and I think she is living with Tom in NY to escape all the hustle and bustle of Hollywood and to just take it slow in her pregnancy. She did say after finishing her movie "Role Play" that she would be taking time off to relax and be with Tom. Of course no one knew at the time that she was already pregnant. I do think that Tom has a premiere coming up "American Murderer" so we will see what happens. Could there be a marriage in the future for them? Whatever will be.......will be
  6. All indications are that she is very happy and content. Yes there are no alcoholic drinks and no horse back riding for a while. I believe she is at Tom Pelphrey's home in upstate NY for the time being. Wonder when she will return to California as she just bought that new house and I do not think she has lived in it yet.
  7. She has started posting those baby pics holding her belly. Don't know if I am keen on seeing these every day. On another note I purchased Jessica Radloff's book on TBBT. It is an intriguing insight into the behind the scenes story, One thing that has been getting alot of play is Kaley's comment in the book about how she was not in favor of Penny being pregnant at the end. But all in all she was happy how it ended. Screenrant has published a couple of articles on this subject and how they could have handled it better. A little less Shamy in their Nobel prize quest would have given more time for Penny and Leonard to navigate through their conflict and come up with a better story arc. Wonder how she feels now that she is pregnant herself.
  8. Just another example of Johnny's good nature
  9. I am not surprised. Everything I have heard or read about Johnny is positive, that he is such a good person to his family, his friends, or just people he meets. I also believe he was a good and caring boyfriend and the quote you mention shows how much respect, love and admiration that he has for Kaley. This is why their loving friendship has transcended all these years. If you want another example of Johnny's caring and kindness go on you-tube and google Sara Gilbert for her story about Johnny on her show The Talk. It will touch your heart
  10. Miss her Cup of Cuoco myself. True we will see many pregnancy updates. That is probably why she erased most of her IG pics.
  11. Think they were leaving for Berlin, Germany here. Believe she might have been pregnant already at this point
  12. Just saw a TMZ video of Kaley at LAX boarding a plane. Wonder if she is going back to NY to be with Tom. Yesterday her IG showed her on her ranch. Her new home in Agoura Hills, Ca. is probably not ready for residence yet.
  13. Yes that is certainly a good reason for divorce. But I don't know if that was the main factor. I can see that she is five years older than Karl and I guess he considered there was enough time for him to still pursue his career but for her it wasn't. I would think they just took stock of their situation and careers and decided it was not going to work. So these factors together all ended up in a divorce. I sure hope having a baby with Tom matures her to keep the relationship going and just maybe she might go back on her no marriage vow if Tom wants to give the baby his name legally.
  14. I get your point and that thought has crossed my mind but she has said she will teach her daughter how to treat the animals and care for them, Maybe she will keep the dogs at the ranch until her daughter will understand
  15. Also, just realized that she cannot have any alcoholic beverages nor ride her horses (which she has not been doing anyway) while pregnant until after baby is born
  16. Do not know how long his dad was in the military but he was born in Belgium where his dad was stationed
  17. That is the question. Do believe her biological clock was ticking at 36 and getting pregnant now seems to suggest that she wanted to start a family with Karl and that is why she filed for divorce quickly and then felt so much inner turmoil afterwards. However, cannot understand Karl's reluctance in this matter if that was the case. On the other hand getting pregnant after dating for only three months sure was rushing things. I certainly hope this relationship will last and not fade out after the baby is born. Then there will be many skeptical questions.
  18. Couple of observations: The photos that she is posting recently the background suggests that they maybe at Tom's house in upstate NY. Wonder when she will go to her new home in California,,,,,,,,or will she? Don't believe she has lived in that house as yet By showing her baby bump and knowing the sex already she must be about four months along. That would mean she was pregnant before she went to Berlin to shoot the movie "Role Play"
  19. Ironically Karl still has about ten pictures of Kaley on his IG account
  20. Agreed Her new phase is being a mom and I think in her IG account she wants to reflect that in her pregnancy journey with Tom.
  21. If I have to venture a guess it would be she wants to show more pics of her and Tom and probably her pregnancy journey. Someone posted that they saw what seemed like wedding bands on them. Do you think they got married as well?
  22. What do you think this means?
  23. By scrubbed you mean she has erased some of her posts
  24. I guess I was looking at it from one point of view, but if she wanted to have a baby how would she have managed that with her very busy schedule. I think and I guess she does too that Tom is the man for her. He was never married and maybe the time is right for him as well. Wonder if this will make her change her stance on marriage as Tom will probably want the baby to take his name.
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