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  1. As usual you pretty much hit the nail on the head with yr analogy. I always felt that 12x3 was already in the box when it was decided that season 12 would be the last one. They sort of painted themselves into a corner with the no kids declaration from Penny and now could not resolve the situation to everyone's satisfaction. I also think that 12x15 after Penny talks with her father and Leonard expresses that he does not want to be just a biological father and Penny realizes how much being a father means to him and give each other a tightly held hug is one of the most compelling scenes in the series. Also, I look forward to yr fanfic on this topic as they are always an insightful analysis. I am currently re-reading "The Chew Revelations" and enjoying it again.
  2. What you say has merit but these are very close friends with really no secrets between them. I think what Leonard was really annoyed at was Sheldon being his usual self without concern for anyone else feelings. But now that I think of it he actually doesn't have or know what feelings to express. Leonard always gives Sheldon the benefit of the doubt and I guess in this instance he was hurt that Sheldon never reciprocates in kind.
  3. Don't know how you can think that Leonard should not have been upset with Sheldon. When he went over to Sheldon he was expecting a normal response of congratulations when someone who has cared for you for 12 years says she is pregnant, but as usual Sheldon was only thinking of himself. However, I guess since Sheldon is not normal that probably was the expected response. Additionally, they did not want to reveal Penny's pregnancy because as Leonard put it "they did not want to upstage your big day" But Sheldon forced the issue with his obsessive paranoia.
  4. Agree with all you comment. I know TBBT is a comedy first but I often wonder why couldn't they insert some drama into the episodes. There were some serious moments aired: like Mrs. Wolowitz death, Penny's break-up with Leonard in the bowling alley, Leonard asking Penny to stay away per Priya's request. But these were few and far between. I keep recalling MASH and how this was also a comedy first but they had so many dramatic moments included that endeared it to so many people. Granted war was a backdrop but they succeeded in giving the audience consistent episodes.
  5. I agree the sperm donor episodes could have been handled better. I think the writers were trying to correlate it with episode three and Penny's no kids declaration. I believe episode 15 when Pennys father visits and Leonard realizes that he does not want to be a biological father would have been the perfect episode for Penny to tell Leonard why she did not want to have children. But I guess the writers could not come up with a viable storyline so they just let it fall. Too bad it would have been an integral piece to the Lenny puzzle and what most Lenny fans wanted to hear. Then they could have in a couple of episodes later had Penny reveal to Leonard that she is pregnant instead of at the finale episode to appease the fans. And also explain how she feels about being pregnant. These are the things I kind of thought they missed out on by airing so many Shamy episodes.
  6. Believe Brie Cuoco is in NY to film her part in The Flight Attendant
  7. For me eight was not so bad especially the first 8 episodes. But what did bother me was that there was not one episode where they showed Penny and Leonard talking or planning there wedding until the finale when they decided to elope. In contrast almost all of season 11 was dedicated to Shamy planning their wedding. MY God, they even had an episode about the date to have the wedding!!!. And season 12, the final season was devoted mainly to Shamy quest for the Nobel prize. By my count 13 episodes were dedicated to this storyline and only seven to Penny and Leonard with two being an ensemble edition with The Paintball Scattering and the D&D Vortex. You can also count the last two episodes as for Shamy because it centered around their winning. I also think season 10 was the worst for Penny and Leonard as many episodes had them arguing and not likable characters.
  8. Have just read that there will be a "Friends" reunion show in the near future with all six cast members. And they will all receive in excess of $2 million each. The show will appear on WB HBO Max service. Could this be a prelude to a BBT reunion show as well?
  9. This was just how the story arc was presented. If Penny did not move in across the hall there would be no story and thus no show. So I am glad she did.
  10. You may be right about the house not on the Big Bay City property but why would they have two separate properties? However, I did read that the BBC ranch is on the outskirts of Thousand Oak, Ca. and this house is between Thousand Oak and Tarzana.
  11. Agree with your comment. The article also stated that the property also has horse facilities, assume barns, stables, and riding ovals which I believe Kaley and Karl developed. Also they own this estate as a 50/50 proposition but Kaley has been unable to sell her previous home in Tarzana
  12. Was this the house they were building or did they buy it and renovate it to their specs?
  13. Think that was Molaro's influence. He thought that the conflict between them was the basis for comedy. That may have been true but not in every episode. I think Steve Holland in season 11 got them to be a more loving marital couple instead of all the conflicts.
  14. This is true but not as much as in previous seasons. Also, showrunner Steve Holland softened their relationship down a little.
  15. While it was a satisfying ending for P&L, I still feel a little cheated that after all this time we didn't get to see Penny tell Leonard that she was pregnant and to see his reaction. Same goes for her parents particularly her father. It just bothers me that they could not have one episode whereby Penny and Leonard have this conversation and also why she did not want children in the first place. Season 12 was just devoted to Shamy and their quest for the Nobel prize. It just took too much away from Lenny. And it was not only season 12 but they devoted most storylines to Shamy in seasons 10 and 11 as well. Also, I think in season 11 they wrote P&L in a more loving, marital way instead of the snarkiness from previous seasons.
  16. Boy, she has come a long way from that 21 year old adorable girl that first appeared on TBBT Sept. 24, 2007
  17. Where is Johnny living now? Is he in California or I understand he has property in Nashville, Tenn.
  18. I cannot recall the named episode but there was one whereby Sheldon belittles his wife's work and gets the university president to assign her to work with him instead of her own research. This was truly a selfish and unacceptable act by Sheldon. Maybe someone else can recall the name of the episode for you.
  19. I believe also that because of Sheldon's OCD and his strict rigid organized schedule he does not need or care to spend money lavishly and keeps his money as you have mentioned with his uncashed salary checks
  20. As a former New Yorker, I can totally agree!
  21. Must be the New York air!
  22. That is so true. I am amazed at some of the parallels between Penny & Leonard and Kaley & Karl. Leonard will do anything for Penny and it seems Karl will do that also for Kaley. Penny liked her wine and so does Kaley. Penny likes to do yoga and so does Kaley, Does it seem like Kaley is trying to emulate her character? If so, I am fine with it.
  23. They are funny together. They should have a talk show! Although Karl has come a long way to become comfortable in the public eye with Kaley
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