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  1. In a couple of those pics he does look younger than Kaley but I think better without the beard What is terrific about this is how natural they are with each other...…...nothing forced only mutual love and admiration
  2. I can now see why she never wears the same outfit twice! And I think she has more shoes than some stores God Bless her
  3. In her IG story yesterday she mentioned she was going back to California for Christmas and that they are in between houses and would have to live in her condo for the time being. Wonder where that is?
  4. Wonder if she went commando as in the book. If her portrayal is as good as he says she is, hopefully it might get her an Emmy nomination. Wouldn't that be something after all these years as a comedic actress she receives an award as a dramatic actress. It would just go to show her range as a terrific talent.
  5. I am not so sure Think he is back in California otherwise he would be in the picture as well. BTW, have you all seen Kaley modeling her sisters workout clothing line on her IG stories...……...I gotta say she knows what she has and knows how to flaunt it!
  6. Believe it or not you were the first person I thought about when I heard of the shooting...….so hope all is well
  7. Yes I also heard in an interview she said it was very liberating after all the years on TBBT with TV censorship.
  8. This is true. Many of his posts were heartfelt but I would think they are closer than their other castmates and it seems that their partners realize this as well.
  9. Yes they could have sent her a message privately or by phone, but one in particular comes to mind: Johnny He has sent a post for the last three or four years for her birthday but we shouldn't read anything into this. His partner is due any day with their child.
  10. Happy Birthday to an amazing and deserving woman. May you have many, many more
  11. BTW, Kaley sister Briana was in an episode of Criminal Minds last night and I thought she was pretty good. Wonder if she would pursue an acting career as well. She will also be in an episode of NCIS tonite at 8:00 pm est
  12. Looks like she has her producer headset on!
  13. The barn is huge Wonder if they will combine both hers and Karls horses or only Kaleys?
  14. Can they shoot in Dubai? They probably need some special permits. I can't imagine they would go all the way to Thailand to film one or two scenes. Maybe they are subbing Bangkok for Dubai? Just thinking out loud
  15. Apparently, the screenplay has been written a little differently. In the book there is no mention of meeting Michael's character in Bangkok. It opens in a Dubai hotel room, so I guess these scenes are they met prior to Dubai
  16. I recall reading when they cast Michael Huisman in the Flight Attendant his character met Kaley's character in Bangkok, Thailand Do you think they are filming those scenes on location in Thailand? Very interesting!
  17. Happy belated birthday wishes, tensor I sent a message yesterday but the system keeps asking for my pwd and I keep resetting. Don't know what the problem is.
  18. Same here The book was a fantastic read
  19. Guess it is the Last Hurrah before going to NY
  20. @bfm Happy birthday and have a great day and wishing you many,many more
  21. Yeah He looks like a "mountain man"!
  22. True Penny became more of a "sister" to him in the end, but I meant after 12 years hius insults to EVERYONE beame tiresome not just to Penny
  23. At first I thought Sheldon was a funny, quirky guy and I loved his banter with Penny in the early episodes, but after 12 seasons his insults, condesencion, and obnoxiousness just became tiresome to hear. I guess we just see things differently with Sheldon but everyone is entitled to their opinion. Ciao for now
  24. That is true But this is pretty extreme She is supposed to be in NY for 6 months and they are on different coasts not a couple of hours distant.
  25. When I said in jest it was from the girls and not mean spirited. However, when Sheldon said it he was insulting and he did it more than the others. Penny took it like they all did.......they tolerated him and exclaimed "Sheldon is only being Sheldon" I also can recall an episode when Sheldon wanted to work with Bert on a geology project but did not want anyone else to know about it because it would damage his reputation. So he goes to Penny to ask for advice since she had a "checkered past" and knew how to overcome a bad reputation. I don't think she let this one past when Sheldon referred to her promiscuousness as a figure of speech and she replied " I have a figure of speech that you can go do to yourself" So, after awhile she got tired of the insults. I think the fantasy about other guys was in the last episode on the plane and was only injected into the scene as a joke.
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