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  1. Agreed Her new phase is being a mom and I think in her IG account she wants to reflect that in her pregnancy journey with Tom.
  2. If I have to venture a guess it would be she wants to show more pics of her and Tom and probably her pregnancy journey. Someone posted that they saw what seemed like wedding bands on them. Do you think they got married as well?
  3. What do you think this means?
  4. By scrubbed you mean she has erased some of her posts
  5. I guess I was looking at it from one point of view, but if she wanted to have a baby how would she have managed that with her very busy schedule. I think and I guess she does too that Tom is the man for her. He was never married and maybe the time is right for him as well. Wonder if this will make her change her stance on marriage as Tom will probably want the baby to take his name.
  6. I agree She is an enigma She has been with many guys and married twice without getting pregnant so I would tend to agree this was no accident. And my thinking is she might have been pregnant before she left for Berlin to begin filming. Maybe that is why Tom went with her. But what really gets me is that when she divorced Karl there was speculation that one of the factors for their split was that he wanted to start a family and she felt her career was more important at the time. If that was true than this was a real kick in the stomach to Karl.Anyway it is not for us to judge and she seems happy and Tom is "the love of her life"
  7. They have been together since early April......a little over six months. The big question is how long has she been pregnant. According to her IG she was pregnant when filming "Role Play" in Germany. And by having a baby bump and knowing the sex of the baby she would have to be at least three months along. So wonder if this was a Penny/Leonard accident or not?
  8. I am sure Johnny will give Kaley a special message now that she is expecting her first child with Tom Pelphrey
  9. Guess this is why she has been quiet on her IG. Just had a feeling this was the reason. Very happy for her and Tom. Wonder if she will reconsider marriage now
  10. One part of the excerpt that I got a chuckle about is the story of when Johnny was late for a rehearsal and they sent Nicole Lorre to his house to check on him and when she got there she could not get in. So she called back to the studio and they put Kaley on and she told Nicole how to get in with the code. Nicole wondered how the hell did she know that.No one was aware at that time that Kaley and Johnny were dating.
  11. I was surprised as well Maybe this is why the love is still there and their friendship bond is so strong
  12. I see what you mean. In the shimmy part of the dance Kaley twirls and you can glimpse a part of her under garment, Don't think that was meant to be shown but a little exposure probably didn't hurt.
  13. Curious that Kaley has not posted much in the past week. She must be very busy moving into her new home or possibly doing commercial work. I guess we are use to her posting something everyday,,,,she has spoiled us.
  14. Good to hear Stay well God Bless
  15. Sorry, maybe our resident historian Tensor can help?
  16. Two that I can think of are: Circling these Patterns by Amtrak 12 and Collision Effect by Arismommy Sorry, should be Collision Course by Arismommy 11
  17. I do not watch Young Sheldon on a regular basis however, I think they will handle Sheldon's dad death in probably the last season the show will be on air. I cannot perceive tptb showing his death before the show is ended as his character is not portrayed as he is mentioned on TBBT They do not comply strictly with canon of the show.
  18. I usually go to www.fanfiction,net There is a drop down for story, writer, etc. If you know either than you can search for them.
  19. Stay safe my friend My prayers are with you
  20. Saw a pic of Karl with I am to assume is his new girlfriend. Good for him He deserves to move on and be happy as Kaley does. This as Johnny once stated is "a part of their lives"
  21. You might get a little of it as well. So stay safe Yes chucky stay safe
  22. SEPTEMBER 24, 2007 HAPPY 15th ANNIVERSARY !!
  23. Kaley was on Jimmy Fallon and was charming and bubbly as usual. She related how she met Tom and then Pete Davidson before they started filming "Meet Cute" She also looked gorgeous and stunning. She also narrated a story about her dress from the Emmys which I am skeptical to believe
  24. I watched a clip of Tom Pelphrey's new movie "American Murderer" where he plays a real scary guy. It made me think he was in "Outer Range" a western and Kaley has said she always wanted to do a western. Wonder if they will ever collaborate on one.
  25. Yes she seems to have the comedic talent many strive for. And I must say her dramatic talent isn't too shabby either. Think she is the whole package attractiveness, beauty, personality and charm. And I believe her generosity and animal rights advocacy is well documented too.
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