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  1. Looks like Kaley is starting her new project "Based on a true story". Guess they will film her scenes hiding her protruding bump.
  2. Yeah, it was after their last scene together. It is as if they didn't want it to end. Also, I think the guy standing next to them is Scott London- prop master. He was waiting for Kaley to give him the wedding ring she wears as Penny Hofstadter. The way he was waiting for it and how he handled it I wonder if it has any value.
  3. I think the writers considered breaking Penny and Leonard up after the season 8 finale when they went to Las Vegas to get married. However, Kaley and Johnny were opposed to this scenario as they felt it would devastate the fans of their characters, especially Kaley who felt it was important they stay together. They considered what would happen if they did break up, how will they react to each other. In the end they kept them together and married and I think we are all grateful for that decision.
  4. Glad that you are home and feeling better. A UTI is not a picnic Take care and God Bless
  5. Yes I agree there are too few stories about Lenny. I have also checked Archives of our Own and while they have many stories on P&L, the Shenny stories are more abundant. And many of those stories are wishful thinking of how Penny and Sheldon get together. I have also checked a site Penny and Sheldon Lemonade which is pure smut.
  6. Thanks You are probably right in that it was deleted. But I thought they keep them in the archives It is too bad if it was deleted because it was a very good story. From what I remember of it Leonard was so incensed with Raj for apparently sleeping with Penny that he punched him in the face and broke his nose. He then takes off for Nebraska to talk to Penny's parents on how he can deal with this situation. Apparently he has been working with Wyatt on a farm problem he had. However, while there at the farm he meets a beautiful scientist and is attracted to her. This is where it gets interesting as Penny feels such remorse for what happened she goes to Nebraska to reconcile with Leonard.
  7. Well, Happy Birthday and all the best, Have a great day Rgds, Mario D.
  8. Have finally located the story name and author: Newtons Third Law by Newcastle 81 However cannot find the story anywhere on the fan-fiction archives........any ideas?
  9. Trying to find a fan-fiction story that occurs after season 4 finale. Leonard is upset with seeing Penny and Raj emerge from his bedroom and invokes the fail-safe clause in the roommate agreement with Sheldon. He then leaves on a road trip to see Penny's parents in Nebraska Does anyone know the name of this story or the author?
  10. Yes, I am sure if this is the way it went down she would not want to make this public and mar her image. But I wonder if Karl or someone else in his family will speak up on this topic. That would be a very interesting read.
  11. I would accept this but for something she stated in the book. When Penny tells Leonard she does not want kids, Kaley sympathizes with her in that she was going through the same emotions. She said it was a challenge for her in her own life and that she did not want her life to change either. So this makes you kind of wonder who wanted to start a family and who didn't? Either way it must be a bitter pill for Karl to swallow now that she is pregnant with someone else.
  12. Think once Kaley gets back to LA she may post more. Johnny's privacy concerns are not surprising.
  13. I guess that is an omen he is staying in Tennessee........or possibly buying another home in LA
  14. Well he always said he wanted to do Broadway
  15. Yes there are pictures of his son but you don't really see his face, some are from a distance, some are from his back, etc.
  16. Not necessarily What if Johnny had his son with him to meet Kaley. You know how he is about privacy issues. He wouldn't want any photos taken
  17. Think he would be ok with it. I believe Tom and Johnny probably have met already and Kaley and Johnny's bond is strong enough that whomever each dates it will not mar their friendship
  18. Yes it has been 12 years since their break-up but their bond today is as strong as it was then. Maybe Kaley's baby and Johnny's son can have playdates which would lead to more love and admiration for them
  19. Sorry for your loss. I have lost a love also and every night I go to bed I know someone is missing alongside me. But God has a path for all of us. He preaches "It is not the life we live, but it is HOW we live that life" Be at peace and God Bless
  20. Another interesting speculation would be in the book they related that they even considered marriage at one point. Could you imagine if they followed through on that; today they might be an old married couple with children. Makes you think how life changes with each decision that we make.
  21. I did not mean to say that Johnny was at fault I just said it was a factor in their break-up among other things
  22. But it seems he realizes his stubborn stance on privacy issues was a factor in their break-up, however it did not cause their friendship to be broken
  23. This will probably never become reality now, but I wonder if he still holds a candle for Kaley and after reading Jessica Radloff's book he may have regrets about breaking up with her.
  24. True and it is amazing that he has not found that long term relationship into marriage.
  25. I agree with you and I think she is living with Tom in NY to escape all the hustle and bustle of Hollywood and to just take it slow in her pregnancy. She did say after finishing her movie "Role Play" that she would be taking time off to relax and be with Tom. Of course no one knew at the time that she was already pregnant. I do think that Tom has a premiere coming up "American Murderer" so we will see what happens. Could there be a marriage in the future for them? Whatever will be.......will be
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