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  1. This also happened when they took in Raj as a boarder. Penny was anxious for him to live there but as I recall in season 12 could not wait to get rid of him as did Leonard.
  2. From the pilot episode Leonard saw her as the perfect specimen of a woman, and she was. However, she was portrayed as rural, not as educated but adorable with alot of personality. Over time the nerds, especially Leonard, turned her into a mature, responsible adult who became a married woman with a child on the way.
  3. Note: Kaley will be on the Jimmy Fallon show Tuesday Sept. 20 Jimmy's show is from New York so I guess she will be there promoting her movie "Meet Cute" which will be released the nexr day Sept. 21
  4. A little late but a very Happy Birthday to you and God Bless
  5. Kaley looked very beautiful last night at the Emmys and so did Tom. They make a handsome couple. The dress was a little out there but it showed her legs off, Wonder if the pictures taken were in her new home or the apartment she owns in LA
  6. Why disappointed? I thought it was a statement of her affection for him. Also looks like Kaley is back from Germany as she was pictured with Tom getting ready to go to a pre-Emmy party. I wonder what she will wear for this years awards ceremony. It would be hard to surpass last year in that neon dress.
  7. As shown several times Sheldon conceived the Roommate and Relationship agreements to benefit him and him only
  8. They do have a dysfunctional friendship and yes Leonard should have moved in with Penny, but what was even more ridiculous was why they stayed with him after they were married! Penny was the one that caved in to Sheldon's whining about being abandoned and alone. Even worse was they still stayed there after Sheldon and Amy reconciled. Just totally ridiculous
  9. Yes I recall this It is when Leonard and Sheldon go dress shopping with the girls and they sit waiting for them. However, another instance I recall where I believe Sheldon knows exactly what he is doing is when Raj and Sheldon are having a conversation and Sheldon asks Raj why he is jealous after seeing Emily with another guy. He then asks Sheldon wouldn't you be jealous if you saw Amy with another guy? Sheldon replied that Amy and him had an ironclad relationship agreement......slick huh? (or words to this effect) If I were Leonard I would have ended the friendship right there and move in with Penny
  10. Yes he can be a caring and sensitive friend at times, which only shows to me that he knows exactly what he is doing.
  11. Sheldon's arrogance and condesencion is manifested in many ways towards his so-called friends. Some instances are: the sweater incident with Leonard, the blackmail to Priya and Leonard just to get his way in the RA, the constant mocking of Leonard about his job and references that his "friends" are there to cater to his every whim and take him whereever he needed to go without asking only assuming they will. But most of all his attitude towards Amy the woman he supposedly loves. These are not the images of a true friend.
  12. Saw something interesting on Karl's IG. Do not know if this is true or he was being condescending. There was a question asked if Karl was single now. They answered with Karl you wanna take this one? He replied NO he was not single any longer! Interesting indeed
  13. I think the show changed and untimately went into another direction was season nine when Penny and Leonard got married and subsequently became secondary characters as their stories became less and less. The show segued into the Shamy show where most of the episodes centered around Amy and Sheldon and their courtship into engagement and then marriage and their quest for the Nobel prize. This was a key turning point
  14. And I think that is what Jim Parsons realized and convinced him to call it the end. Such a shame that a terrific show had to end on this note
  15. Yes We never really knew if they actually went on their honeymoon with or without Sheldon. Another one of those continuity errors
  16. I re-watched this episode last night on my local channel and I still feel that even though this was a very good episode with all the guest stars and the wedding ceremony, in my mind it was tarnished by Sheldon's obnoxious and inappropriate insulting remarks. The dialogue they gave Sheldon just brought down the whole episode and parts were certainly unnecessary - the fornication remark at the ceremony, the insulting way he spoke to his mother, etc. This continued for a majority of the episode. I just think it took away from the joyous moment for Penny and Leonard, but that seemed to be the usual thing for the writers to upstage Penny and Leonard at their happiest of times.
  17. Yes very humorous indeed. Guess he cannot get away from something reminding him of his relationship with Kaley
  18. Agree with your analysis about Penny and Leonard getting back together. Season six seemed an appropriate time. However, why did they wait until season ten episode four to have Sheldon move across the hall with Amy. When Penny caved in to Sheldon's whining about being alone she said it would only be for a little while but it turned out to be for over a year. Once Shamy moved across the hall to 4B the comedy was just as funny. I guess the absurdity of the three of them living together was the height of comedy?
  19. I don't believe she would be resentful of Kaley. If I recall correctly Kaley was rejected on the first audition as being too young for the role. One year later when they re-did the pilot she auditioned again at the request of Chuck Lorre and got the part. She was only 21 at the time and when the show was wrapped 12 years later she was 33. So Kaley and Penny's age coincided.
  20. I seriously think that Sheldon does not want anymore "friends" as he insults everyone he comes in contact with. As for his current friends he only uses them as his "minions" to cater to his whims. I just wonder in the finale if he truly realized how much his friends actually do for him.
  21. Have re-watched this episode. Have one question- Why didn't Raj go to Howard's room when Sheldon barged into his instead of to Leonard? Guess there would not be any comedy in that
  22. Like I said I have only watched a couple of episodes and the ones I watched he was being rude and obnoxious to his mother because she was disciplining him and he didn't get his way
  23. I might take a flyer on it only because it is Kaley and it has received alot of hype but I don't have Peacock service. Will it be on any other channels?
  24. Yes it is true everyone contributed to Sheldon's behavior because he doesn't mean it. That is just lame and I really think he knew exactly what he was doing. And yes his mother coddled him too much to the point that he expected that attitude from everyone he came in contact with. I caught a couple of Young Sheldon episodes and he was as obnoxious and condescending to his family as a ten year old as he was in adult life.
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