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  1. This was a great compilation of scenes......hopefully we can see more of these in seasons 11 and 12 I think I might have to agree with you on this. I believe this episode was in season 2 and I think kaley and johnny were dating at that time, and I noticed that her left hand disappears after she puts his glasses down..... Just an observation
  2. Yes, that is exactly what I meant by having a heart to heart talk. We don't get alot of those scenes with Lenny anymore. And this is what bothers me. That Raj told Penny to not tell anyone about his quick-draw embarrassment but yet he brags about how he bedded Penny alot of the time.
  3. Actually there was a kissing scene poll a couple of years ago and the Tequila scene was voted nbr. 1 (also the bed scene with Penny in her bra was in that same episode, No. 2 was the Science kiss from the Holographic Excitation, No. 3 was a tie between Gas Voices from Launch Acceleration and the Engagement kiss, No. 4 was a tie between the First Date kiss from Tangerine Factor and the Car Gift kiss from Friendship Turbulence, No. 5 was also a tie between the Return kiss from Electric Can Opener Fluctuation and the sex talk kiss from Birthday Synchronicity I am sure other people would give their own choices as well. But certainly if you are a Lenny lover all these scenes are memorable.
  4. Regarding Raj, to me there is some speculation of why he abruptly moved out of Apt. 4A. Don't know why I get the feeling that there is an underlying factor to him moving out. Did Lenny say something to him about living there considering Raj and Penny history? They both seem to have wanted him to find another place especially after "The Collaboration Fluctuation" episode that his presence became too uncomfortable for them. Why do I get the feeling that the night Raj and Penny were together will come up again and Penny will finally confess to Leonard exactly what happened in a heart to heart talk. IDK, maybe this is just wishful thinking on my part.
  5. Yes! And when she took his glasses off and reached over to put them on the night table........holy moley!
  6. And she did not look too bad in just a bra!
  7. I believe their chemistry on screen during those early years was due in part to their off-screen romantic relationship.(2008-2010) And today, their close relationship enhances that image. Think if they had rekindled their romance after her divorce even more of an audience would have tuned in just to see their interaction with each other.
  8. Like the idea of Raj meeting an Indian girl. One that he could interact with and be completely at ease.....emotionally and sexually. As for Penny I always had the notion that she could possibly get a sales award from her company and then receive a promotion as maybe a spokesperson for the company where she could use her sales experience and her acting background. Seems like a perfect fit for her.
  9. This was a great observation and analysis. Let's look forward to warm happy scenes with P&L
  10. Agree to all that is suggested. Also all the little gestures that newlyweds do: a kiss good morning or goodnight (in bed scenes), a kiss goodbye or hello, a romantic hug or embrace in a happy moment. All these things would depict a happily married couple and not the bickering and arguing that was so prevalent in season 10 Hopefully, tptb will realize this and write scripts accordingly. Also, some new plotlines for Lenny would be appropriate as well: some people have mentioned a trip to see her parents in Nebraska, maybe Penny getting a promotion at work or winning a sales award these type of stories I think would bring them closer together and then bring a baby arc later into the season or possibly looking for a house to purchase.
  11. Agree that Pennys unhappiness stems from her job issue. However, this subject has been drawn out for so long it is not a viable topic anymore. Believe if they cannot find a proper career for Penny maybe they should give her a promotion in her current pharmaceutical company. Also think part of her unhappiness has to do with the state of her marriage...that she wants something more out of it. Why would they make her express her feelings about these things to the girls if they did not intend to pursue this plotline? I guess this is where the baby arc might come in, not so much getting pregnant but trying to conceive would be a good storyline. Also, their common interests are stated in remarks that they did things together like shopping, playing miniature golf, going to a bed and breakfast, etc. They should show some of these scenes but time constraints probably would not allow it.
  12. I agree that the baby plotline would be a good arc for season 11. They do not have to show her pregnant (not until season 12 anyway) but maybe have them trying to conceive so they are thinking about taking the next step in their marriage. Some people have mentioned the Chuck Lorre interview and think that he might want them to continue bickering in their marriage, but I read Steven Molaro's interview where he said that Penny and Leonard make each other better and helped each other mature to be responsible adults. He also did mention that they probably will continue their ups and downs as a married couple. But how better can a storyline be for them than a babyplot line of them trying to conceive and all the joy and disappointments that go with that scenario.
  13. Totally agree that this would be a great storyline for them. What you say brings to mind the "Locomotion Reverbation" episode where Penny states to the girls that she wants something more out of her marriage........like maybe a baby or a house. They kind of hinted that she was a little envious of Bernadette in this regard.
  14. Yes, agree tabloid news is unreliable and she did say she does not like working with babies, but they don't need to have her give birth now just thinking about getting pregnant or trying to actually conceive. Think this would be one good storyline for P&L that would bring their characters to the forefront again.
  15. But do you think there is any significance in this switch of apartments? Is there some ulterior motive for keeping P&L in 4A with the extra room? Is there a baby plot somewhere down the road. I read at one point during contract negotiations KC felt a little neglected that MR baby storyline was getting alot of acclaim. I wonder if she expressed that to producers/writers and they agreed
  16. I would tend to agree that probably 75 - 80% of guys that watch TBBT watch it for KC. So she has in no small part contributed immensely to the success of the show. Hopefully tptb realize this and project more storylines with her and Johnny in season 11. Plus their on-screen chemistry is terrific
  17. Agree about the tenure episode. She did try to influence the tenure committee with her looks to support "her man". But IMO it was a harmless way to show her attributes. Besides they exploited her sexuality many times in previous episodes. Also, believe that we did not get to hear her thoughts or feelings in the early seasons was because she did not have anyone to bounce those thoughts off of. Season 4 introduced Amy and Bernadette into the mix and she then had girlfriends to confide in. Totally agree with your analysis
  18. I cannot say that Sheldon lies to get what he wants but he is a manipulator. Just watch "Itchy Brain Simulation" with Leonards sweater or blackmailing Priya in the dissection of the roommate agreement. He was pretty manipulative in those situations
  19. I think her quote was "ok, we went out but we never were going out" Which means to me a couple of dates?
  20. Think they have to make Penny get pregnant as this was the plotline from the pilot episode "OUR BABIES WILL BE SMART AND BEAUTIFUL"
  21. The pic in the lower right quadrant depicts how good their marriage can be. Believe this scene was from when Penny and Leonard were deciding to offer Raj Sheldon's old room. I would think, knowing Penny and Raj past history he still went along with the idea. Penny is shown saying "You are a good friend Leonard and an even better husband"
  22. I hear ya but I cannot believe that tptb can actually break them up after 10 yrs and a very long winding journey. Yes, they might have more rocky road ahead but ultimately their marriage will survive. I think S10, Ep 22 shows that it can be done.
  23. And this is exactly why I could not understand the plotline of Raj moving into Sheldon's old room. This had to be uncomfortable for Leonard and then the episode where Penny and Raj were doing things together really had to hit home. This was just ridiculouus in my mind.
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