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  1. It is true we do not know what actually happened only what Raj has confessed. But I agree I don't believe he would confess that he ejaculated too early and not be embarrassed by it. What I don't get is if he asked Penny to not say anything about his premature ejaculation he seemed to bring the subject up about how he "bedded" Penny numerous times stating " remember that naked night we spent together" It seems this will always be a sore spot for Leonard.
  2. If they do cast Howard's father, my wife suggests Dan Hedaya would be a good choice. He is a competent character actor
  3. While we are on this topic, what was the purpose of Penny dating Stuart in the first place? Just to act as a catalyst for her and Leonard to finally express their feelings for one another. As I recall before their second date Penny asked Leonard, no she was practically begging him, to tell her not to go out with him in a mostly veiled question of how she can get Stuart to relax around her. Never could understand this plotline.
  4. Agree As I wrote in an earlier post, imo she wanted to talk to Leonard about what she was thinking and not necessarily to break up with him. I think she eventually realized that breaking up with Leonard would hurt him badly and they probably would never get back together again and she did not want to risk that.
  5. For me just to see the little things like a good morning or goodnight kiss, a hello or goodbye kiss, a romantic hug Little gestures like this to show that they are a married couple and not friends living together. Think they did more of this when they were dating than when they are married.
  6. This is so very true. If she had only admitted to Leonard how she really felt, I don't believe he would have dated Priya. Actually the impression I got from that scene was she wanted to explain the things she said to the girls to Leonard not so much that she was going to break up with him. I think maybe she realized if she did break up with him it would hurt him again badly and probably there would be no way they would be together again. And I don't think in the end she wanted to risk it.
  7. One thing that has always bothered me was in season 6 I think it was "the decoupling fluctuation" episode, when the girls were talking about marriage and Bernadette asked Penny if she would marry Leonard some day and she danced around the question. Eventually, saying she might break up with him, why didn't one of them remind her how miserable she was when he was dating Priya. Seems like tptb left that unexplained Anyone care to analyze?
  8. Yes Very true And then she confirmed it all when she confessed to Raj in the season finale. All things considered it was a long road for them to get back together
  9. Let us not forget that a few episodes later he did formally ask her out and maybe she was "planting the seeds" to being together again. I also think that she asked him to the movies knowing that he had broken up with Priya and was available especially if she was harboring feelings for him.
  10. When she asked Leonard if he wanted to go to a movie, I think she actually thought it would be a date without really saying it. Didn't she think he was going to pay for the movie before he got all assertive and said what he wanted to see. But I think Leonard missed the the hint and kept emphasizing it was NOT a date
  11. Agree the wedding in Las Vegas they were shortchanged with only showing their vows and I think the redo wedding was because many fans were upset with the first one and then in this one because of all the guest stars the wedding was short-shifted again. Believe both of these episodes would have been better served if they were one hour shows.
  12. Yes she did seem happy and also the little gesture of giving Leonard a kiss when she arrived shows what can be good in their marriage
  13. Yes She had committment issues from the onset of their romance. Leonard was very different than any other guy she had dated. He didn't look at her as a fling but actually loved and cared about her and she just could not believe that someone would be that honest with her. Also agree the Bon Voyage scene at the airport was totally unnecessary to have Sheldon there. Understand this is a comedy first but this was an intimate moment between Penny and Leonard. If they had to include him in the scene they could have toned him down a little.
  14. Totally agree with this observation. And don't forget Leonards reaction to her goodbye. His expression when he realized this was wrong and he still had feelings for Penny was a real highlight
  15. How the hell did she keep a straight face in that scene "the naughty carrot"!!
  16. I think Mayim just did not want to relate about this gesture as she was one of the recipients. Also, the only other reason I can think of for the original 5 to take a paycut would be if tptb told them to or else the show would be cancelled. Just a hunch!
  17. After reading your comments, I can't help to think back to season 9, episode 2 when the girls are talking over how Leonard was "unfaithful". Penny thought she was being naive about the situation and Bernadette pointed out that she made Leonard be more confident with women and maybe that confidence made him more desirable, but that she would rather have a guy be with her because he wants to be and not because he has no other choice. So in retrospect they probably helped each other and that is what makes them compatible.
  18. Agree wholeheartedly that this show needs some new direction in their storylines if it is going to last another two years. A am certain that Shamy will be the core storyline for the first couple of episodes next season. But after that Lenny should be the center of some storylines to just maybe win back some viewers. Also, I am of the opinion that these actors after playing their roles for 10 years might have some impact on the way a scene should be done. Maybe not necessarily the dialogue but gestures and asides. They probably know their characters as well as anyone and how their image of that character should be portrayed. JMO as we all give on this forum.
  19. I also feel that the writers have beaten this horse to death on Pennys sexual history and promiscuity. And also Sheldon's barbs about all the men she has been with. Think they should just drop this dialogue altogether, especially now that she is married. Leonard should stand up for his wife when Sheldon makes these comments.
  20. Also, in "The itchy Brain Simulation" where Sheldon had Leonard wear that sweater until he returned the rented tape was in Amy's words "diabolical"!
  21. How about if her pharmaceutical company creates a position as a spokesperson in commercials, infomercials, etc. This way she could combine her sales experience with her acting background. Agree with some others a trip to see her parents in Nebraska is long overdue. Or possibly a trip to New jersey, maybe for Leonard's high school reunion Think hiking and camping may be a good episode
  22. And from the episode "Table Polarization" "And sometimes the baby wins"!
  23. Totally agree this is one of my favorite scenes in season 10. It is true their special bond always makes their love scenes natural Have thought about this before. Always felt that J&K gestures were more natural and instinctive than directed. Some examples I thought of: Season 7 "The Thanksgiving Decoupling" when Penny clutches Leonards arm when they have a makeup kiss, Season 8 "The First Pitch Insufficiency" when P&L are walking down the stairs they are holding hands but she also grabs his arm as well, Season 8 "Clean Room Infiltration" at Amy's Victorian Christmas party when Sheldon is opening the gift from Amy you see P&L in the background and she is clutching his arm, Season 9 "Meemaw Materialization" when Sheldon comes into the apt and P&L are standing at the doorway and she is holding his arm. I am sure there are plenty more but these are the ones that stood out for me.
  24. Yes, they became snarky to each other again after maybe turning a corner in their relationship in the past two episodes. So true that the writers just cannot find a happy medium for Penny and Leonard. All I can say is WTF is going on?
  25. Agree, do not believe there will be a split-up. These two were the core couple from the pilot episode and have many followers. If they were to break them up think they would lose alot of viewers and I would think that the advertisers would notice that. Don't think they will risk that scenario
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