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  1. Yes She had committment issues from the onset of their romance. Leonard was very different than any other guy she had dated. He didn't look at her as a fling but actually loved and cared about her and she just could not believe that someone would be that honest with her. Also agree the Bon Voyage scene at the airport was totally unnecessary to have Sheldon there. Understand this is a comedy first but this was an intimate moment between Penny and Leonard. If they had to include him in the scene they could have toned him down a little.
  2. Totally agree with this observation. And don't forget Leonards reaction to her goodbye. His expression when he realized this was wrong and he still had feelings for Penny was a real highlight
  3. How the hell did she keep a straight face in that scene "the naughty carrot"!!
  4. I think Mayim just did not want to relate about this gesture as she was one of the recipients. Also, the only other reason I can think of for the original 5 to take a paycut would be if tptb told them to or else the show would be cancelled. Just a hunch!
  5. After reading your comments, I can't help to think back to season 9, episode 2 when the girls are talking over how Leonard was "unfaithful". Penny thought she was being naive about the situation and Bernadette pointed out that she made Leonard be more confident with women and maybe that confidence made him more desirable, but that she would rather have a guy be with her because he wants to be and not because he has no other choice. So in retrospect they probably helped each other and that is what makes them compatible.
  6. Agree wholeheartedly that this show needs some new direction in their storylines if it is going to last another two years. A am certain that Shamy will be the core storyline for the first couple of episodes next season. But after that Lenny should be the center of some storylines to just maybe win back some viewers. Also, I am of the opinion that these actors after playing their roles for 10 years might have some impact on the way a scene should be done. Maybe not necessarily the dialogue but gestures and asides. They probably know their characters as well as anyone and how their image of that character should be portrayed. JMO as we all give on this forum.
  7. I also feel that the writers have beaten this horse to death on Pennys sexual history and promiscuity. And also Sheldon's barbs about all the men she has been with. Think they should just drop this dialogue altogether, especially now that she is married. Leonard should stand up for his wife when Sheldon makes these comments.
  8. Also, in "The itchy Brain Simulation" where Sheldon had Leonard wear that sweater until he returned the rented tape was in Amy's words "diabolical"!
  9. How about if her pharmaceutical company creates a position as a spokesperson in commercials, infomercials, etc. This way she could combine her sales experience with her acting background. Agree with some others a trip to see her parents in Nebraska is long overdue. Or possibly a trip to New jersey, maybe for Leonard's high school reunion Think hiking and camping may be a good episode
  10. And from the episode "Table Polarization" "And sometimes the baby wins"!
  11. Totally agree this is one of my favorite scenes in season 10. It is true their special bond always makes their love scenes natural Have thought about this before. Always felt that J&K gestures were more natural and instinctive than directed. Some examples I thought of: Season 7 "The Thanksgiving Decoupling" when Penny clutches Leonards arm when they have a makeup kiss, Season 8 "The First Pitch Insufficiency" when P&L are walking down the stairs they are holding hands but she also grabs his arm as well, Season 8 "Clean Room Infiltration" at Amy's Victorian Christmas party when Sheldon is opening the gift from Amy you see P&L in the background and she is clutching his arm, Season 9 "Meemaw Materialization" when Sheldon comes into the apt and P&L are standing at the doorway and she is holding his arm. I am sure there are plenty more but these are the ones that stood out for me.
  12. Yes, they became snarky to each other again after maybe turning a corner in their relationship in the past two episodes. So true that the writers just cannot find a happy medium for Penny and Leonard. All I can say is WTF is going on?
  13. Agree, do not believe there will be a split-up. These two were the core couple from the pilot episode and have many followers. If they were to break them up think they would lose alot of viewers and I would think that the advertisers would notice that. Don't think they will risk that scenario
  14. I have written to Molaro occasionally but have never received any kind of reply, although I didn't really expect one. I did suggest some storylines that we as fans might like to see, not scripts but some thoughts they can write around
  15. The only thing we as P&L fans is be optimistic that there story lines will be better. Perhaps some of these writers will hear the messages.
  16. True, Kaley strength is in her comedic talent. She has been in show biz since age six. Believe she honed her talent working with John Ritter in "8 Simple Rules" Also, she wanted to show some dramatic talent in "Burning Bodhi" where the movie got lukewarm reviews but she received critical acclaim for her role as Katy. Not to say Mayim is not as talented , she is without a doubt. One of my wife's favorite movies is "Beaches" where Mayim plays Bette Midler as a young girl. She has really great scenes.
  17. True, Leonard seemed to relish the fact he got "the hot fox" but what I liked about this was their interaction and playful banter between them. This was what made the episode enjoyable for me. They did not have many of those moments this year.
  18. I liked the wedding redo and when P&L went to the small comic-con where Penny signed autographs. Thought that was kind of cute and LENNY seemed to be the "A" storyline.
  19. Great Job with these little excerpts!
  20. True, they both have invested a big part of their lives in TBBT. But I have to think their close bond together and Johnny's desire for better storylines for P&L were the main factors for him to stay the course.
  21. Believe they gave Johnny and Jim production deals for their show ideas and gave Kaley monetary compensation as opposed to a production deal. Don't think her hair was a factor. Even though their ratings were low for their show it still was the top show for the night by far. But they have to perk it up to maintain their standard.
  22. Agree think it would be funny to see how Leonard lives on a farm. Also maybe another plotline could be if Leonard and Penny would attend Leonard's high school reunion, or maybe if Penny would win a sales award and get a promotion at her company. Believe these would be viable plots.
  23. Also, my wife has been asking me this: Has it ever been mentioned where Sheldon and Bernadette went to college? I cannot recall when or if it was said. We know Leonard went to Princeton, Howard to M.I.T, Raj to Cambridge and Amy to Harvard
  24. Agree with all yr points. I have a question on two points: one, there was no explanation of why Raj has decided to move out, which I am glad he did and two, no explanation why the gov't. took away their project......guess we have to make our own assumptions on both counts.
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