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  1. After several viewed I think I can already do a post about my thoughts on this episode. For starters, I think the episode was incredible, pure gold in comedy, not a doubt it´s one of the best episodes this season. - I laughed a lot in a lot of scenes, especially with Amy, Bernie and Raj, who were on fire all the episode. (Emmy for Mayim please, that Skype call with the girls deserve it!). - I loved how the whole group came together to protect the couple and the whole episode was a big plot around Shamy. I know that many fans would complain about this, but I think it was necessary a
  2. Happy new episode day and Star wars day!! Can´t wait to watch it, I'm so nervous, I think I will not be able to sleep tonight either! so much feelings *.*
  3. Omg I´m still in a cloud, I didn´t do any properly minute in work or any task today, the scene come to my mind every single minute since this morning, OMG HE IS PROPOSING!!!!! *sigh* I can´t belive it yet!! I told you guys, It was no way that they ended this wonderful season in any other way! *the gold season of shamy* My bet for 11x01: that they are gonna back with a "three month before": the exactly moment, she is gonna be like, wtf Sheldon and ask him why, they are gonna have a a sweet and sincere talk and then he is gonna ask her again and, of course, she is gonna say YES!!!!
  4. First I want thank you @kazzie, you make so happy this morning that I can´t think properly! *.* So exciting episode to watch the taping, so happy for you and so awesome you meet Mayim again, she is the best! I was thinking is ask you about that episode! how is the naughty talk? *Omg I can´t wait to watch it!* And the reaction of P/L and R when they heard them??? THANKS AGAIN!!!
  5. Good morning guys! Omg I'm so happy that I can't think!! This is so wonderful, I knew it that we will have a beautiful end for this season, was a glorious one and no was way that ended with other thing that a proposal! Thanks so much for the spoilers, you are my hero! I need time to think because I slept so little and I can't write properly my thoughts!!! *GROUPAL HUGH* (ITS HAPPENING!!!!)
  6. I join the club of those who are not going to sleep today, I'm dying of nerves!!
  7. I couldn´t resist myself, now the photo is perfect! #TeamMayim #TeamAmy *Sorry for my total lack of skill with Photoshop, I did what I could, LOL*
  8. Good morning friends, the title doesn't sound good but we need to remember that Shamy are destined for each other, no one will do anything that damages the other on purpose, maybe there is misunderstanding, but remember that this season gave us moments to remember, they live together, is more, they love live together, they sleep cuddling, they tell their problems and solve them, they kiss every day and now they have spontaneous sex. Guys, nothing is too big enough to break this. We are Shamy shippers full of hope and we have been in worse situations! Long live Shamy and happy tapin
  9. Thinking that the writers are going to make a romantic interest or "crazy night" with Ramona right after an episode in which one Sheldon and Amy make love for how much they love each other and how much they are going to miss the other, is unthinkable. I think she's going to reappear for something that has to do with work, not with spoiling Shamy, at all, and if it's related to them is going to be the springboard for the proposal in season 11. Pretty sure!
  10. OMG How I missed this? i'm so happy right now, like in a cloud! I need time to process all this but THANKS! THANKS!!
  11. I´m thinking in that since yesterday, I hope we can have the three, I love you, I will miss you and a goodbye kiss
  12. This sounds too good to be true, I really would love see something like that to happen, I imagine that I would have a horrible summer but the reward of seeing them hugged in the bed would deserve it!!! *sigh* Now that I have meditated more and I have relaxed I am seeing the subject of Ramona with other eyes, if it is true that I do not like the plot at all because I was really expecting the proposal, but as long as they don´t change the characters (for me cheating is OOC for both) and they be happy, for me it will be ok! Ps. I'd like to add that when I finish reading this theory of S
  13. THIS!! thanks so much! *Feelings*
  14. and looks like it's not going to happen soon *Internal cry*
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