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  1. After several viewed I think I can already do a post about my thoughts on this episode. For starters, I think the episode was incredible, pure gold in comedy, not a doubt it´s one of the best episodes this season. - I laughed a lot in a lot of scenes, especially with Amy, Bernie and Raj, who were on fire all the episode. (Emmy for Mayim please, that Skype call with the girls deserve it!). - I loved how the whole group came together to protect the couple and the whole episode was a big plot around Shamy. I know that many fans would complain about this, but I think it was necessary and fulfilled their mission of being a fun and entertaining episode. - The drama Dr. Nowitzki was very well taken, every moment gave me the feeling that Sheldon innocently didn´t see what so clearly we all were seeing. The Penny-Sheldon´s talk was fantastic, but the detail of the painting was magic, These two are really the best besties ever!! - And we arrived at the drama moment par excellence, don´t tell me that I was the only one that her heart stops and shout bitch to the screen!!. Those lips only belong to one person and it’s not you. Sheldon’s face say it all and he simply walked slowly down the aisle while all the Shamy fans held our breath. I expected it, I said it in here, I knew that Sheldon was going to fly to Pricenton, he had to, his place is where Amy is and only with her. When Amy opened the door and saw Sheldon with that face, so sure, so mature, so full of love, his eyes, his mouth… (just tears fell on my face. - I know that many of you think that it is not the proposal that Amy deserves, and it is true, but I want to make it clear that Sheldon is not doing it because of Ramona’s kiss or because he feels guilty. He simply realized that there is nothing or nobody that he wants more than Amy, that his place is with her, that his kisses are for her and that they will always be, that there is nothing else he wants in the world more than be with her, forever. The answer that many of you expect is a big yes, but I don´t think so, I think Amy will suffer a panic attack (as the “I love you” scene), then they will talk, Sheldon will tell her everything, Amy will understand him and then Sheldon will ask her again, and this time will be perfect and Amy will say the expected YES! This is just my opinion, it has been such a wonderful season that I am just so grateful that I want to cry. Long live Shamy!
  2. Happy new episode day and Star wars day!! Can´t wait to watch it, I'm so nervous, I think I will not be able to sleep tonight either! so much feelings *.*
  3. Omg I´m still in a cloud, I didn´t do any properly minute in work or any task today, the scene come to my mind every single minute since this morning, OMG HE IS PROPOSING!!!!! *sigh* I can´t belive it yet!! I told you guys, It was no way that they ended this wonderful season in any other way! *the gold season of shamy* My bet for 11x01: that they are gonna back with a "three month before": the exactly moment, she is gonna be like, wtf Sheldon and ask him why, they are gonna have a a sweet and sincere talk and then he is gonna ask her again and, of course, she is gonna say YES!!!! Now: And it´s going to start with sheldon frenetic because Amy is back that day, and the rest we will see ^^ The thing that i´am not sure if he is gonna tell to their friends or they are gonna wait until Amy is back, I need more time for make my bet in that!
  4. First I want thank you @kazzie, you make so happy this morning that I can´t think properly! *.* So exciting episode to watch the taping, so happy for you and so awesome you meet Mayim again, she is the best! I was thinking is ask you about that episode! how is the naughty talk? *Omg I can´t wait to watch it!* And the reaction of P/L and R when they heard them??? THANKS AGAIN!!!
  5. Good morning guys! Omg I'm so happy that I can't think!! This is so wonderful, I knew it that we will have a beautiful end for this season, was a glorious one and no was way that ended with other thing that a proposal! Thanks so much for the spoilers, you are my hero! I need time to think because I slept so little and I can't write properly my thoughts!!! *GROUPAL HUGH* (ITS HAPPENING!!!!)
  6. I join the club of those who are not going to sleep today, I'm dying of nerves!!
  7. I couldn´t resist myself, now the photo is perfect! #TeamMayim #TeamAmy *Sorry for my total lack of skill with Photoshop, I did what I could, LOL*
  8. Good morning friends, the title doesn't sound good but we need to remember that Shamy are destined for each other, no one will do anything that damages the other on purpose, maybe there is misunderstanding, but remember that this season gave us moments to remember, they live together, is more, they love live together, they sleep cuddling, they tell their problems and solve them, they kiss every day and now they have spontaneous sex. Guys, nothing is too big enough to break this. We are Shamy shippers full of hope and we have been in worse situations! Long live Shamy and happy taping day!
  9. Thinking that the writers are going to make a romantic interest or "crazy night" with Ramona right after an episode in which one Sheldon and Amy make love for how much they love each other and how much they are going to miss the other, is unthinkable. I think she's going to reappear for something that has to do with work, not with spoiling Shamy, at all, and if it's related to them is going to be the springboard for the proposal in season 11. Pretty sure!
  10. OMG How I missed this? i'm so happy right now, like in a cloud! I need time to process all this but THANKS! THANKS!!
  11. I´m thinking in that since yesterday, I hope we can have the three, I love you, I will miss you and a goodbye kiss
  12. This sounds too good to be true, I really would love see something like that to happen, I imagine that I would have a horrible summer but the reward of seeing them hugged in the bed would deserve it!!! *sigh* Now that I have meditated more and I have relaxed I am seeing the subject of Ramona with other eyes, if it is true that I do not like the plot at all because I was really expecting the proposal, but as long as they don´t change the characters (for me cheating is OOC for both) and they be happy, for me it will be ok! Ps. I'd like to add that when I finish reading this theory of Sheldon flying to Prisceton to see Amy, I imagined that she wakes up with the ring in her finger and during the next few episodes they will show us clues of how the proposal was. *So much feelings*
  13. THIS!! thanks so much! *Feelings*
  14. and looks like it's not going to happen soon *Internal cry*
  15. PLEASE @Soopysue marry me, I needed to read something like that! THANKS!
  16. WTF? Seriously??? Ok, I need time to think what I want to say ....
  17. Good morning, so nervous about the taping, "we know" (or we think we know) that the last scene is Shamy tag! yay! their tags are always awesome, can't wait for know more about shamy!!
  18. If Captain Williams is in the episode maybe they want to close the gyroscope plot before the end of the season or use it as a cliffhanger for some reason (maybe someone stole the idea or something).
  19. I don't doubt that is going to be one of the greatest proposals on TV, and the most special too, because I don´t think is going to be "normal" (you know, wine, roses, candles...) no way, is going to be in SHAMY´s way as all their "big moments". And knowing how much people watched their "first time", they absolutely need to prepare something big for the proposal and the wedding.
  20. Happy taping day! Omg!! I'm so nervous with these two last episodes, I really want that everything's ends well, I know that they need a cliffhanger but it´s not need to be a bad one (look at last year), I hope the proposal comes in this one or at the last but with response, I want to hear that "Yes" from Amy´s lips. *Ohhh my! so much feelings* Whatever happen, it was a glorious season for Shamy, with super big steps (THEY ARE LIVING TOGETHER, I´m not over it yet!!) and a lot of intimace moments, kisses, coitus, touching ... , so if it´s not happening this season I will be ok (always that they end the season happy!). Thanks in advance to all the wonderful people that share the spoilers because make me very very happy!! *virtual hugs to all of you*
  21. I don´t know if you have already mentioned it, this thread has so many messages that I haven´t had time to check it all, anyway, last night I was watching again the episode and I noticed a big mistake. When Sheldon tells the story of how FWF started, he say that all started when he told the story of the two countries with the same flags in the Olympics to Penny and Leonard but I remembered that story from the episode of Raj and Siri (love story) when Sheldon tells him to Raj in the office. He told Raj the day after of recorded FWF with Amy, so he couldn´t discover it later. (5x14) His words are "Here´s is an interesting fact about flags" he read the story to Raj from his computer, sounds to me as something he didnt know yet, because 1. If he knows he don´t need to read it from Computer, and 2. He should not be surprised by it. So writers did it again!
  22. Good morning everyone, I totally agree with you guys, this episode was stolen totally for the howardette plot, the Bert plot was boring and all the caracthers were so akward. In this season is the worse episode (imo). About Shamy, the only part I liked was the fwf scene but turn so quickly to a repetitive plot with Bert calling as in the valentines episode. The rest of their interations were horrible, I totally hate when Amy trates him as a child, with the time-out, the raising your hand before speak ... Come on writters, seriously? I don´t know why the audience laughed with this scenes at all, and not only for shamy, with Lenny too, I´m so tired of that "jokes", they were (the both couples) together for a lot of years and they love each other, why is still funny that they trate bad or the begging leonard, or the non attrative Amy when we know is not like that anymore? Sorry for not be more supportive today but I wasn´t expecting an episode like this at the last part of the season, with just three more episode to the end. Writters you can do it better, I didn´t laugh in the episode at all (a smile at first with the fwf scene). I hope the next one is better and the two episodes for tapping will be amazing, I know they can do it! *cross fingers* I forget about Sheldon saying "a lot of thing, her mind, her kindness ..." (that was cute, but I missed a smile in Amy, she was like knowing that the body thing was coming).
  23. I´m dreaming with a FWF proposal but I prefer the two of them alone for the moment, it´s more intimate and sweet, the Howardette proposal with all the gang was weird and Lenny propsal was awful and cold, this need to be LEGEN- wait for it -DARY!! Can the proposal happen now please? I need it!!
  24. Happy Birthday @April, hope you are having a wonderful day with a lot of magic! *wink* *wink*
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