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  1. I haven`t read all the comments on this thread. But I`ve watched the trailer... did anyone noticed that the actor who plays the father of Sheldon, is the same who played the bully of Leonard in the most despicable episode ever of TBBT?
  2. Simply amazing these two. my Lenny heart melts....
  3. It was ok. The last episodes are some light hearted. I loved Howard, Bernadette and Stuart. The Bert story had some funny lines. I don´t know how it will effects the future story lines. If the Bert story was meant as a mirror for all the couples and Raj, and they have to think how to handle their own demons. Or it was a loose storyline meant for the easy comedy. What the criticaster wrote, is the underlying feeling I have since this season. So I am not suprised about her review. But if the writers will go that far I really don´t care anymore. I agree on most of your points. It looks like that the writers love to "smug" their two main couples as Raj. On the other hand Howardette they manage to write licht hearted but with realistic tone.
  4. I did laugh on some parts of Amy ( now I need no butter anymore), Penny and Leonard, and the Aunt story of Howard. The rest it was meh. The Sheldon story was forced to be funny, but I didn´t like it. I really don´t know why they didn´t show (except for the small flash backs) the scene at the bar. That could have been fun to see him there.
  5. That´s this season in one word, confusing. At least Leonard still has some good taste for his wife to wear.
  6. What a boring episode, I just watched. And another showing off that the Shamy have interesting stuff to share and talk about with eachother in contrary to the Lenny. Yeay I get it and that is so funny.......
  7. That´s basically what Zephon75 says. We don´t know if Leonard didn´t do yoga that particular time or all the time. He did polish her toe nails and vice versa. So yes why not try welness masks? Zephon75 didn´t say Leonard likes or enjoys it. But that he always making an effort to do things he doesn´t enjoy to make her happy ( he didn´t paraphraze the whole sentence Penny had said, in season 6).
  8. You are very right, that was the premisse of the original story. however we know how Lorre is. And we know how show bussiness works. Ego if they recognize that a break out star (Sheldon) is the most popular one, the writers will shift their efforts and attention to him. I think everyone agrees that nowadays Sheldon is the leadstar. So, in that way the writers can decide to make the shift to a Shenny, what god forbids. Well I am done. As said, I don f. ink care anymore. If they want a Shenny well let it be. I am out and done. Thank you very much for ruining my favorite couple and ship. It´s sunk. I will treasure seasons 1 till 7. With 6 as absolute highlight. 8,9,10,11,12..... well f... it.
  9. No you are not wrong. It´s a feeling that many Lenny already had during this season. I never would have thought it could be real, but the bad level of the current Lenny is close to and nearly tops season (h)8. I know that some always see the positive married couple. I am dying to have that kind of view. But I am with you it will be a icky bad cliffhanger. I am not happy at allw ith the two season extension. It gives the writers more time and space to make " fun" of Lenny. Whereas if this had been the last season I am convinced they had to write a happy ending (for all).
  10. First of all, thank you @RJ1013 for your very detailled and clear tape report. Secondly, well I am with Luminous, I don´t f..ing care anymore about how they write Lenny. I am glad some have the courage and the believe they are in a good place as a married couple. But to me I only am confirmed in my anxiety. It is to serve all the criticasters of Lenny; they have nothing in common, he wore her down, and the only thing they ever shared is sex and make up sex. Talking and sharing in god dammit two years of marriage and 5 years of a relationship( approximately) and 10 !!! freaking years of friendship, they apperently never did. What´s all about you are my best friend??? Ok, if I am not talking to my wife, I am surely talking to my best friend. What a crap. Yes I know....it´s a comedy. Yeah, but why the F. ( I am sorry), we can actually see Sheldon evolve, we can see Shamy evolve, there is proof Howard and Howardette did evolve, but only Lenny (and Raj) stuck in their stale jokes. Well in that perspective it is right to put them together. Oh yes, more fun of old stale jokes. Allright I am out!!
  11. Hey we never should the Messenger ;). But I hope you had a great time and I am anxioulsy waiting for your longer report. But what you write now already confirms my bad feelings about my beloved couple. Anyhow many thanks for "spoiling "us :).
  12. I admire your optimistical view. You still think their marriage is going well, do you?
  13. Really? please give me the examples. As everyone agrees that Leonard doesn´t do as much effort as he used to be, he still has done more this season 10 than Penny imo. I know you are more a Penny than a Lenny, but this is really hilarious. By turning the question you don´t answer the original question " what did Penny exactly more than Leonard". You come up by the two examples this season 10 that Leonard showing a decline of passion. But you not come up with examples Penny is putting more effort. Or is her complaining about his lack of effort the example? Yes we have seen a daydream, where she has cooked a meal. But hey it was a dream.... Than I mention, episode 3 and 4. Leonard suggest to dance in underwear. Or convince her to go to the serial apist movie comin con. Or let her the bedroom re decorate. Not much maybe, not hot maybe, but clearly his way to put efforts in the relationship. Now again the question, what examples you have that Penny EXACTLY did. And don´t avoid the answer by saying Leonard is burping and playing videogames. Which was by the way very OCC for him.
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