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  1. Jim on the Warner bros lot, a girl posted this to Instagram a couple of days ago! He's so Cuteee
  2. A paycut even of $100,000 (which seems like a lot to us) is like pennies to them! $1million an episode is crazy, no matter how much I love the show!
  3. Guys, does anyone know when was the last time Jim snappchatted? I miss them
  4. Oooooh I love little personal spoilers like this! Thanks so much
  5. I know Jim claims they where laughing during the take, but they did 2 takes and both times laughed at the end after they'd said their lines! So I'm not sure if it'll count as a blooper? Still it was funny so hopefully we get to see it!
  6. Guys I don't know if this actually means anything or maybe Mayim just liked the picture, but could this be a hint
  7. Happy taping day to everyone who's attending tonight! The first taping since I went a couple weeks ago so I've got mixed emotions ! You'll all have a blast and hopefully we get some spoilers tonight!
  8. Guys I was at the taping and I was hyperventilating at that Shamy scene
  9. It look like its 100% set in stone! And not just articles now
  10. Why are people upset by the renewal? This is a fan site, I understand the writers have been getting lazy, and hopefully this new 2 season renewal will give them a new sense of inspiration, but I personally would be devastated if the show wasn't renewed, even if it remained as is :(!
  11. Just curious, audiences unlimited claim that a person can only attend 2 tapings per season. Does anyone know how they determine this, or has anyone been more than twice in one season since the rule kicked in?
  12. I don't know if they say this at every live taping, but Kaley said both this week and last week that they all REALLY want to come back for another season, and that they would all try their best to make it happen.
  13. In fairness, the episode starts out with penny wanting to go to comic con to make up for how much Leonard does for her
  14. SPOILER ALERT!!! So guys, the episode tonight was called "the comic-con conumdrum" the whole episode was based around raj not being able to go to comic con because he gave sheldon control of deciding how he spends his money. (This all came about because raj had come to the realisation that he was spoilt - his dad pays for everything, rent, car, groceries etc.) In the end, all the boys apart from sheldon decide that they don't want to go to comic-con this year, Howard would rather spend time with his family, Leonard with penny etc. That's just a rough synopsis, I won't ruin all the funny bits for you, but it was way funnier than last weeks, and there's some Shamy sexual tension right at the end! I'm exited to watch it again when it airs!
  15. I flew over last week from Ireland to see the live taping both last week and tonight! It was so amazing and 100% worth the journey! I'm so exited for tonight!
  16. Thanks so much for all the advice! Just one more thing, if I practice getting the tickets and get a gauranteed ticket for a day I can't go! Will that affect me getting in through the gauranteed line on another day?
  17. Thanks mjc45! Do you know from the past what month the show will typically be filming to?
  18. Hi everyone! Ive been obsessed with Big Bang theory now for years and really want to go to a live showing before it's cancelled or finishes up! So I've got a bit of a dilemma! Me and my boyfriend are coming out to LA next August/September time and where hoping to attend a showing then, but does anyone think season 10 will be the last season? We live in Ireland and what I want to know is, if you where us would you fly out for a showing in January/ February for a few days and spend all that money? Or take a chance and leave it to season 11? Thanks in advance!
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