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  1. This episode has only just been broadcast here in the UK (30/11/16). One of the funniest of the entire show for me. So many great elements. - Howard and Raj's "band" adding a musical element to FWF was a great start. - Klingon and Amy's language being used. - Sheldon's hallway dilemma. - Raj "I'm just going to eat." when all the others start confronting one another about events. - Sheldon's dream/nightmare. Penny's hiding of Leonard's stuff was mean, she's known how nerdy and geeky he is, and how much that stuff means to him for 10 years! - how didn't he notice his Batman keyring had gone missing?? that was funny - she could have just asked him to make some room so she could add 'herself' to the bedroom as it were. Felt it a bit hypocritical of the character given the advice she gave Leonard when he was dating Stephanie back in season 2 (3?). However it did set-up the second half of the episode well and the overly pink bedroom had me in stitches. Leonard hiding some of the pink in 4B and Sheldon's 'not bothered' attitude ended the episode really well. Really good, strong, funny episode I thought. Enjoyed it.
  2. Hi all, I'm Peter from the UK. I've been watching TBBT from the second series (caught up with S1 via repeats on channel 4) and have only just come across this fan site; 10 years and now I find a place with other fans - thanks to whoever created it. Big fan of the show. It was the trailer for the 2nd season, on E4, which showed MONTE bursting through the apartment door that intrigued me, started watching it and haven't stopped. Favourite bits: - Leonard and Kurt at the Halloween party - 'The Grasshopper Experiment' episode - "Sheldon: Apologize. - Penny: Never. - Sheldon: Then you just get a very long stick and play panty pinata! " - MONTE and the door. - Anytime Sheldon's mother or Leonard's mother comes to town. - Pretty much all Sheldon & Penny interactions, particularly in the earlier seasons. - 25 cats!! - Sheldon legging it with the Raiders of the Lost Ark film canisters. - Giant Jenga - Kripke + helium + Sheldon NPR interview - Howard on the ISS - Sheldon's parking space and Amy's car being scratched by Bernadette "Cause I did it!" - So many others.... So hi again, looking forward to discussing TBBT with you all.
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