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  1. thanx, it is great, this community is a.. living thing! Love you!
  2. I was thinking, if it was not so funny (but IT IS FUNNY in BBT) for the persons like Sheldon to live in our world? With his spot on the sofa, (wich is actually the center of his universe, with coordinates 0,0,0 and, don't forget another 0 - the time), schedule of .. you know.. biological activity, different kinds of agreements it is his way to survive. We are all survive in this world, and they (Sheldons) too. And many of them geniuses in relation to us, nice ordinary people. For example - personage "Rain man" in the movie with you know who in major role. The BBT made me thinking of it, but wh
  3. Hi everyone! I'm Michael, I'm from Russia, I like BBT, it's great, it's wonderful, and .. I'm fan!!!
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