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  1. So it's been a loooong time... But I did finish outlining the chapter and start writing it. I'm writing this comment more for myself than for anyone else, really, maybe that would make me feel more compelled to keep up with the chapter.
  2. Good for Americans to have those rules. Here they sometimes put the rocket alarm sound on the news, in related articles. It can be frightening for a moment, before you realize it's from the TV. It's annoying, and it's really unnecessary. I don't need to hear the alarm when they talk about shootings, I know it well enough.
  3. Stay safe everyone, glad to hear people here are prepared
  4. Interestingly, since the show ended my fic is getting a bit more traffic. I thought it would be the other way around. I also heard something similar from another fanfic writer, so I think it may be a general trend. I guess people miss seeing the gang do new stuff. I kinda wish Prady would open a secret FF account and write something haha I don't really know who would write things I'd like, but I liked the way things were going when he was showrunner so I'd place my bet on him
  5. Finally managed to write a new chapter Sorry for the big delay, I didn't have time to write recently. 28. Lost - Halley POV - Halley has one week, and no idea how, to figure out her major. Meanwhile, things do not go as planned in the Hofstadter Fund's new hall opening, leading to a surprise the gang would have never imagined.
  6. I don't feel much like rewatching right now. I sometimes will take a look if an episode is on, but I won't put one on myself. Maybe when some time has passed... Although I am up for rewatching Crazy Ex Girlfriend, which also ended this year. I guess it depends on the kind of show... With Friends I would have times when I would rewatch a lot, then get somewhat tired of it, then it would "come back" to me, and I'd rewatch again.
  7. And she initiated the kiss. It seems like a "just because" kiss, just because she's happy and very much in love. Lenny seemed more in love than ever in the last episode.
  8. Then they'd have a swiss army knife, swiss cheese and a swiss child
  9. And yet they did write unfunny, unnecessary, OOC angst for them like the boat kiss and the no kids drama. Apparently, post season 6/7 Lenny angst was okay, but Lenny working on their issues (as we saw in episodes like "The Tangible Love Proof")? Not so much*. *There have been some exceptions, like "The First Pitch Insufficiency"
  10. I think a distinction has to be made. Claiming Leonard and Penny are not in a bad place and don't seem to have major issues (the claim made taken by many here) doesn't equal being happy with the way the pregnancy was written, and with the no-kids and Zack drama.
  11. Is it really that common to postpone sex till marriage? Here it is considered an orthodox thing, it'd be rather unusual for secular people to do that. My impression is that in the US it is also related to religion or to being conservative or "old-fashioned".
  12. Why are we looking for "perfect" though? Does that even exist? Sometimes people do things that are not great for their spouses. One is allowed to point that out when it comes to a sitcom couple, and when they think there are issues with the writing. That doesn't mean they think the couple is in trouble. A marriage can be great, while having it's challenges.
  13. Raj had Selective Mutism, they did say that. Did he have other diagnoses as a child? We have zero details, there's no Young Raj show and we weren't given much detail about his childhood on TBBT. He doesn't have ASD though and I dare say I'm 98% sure he didn't as a child.
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