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  1. Can only hope... Whatever they did between seasons 10 and 11, they should do that again.
  2. Yeah it's just that everything adds up... This season is giving me such a bad feeling with Lenny that it makes me see almost everything the negative way.
  3. Sadly, I'm expecting more "they have nothing in common", "what are they doing with each other?" digs at Lenny, the only couple without matching costumes. Sure, they didn't match in previous Halloween episodes but it's made much more obvious with 3 other couples matching. Are these omens? Is this just all fun and funny to them? I don't know. I'm done trying to understand what TPTB are doing there.
  4. I can't see because of the stupid geo-block ><
  5. Looks like Bernadette is Mary Poppins and Howard is an orphan or something...? Kind of creepy LOL
  6. bfm

    [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 12

    I LOLed (at Leonard) the moment I saw this.
  7. It says Leonars is shocked. I'm guessing he'd be frustrated because for him it meant a lot. I hope they don't make it worse like by having her laugh and not believe him that she was the one to kiss him and he rejected her; and that there is some payoff (even though as I said the payoffs don't really satisfy me anymore, it's not enough compared to the angst) like her wearing the cat costume trying to recreate the kiss (Leonard could do a similar joke to S6 Valentine's and stop her, because it is a recreation, then come back), or accidentallly letting something out like that she "stole a kiss" from him in his birthday (because at the time she kind of took advantage of him not knowing this wasn't anything conventional) or asking why it took him so long to ask her out if he knew she liked him (i.e., making him understand she already liked him back then) or letting slip that she "listed" other small things like first time he looked at her in the eyes for over a minute first hand holding or whatever IDK...
  8. I guess it makes sense because she was drunk, well at least I hope that's the kiss they're refering to, it makes sense because it comes up in Halloween. But I don't understand why it is necessary. I hope there will be some kind of nice payoff, but these little payoffs really don't worth the angst anymore, as the angst is just getting worse (not exactly from time to time, this one is not that big, but in general). I really don't understand what they're trying to do with Lenny this season.
  9. bfm

    [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 12

    And the "I'm sorry Alex hit on me" song and the Valentine's Day conversation (kind of pre-engagement) are not even honorable mentions
  10. So I guess this is the titular imitation perturbation?
  11. So...some restaurant? Maybe for a Stuart-Denise or Raj-Anu date? Or is this just the end of the cafeteria so I don't recognize these chairs?
  12. bfm

    [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 12

    Top 10 Lenny moments by MsMojo I don't agree with their ranking (they put in the RA and the snowflake is only an honorary mention!), and they have a narrating mistake (they say Penny kissed Leonard when they met for their first date while in the video that is shown at that exact moment it is clear that he kissed her) but it's nice that they did it. I wonder if the TBBT people paid for it, with this being the last season and maybe wanting to calm things down with some of the reactions to the latest episodes.
  13. Yeah apperantly the writers think they're in forth grade LOL
  14. IIRC, they didn't make comments that were too commiting. I do remember it seemed like they were open to it but they didn't straight out say it. I think the most commiting comment was Kaley's (something like "you have to be stupid/crazy to turn it down").
  15. bfm

    Pennys Last Name?

    I think it should be something like Roberts or Wyatt, so it could resolve the Bob/Wyatt inconsistency (she talks about her mom calling him Bob and later he's called Wyatt), but I don't think they will ever reveal (invent) it.

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