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  1. Yeah that was kind of a mess and I also think there were too many episodes about the wedding planning. But I think they managed to "top that" this year, I didn't count but it feels there are even more Super Assymmetry episodes than Shamy wedding ones and they managed to antagonise, and agonize, many Lenny fans. And Raj continues to be a mess. Like actually including the word "Maybe"...? That word that was actually never said (about this issue) prior to 12×03...?
  2. The lack of planning does seem to create a lot of problems. A somewhat related problem is the lack of continuity and sticking to what they'd previously wrote. I say these are related because both seem to indicate a view of the overall narrative as.. um... not too important? Or at least not as important as it is seen in other shows, maybe more so some of the newer ones (ones that started in recent years) which were/are written more like books/movies (e.g., "The Good Place", where episodes are even called 'chapters'). Maybe that's because the newer shows started in an era where binge watching and rewatching by order (and not randomly in syndication) have become more popular, so viewers tend to pay more attention to continuity and can pick up better on story progress, clues, 'Easter eggs', forshadowing and so. But that's beside the point, because TBBT's treatment of its overall narrative seems worse, to different extents, than that of similar shows that started roughly at the same time. Does this mean they're terrible terrible writers? I wouldn't say so. Because it works for them. The show is a mega success. Is it because of this? Mmm I don't know, maybe it helps a little, maybe it's a bit better for casual viewers? Still, I think it could've been equally successful if they'd treated the overall narrative better. As someone who enjoys the kind of shows that do that (and I include here sitcoms that are more like TBBT than The Good Place, like The Middle - they were amazing in regards to continuity), and also do my amateur little hobby-writing with a long-term plan, I think planning and staying true to what was written opens nice, enjoyable possibilites (and is also less groan-inducing).
  3. Chapter 22, Riley POV. Reminder: Chapter 23 will be up next week, and chapter 24 will be up three weeks after it (so four weeks from today).
  4. The TR said eventually Siebert gives Leonard a role in a research he wanted to lead or something like that... I do agree it's another example of them not talking to each other. I think this is, again, due to the writers not thinkimg through what they write. To me they were going for comedic over-correction (Leonard exaggeratedly doing what he wants without considering others' feelings) and did not take into account that it is yet another example of Lenny not talkimg to each other about major decisions, which makes them look bad and not so happy as the writers claim they are.
  5. But we had a TR saying Siebert eventually agreed to give him a role in some project he wanted to lead....
  6. Maybe. Then the positive spin could be that she writes that he married well or something like that. And then she writes some other negative things (that's how they tend to build scenes with more "serious" moments).
  7. There was the line about the experiments not being over, so maybe it has to do with that...
  8. NBC's "Superstore" is currently on, airing every week (after a very long hiatus). It's fun, entertaning and always seems to find a nice way to talk social issues. It has recently been renewed for a 5th season.
  9. Welcome As you can see, many of us are upset with what the writers have done with Lenny, and we have this thread to share those feelings. Personally for the time being I don't see any grey there, nothing has changed since 12×03. There's still time but I've been disappointed by these writers so many times that I personally don't expect anything. I'll have to pretend this season never happened and stick to fanfiction... It is trully sad to read how many of us love so much of the Lenny story and how the writers had deeply disappointed and upset us. I will never understand their decisions regarding Lenny in this last season. I had hopes with it being the last season we will finally get some nice Lenny developments and then...
  10. The only one I rewatched this season was the Halloween one, I think that was 12×06. I never thought I'd stop watching, I thought I'd stick to it while not enjoying it that much, but they managed to break me.
  11. IDK they may not get the prize/nomination and then have Sheldon say the baby is a bigger prize or something. That would still upset me, but perhaps not as much as it would have if I hadn't decided to generally stop watching (sometimes I watch parts but I don't consider that "watching the show") and not be as engaged with what the show has become (as opposed to what it was, I still consider myself a fan of the show previously, just not this season).
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