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  1. It seems to have been a misperception of the writers.
  2. I hope multiple means two, even though it doesn't sound like it. If she's in more than two, to me it seems like Leonard may go for it, because you don't need her in more than two episodes for him not to go for it. @Tensor I hope they will continue this in your taping (they may not, they tend to space out their arcs, especially when it's not about Sheldon).
  3. According to the TR they do talk about it, he doesn't make a decision on his own. Penny never showed any misgivings or hesitations when the subject came up before marriage (and it did at least twice, Leonard didn't ask directly but if she had any doubts these were perfect opportunities to say so). After marriage she said she wanted kids? While the writers tried to hint that it's their fault for not talking about everything before marriage, what was shown is Penny suddenly having "thoughts" for some weeks (according to what she says to Bernadette) and then deciding she doesn't want to have kids and telling it to Leonard in a way that wasn't even sensitive enough. Leonard really could not have seen it coming. Mayim doesn't write or direct the show. This is not on her. The reason may be that she just doesn't have the desire to have kids and thinks this would make her life worse. I suppose this is what Leonard assumed. This may or may not be true.
  4. I agree it would be kind of unfair of her to not allow him to do it. I was referring to the suggestion that she would decide to have a kid with him just so he wouldn't donate his sperm. I wouldn't like that, as I would like her to have a kid only if she wants that kid.
  5. Except they're kind of doing the opposite ><
  6. I wouldn't like her to have a kid just because she doesn't want Leonard to love another person. If they end up having a kid I would like Penny to want that kid.
  7. I disagree with most of your post, but I do agree they sometimes seem to like torturing the Leonard, to me not so much in the early seasons but more from the end if season 8 and on. I wonder if they realize there are people who enjoy the character and don't like seeing it suffer so bad.
  8. Damn, this holiday break is making us speculate ourselves to (not literal!) death ><
  9. The Monica and Chandler thing happened due to real life issues (Cox's problems getting pregnant). While it was not funny, I do think it was well executed and was touching. However, none of this nonsense seems touching or well-executed to me. The Phoebe thing is more arguable, but I think it was in line with her character (this also was due to real life, Kudrow's pregnancy, although they could've probably come up with something else). I didn't mean that you did, I just wondered out loud why the writers would think this is funny, or for that matter, touching.
  10. Actually Howard had a vasectomy 😅 This is Zack we're talking about. I can see Zack doing that.
  11. The whole thing is totally crazy, IMO. I just don't understand how this is funny, especially 12X03.
  12. That's THE question. I wonder what went through their minds when they did that. Yes, it helped them get out of writing another pregnancy, but didn't they realize all the damage it would cause?
  13. Yes. The "Friends" writer did know how to handle these kinds of things. The TBBT group do not. That doesn't make them less professional, it's just not their thing. That's why I don't understand why they go there.
  14. Was this serious? I saw an interview from back then and they said something about that but it seemed liek they were joking. I can only imagine the outrage if 04X24 and 05X01 were produced today. Not only did they not recognize the huge problem with the events, they also blamed the victim! They actually had Penny talk about how she becomes "a skank" (I think these were Amy's words, but Penny did not protest too much) when she drinks. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible.
  15. There's nothing wrong with people not wanting kids. However, this is supposed to be a feel-good sitcom, and it is also the last season of a long-running one that started with Leonard's fantasy of his and Penny's children, which some fans, I believe many (but don't have a poll), hung on to. I think this should be judged according to what it contributes to the show. Is it funny? I personally don't think so. It seems that many here agee. Is it touching? I personally don't think so. It seems that many here agree. Is it doing a good service for people who don't want kids? I personally don't think so. I think the whole thing was handled rather poorly in 12X03, then we had 8 episodes with nothing about it, and now we get this whacky plot that to me just makes the whole issue feel ridiculous. These writers do not handle such sensitive topics well, so I have no idea why they took this upon them. Also, we got a broken hearted Leonard. I certainly did not need that. There are at least some fans (again I believe many but don't have a poll) who have come to care about his charcater and do not want to see it suffer like this. What about Penny? Well, up until 12X03 there was absolutely nothing to indicate she would be unhappy with children. [Personally, when I saw their short conversation in season 9 she seemed on board to me (not willing to start at the exact moment but generally clearly on board).] To sum up - Looking at it from an "in-story" perspective, the character can just not want children. Looking at it as a supposedly feel-good TV sitcom, I don't understand the choice to have her not want children. Actually, they did it because Courtney Cox and her then husband David Arquette had trouble concieving. When Cox and Arquette started trying (and maybe she did get pregnant but miscarried early, I don't know) they started with the arc of Monica and Chandler trying, but then it was too much time and no baby, so they went with the infertility arc. Funny thing, Cox got pregnant in season 10. It was very noticeable in the last episodes of the show.

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