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  1. There are pretaped scenes.
  2. I think the actors are paid enough to tolerate a few minutes per 2 episodes with a baby. The SDCC from what I have seen is usually very supportive to the writers, no many complaints voiced there. I hope someone will have the courage to tell them what their writing is doing to Lenny and that the organizers will allow it but I don't expect that.
  3. Actor

    Damn. Maybe they should do an all-time hiatus hair styles competition.
  4. SO CUTE! It is impressive the way they managed to remain good friends after finishing their romantic relationship.
  5. Actor

    She and Johnny should make it a competition - Who had the worst hair color during the hiatus.
  6. Exactly! And you know what? I don't think the baby plot would be so terrible that it should not be done. It seems like they see it as a big threat so they won't do it, maybe just have her pregnant/giving birth at the finale. But what are they so afraid of? IMO, they could be creative and make awesome episodes out of it of they made the efforts. Would it be so bad to see Penny with a genius baby? Maybe she will be amazed by the baby's fast development pace while Leonard doesn't get why it is such a huge deal because in his family everybody had that pace. Would it be so bad to see Leonard standing his ground when it comes to the baby, making Sheldon surprised and offended that Leonard does not succumb to his needs anymore? Would it be so bad to see Penny gushing about her baby like crazy while she keeps her cool demeanor about everything else? Would it be so bad to see Sheldon coming up with weird complaints about the baby (e.g., he expected to here her/his cry from his apartment but he can't) I think there are a lot of options there. Lenny are different from Howardette they both can have babies and have interedting original stories. They don't even need to have a baby on set that much, they have a big enough two bedroom apartment they can always say the baby is sleeping in the room or in the crib in the corner of the room which is far enough for a doll to be not too obvious. I think TPTB are too afraid so they are keeping them stagnant and fill in stupid pointless fights, which makes things untrue to the characters and unrealistic.
  7. I liked that episode because I think it showed both how their differences and their similarities. She is not into comic books and sci-fi, he is not into "sports" (rafting is considered sport) but they both really care about each other and don't want the other to get hurt. Not all the characters on the show have the latter characteristic to that degree.
  8. That was a hard "like" for me. I agree with what you are saying but I don't like that idea. I think an important word in your post is "they are going to be". It shows that this is not a logical continuation of their story. They weren't this way, sure they had fights but not unjustified OOC ones and they were resolved. I think the interview shows that they really do not plan a split for them right now, at least not the forst half of season 11. However they are planning on keeping them as "the constantly fighting couple" and that, to me, is not true to Lenny.
  9. I do not agree with the opposites attract thing as I see them as different in their hobbies and interests but similar on things like their attitudes towards the people around them and their happennings and sense of humor. It doesn't appear to be much when written but the firat thing is a big one. As I have said many times, I think there are many scenes where you can swap their lines and no one will notice. There are few real "opppsites attract" cases, Lenny, IMO, aren't one of them. It really bugs me that TPTB decided to emphasize their differences and work with that. And I do agree with what you said about their fights - they don't seem to be caused by "different views of life/the world", they start "just because". Molaro's and Lorre's answers appear to me like they are trying to present their poor attempts at humor and zero ideas about what to do with Lenny as something representing deep thought of the characters and human nature. About the job thing - the issue itself wasn't resolved (because why not sweep it under the rug again so they can bring it later again for another round of "let's keep Penny unhappy and stagnant"), but at least the issues between them were (we Lennys have really low standards now...).
  10. Ugggh. I don't get why they go out of their ways to emphasize Lenny's differences. They have differences, big ones, but they are not THAT different. I mean..."extremely"? "very very"? So why are they on the same page with their reactions so many times? Take for example the scene where the couples react to Raj leaving his appartment. They reacted in the most similar way and agreed so easily and immediately on what to do. The pair (not couple) thay were opppsites on the show were Sheldon and Penny. It's like they are trying to recreate that to some extent with Lenny which is a terrible direction IMO. In a similar way they seem to be trying to recreate some of the Sheldon-Leonard dynamic with Shamy. IMO they should stop being so fixated on their formulas and invest efforts to find new things that fit the characters and their history and are actually funny and not irritating or agonizing. It is a comedy, you know... They should read some of the comments on their publications... So many complaints about the stupid Lenny fights.
  11. Now we know who probably came up with the Buridan's donkey exchange...
  12. Yesterday morning it rained here! That was so freaky! It is about 27°C lately but soon it will get much warmer and humid... *Bracing myself, summer is coming*.
  13. BTW, I just noticed that Leonard asked for Penny's opinion about "it" (Howardette having a baby) and she responded "Babies?"
  14. There is "inertia" though... Many people watch because they really liked previous seasons and now won't stop as long as it's on so the current success isn't all due to the current content.
  15. I think one of the more prominent trends right now seems to be the increaseing gap between Sheldon's and Leonard's times. They started about equal, then the gap was created and it was larger in seasons 9-10 than in 3-4.