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  1. I don't think they will do it but that's a very nice idea! Lenny are many times the parents/responsible adults of the group, especially Sheldon of course. Another option is a time jump to skip the baby-toddler step for at least them and Howardette but that is even less likely.
  2. 1000 likes for that!
  3. I think they handled the season 7 fighting fairly well. It wasn't like the season 10 nonsense fighting. Leonard didn't act well at first, I could understand his reasoning but it wasn't the right thing to say at the time he said that but he did explain that it wasn't because he didn't believe in her and he made big efforts to support her later even if he didn't fully understand her decisions. I do think you have a point about the characters changing though. Character development comes with a price: you have to find new sources of humor for your characters. IMO, they didn't really do that for Lenny, they hadn't given it enough thought. One of their problems with Leonard and Penny, both as individuals and as a couple, is that they're "too normal" now. They've always been the "straight man" characters but over the years they have grown out of some of their quirks. Leonard have gotten more confident and have learned how to behave in some social situations he used to be puzzled about. Penny have matured and have learned to be much more realistic. These processes are still ongoing of course and I think that's how it should be. I wouldn't have it another way. The problem is that, JMO, the writers didn't find other sources of humor for them. It feels like they are just shooting in the dark with the stupid season 10 fighting and "he wore her down" stuff.
  4. I think that by season 7 Penny has grown to the point that it didn't feel right (for TPTB) to have her still being this dreaming young girl. If she ever goes back to acting it will have to be coming from a different place, from being ready and willing to face dissapoinments and challenges that come if she does get hired. That is of course IMO, TPTB can just have her going back to acting without any justification, spurring a fight with Leonard on the way because they just love doing that.
  5. Yeah but these are his statements, not parts of the show
  6. I think Penny is too lazy to be interested in that TBBT also usualy stays way far from politics. The most "political" they have been may be Penny wearing that Hilary Clinton sweater.
  7. That depends on the counrty. Here social workers only need a B.A so 3 years. I don't know how it goes in the US. Relating somewhat to @3ku11, I think she can work for some non profit (different from volunteering, you can work for money in a non profit) and use her skills for good causes. She is good a convicing, she could raise donations.
  8. There is a difference between, for example, understanding people don't always say exactly what they mean/think or use clues to spare others feelings, be polite, not hurt their status etc. but thinking it is pointless, and not understanding it at all. I think "The Holographic Excitation" is a good example here: When Howard said Bernie told him they think he talks about space too much Sheldon said yes and Raj said no (or not so much or something like that). Sheldon is then puzzled by Raj's reaction asking what is his strategy (understanding it is a strategy is by itself a success for Sheldon...). I think even if you say Sheldon doesn't have ASD because they didn't say it (although his depiction so clearly shows that) you (at least some of you) can agree that some of the behavior shown in the trailer is not very Sheldon-like. And I know it is not their intention to have Sheldon be sociable, you can tell by Jim's comments that he sometimes had to tell Iain not to react and laugh.
  9. Not new, just not used before. It is from the time they took the pictures they use for their Facebook page. I guess season 7 or 6?
  10. Which makes no. 1 so much more likely That would be considered no. 1. It won't be the date om the series timeline but will be them not adressing the date. (Nice suggestion by the way :))
  11. So sorry to hear that!
  12. I think for some it's much beyond not liking some episodes and that it wasn't that bad in season 1 through 7.
  13. Hey guys, I was thinking about something and decided to go to the dark Lenny thread because it may bring negativity... September 24th will be the 10 years anniversary of our favorite couple's first meeting. There is not yet an air date for season 11 but since it is a Sunday we may have an episode a day after that which could easily show the 24th. How do you think the writers are going to adress that? I was thinking about a few options: 1. Not adressing it at all and focusing everything on Shamy. Perhaps even mentioning how Sheldon has changed from the pilot and/or his friendship with Penny and how it affected both. 2. Letting Lenny have a cute since when they mention it, maybe Leonard telling her how he fell for her so hard the moment he saw her. Maybe them remembering how they were and thinking how much they have changed. 3. Sheldon says something to Penny about the sperm bank and it creates a big misunderstanding to be resolved by the end (I know he told her they tried to masturbate for money in the pilot but we don't know if that was ever explained to her or if she even heard it). Could include an incredibly cute saying by Penny that the only uterus in which Leonard's sperm will go is hers (which will be a nice counterbalance to the constant "he wore her down"/"she will leave him" commets. I can really see Penny saying that, making Leonard kiss her immediately, perhaps teary-eyed). 4. An adorable plot in which they do something to comemorate the day and have adorable romantic scenes. Maybe even Penny being the initiator, maybe surprisong him. Both say how much they love each other, Penny confesses she liked him from the very beginning. Both discuss how much they have grown thanks to each other (could also include Penny's uterus exclusivity line and/or could also include 5 - see bellow). 5. Lenny decide to go for the smart and beautiful babies. I know they won't want to deal with babies on the show so they could have them only succeding in the end of S11/ beginning of S12 so they will only have to do that for a very short time/ not at all. 6. A very angsty plot, them fighting, one or both don't remember it (and maybe reminded by the golden boy because TPTB like to rub it in), them thinking what hapenned to them. Of course 6 will be the absolute worse and I prefer 1 to it 100 times, but I don't think the wroters are beyond it because I think they really try to deliver the messsage that Lenny are in a bad place. Molaro's interview supports that. My favorite is if course 4, maybe the writers will surprise us, they some(rare)times do. What do you think?
  14. Yes, but lots of people who found it hillarious now find it much less funny or not funny at all.
  15. Of course treatment would help, I meant that he would not necessairily be taken to treatment. However, I find it hard to believe that not maintaining eye contact was descriptive of a neurotypical man who recovered from PTSD. The things you describe are much better explained by ASD. Fear of change, insistence on sameness and routines and difficulties in social and emotional understanding and reciprocation are main features there. Doesn't this sound exactly like Sheldon? Difficulty maintaining eye contact is part of that and I truly believe that what he showed in TBBT ("The Staircase Implementation" and to a lesser degree the Pilot) was intended to show a basic difficulty and not shyness, severe anxiety or disegagement due to a disorders like PTSD or severe social anxiety. You could make this explanation but IMO it is far fetched. Also, ASD is a developmental delay. It means that an improvement over the years is expected, especially for high functioning people. They wouldn't catch up but are expected to change their behavior at least somewhat. My grandpa for example, who we now joke that is "Old Shledon", used to be oblivious to whether people listen to him when he talks. Now he does realize when people stop listening (doesn't stop him from lecturing though, partly because he doesn't realize whether his listeners are interested). He was never diagnosed but probably would have if we had the knowledge we have today when he were younger. My sister is diagnosed and has made major improvements over the years. Motivation of course plays major part in basically everything we do to face our difficulties. Bottom line is I think Sheldon not maintaining eye contact as an adult was meant to represent a basic difficulty/quirk (that's probably what they were thinking of at the pilot) or an ASD symptom (by "The Staircase Implementation" I think they knew Sheldon's depiction was actually representative of ASD) that I would expect to exist earlier in his life and not to develop later. As I said you can make explanations for the later but they seem far fetched to me. I believe much more that the writers don't think it is an impprtant inconsistency and want him to be more relatable. I'm also not saying this line of thinking is bad. It doesn't bother me THAT much but I do see it as inconsistent with TBBT.