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  1. Maye Kevin will moderate...? This way you won't have a main cast member moderating and the others participating.
  2. I wish he were more involved. I highly doubt the quality of the upcoming season.
  3. Maybe if they babysit Halley he won't come in but they wil risk going deaf.
  4. There is a lot dedicated there to the first episode, both in writing and graphics (the picture is big). I pitty the people who didn't watch and will be lured in due to the emphasis on Lenny just to get what might be the worst Lenny season ever, or at least tied with 8.
  5. Maybe they referred to the first episode? Meaning the drama that was caused by the family members?
  6. They push Shamy so hard and minimize Lenny, yet when it comes to selling their products the Lenny re-do which was one episode at the beginning and a re-do takes a big part of their promotion. I think that no matter how much they try to minimize them on the show Lenny are still a major selling point.
  7. I don't think these things will happen, just that they should happen...
  8. If they drop the "he wore her down" and "nerd won the trophy hot chick hur hur" themes (and not replace them with something worse) they will already make major imporvements. I prefer having Lenny comment from the kitchen island than these stupid things and all the fighting. And I definitely agree that it's about time that Leonard will get promoted! Howard did major things in his career, Sheldon changed his subject (he was also made professor, kind of, but that was a buerocratic trick). Raj didn't have major changes apart from working with Sheldon (what's with that BTW?) and Leonard's only change in work was the gyroscope project. I think Leonard would make a great professor. "The Holographic Excitation" shows that he can be a good teacher (seriously, put aside the sex part... he gave good explanations!). I also think that in a few years he should be the head of the department. Think about it, he has always been the leader of his group, it is obvoius even in short scenes like their talk with the colonel in "The Gyroscopic Collapse". He is alao good with people, he is welcoming, tolerant, understanding (the man lived with Sheldon Cooper for 13 years!!!). He would be the kind of boss that has his employees doing what he says because they appreciate him, not because he yells or threatens them. That is a more powerful kind of leader.
  9. Actually I think Penny planned the beginning of their first period as a couple for months... Their engagement wasn't a complete surprise either as you can see by the gang's reaction. It was clear that it will happen, Penny kind of said so in "The Tangible Affection Proof". Some episodes before the engagement Penny proposed. She was drunk and agreed that it wasn't the best time but she probably had that in mind and had been thinking, for months, about whether she wants to marry Leonard because she is down career-wise or because she really wants him to be her husband. She had a clear immediate reasons to these concerns when he raised them. So some things were more "heat of the moment" with them but some were actually quite planned/well thought of, even if they didn't seem to be.
  10. I want to know more about her father. She never mentioned him. In fact, if I'm not wrong we only heard about her mother, grandmother and some aunt.
  11. I thought Baranski, Metcalff or Hirsch might get a nod. Also, I think Simon should have been nominated. He is a great comedian and great as a supporting character. About Jim I agree that these seasons were his best. It seems that Sheldon lost some of his edge. I don't blame Jim, it is more of a matter of writing and the story.
  12. They already had an actress playing Amy's mom in season 4 but I wouldn't be surprised at all of they cast another one.
  13. You meant sperm... I think if they have fertility issues it would be reasonable that the problem is more Penny's, that would explain how she apparently engaged in unprotected sex many times but didn't get pregnant. However, TPTB just LOVE bashing Leonard. I think at the point they are at a planned pregnancy is completely reasonable. Since Penny is with Leonard for years she is probably using some regular protection. Not that a surprise cannot happen...
  14. I prefer having Sheldon burge in when she is giving birth, saying something he thinks is super important which of course is not, then Penny pulls Leonard closer and says in a serial killer like tone and expression ("Run to India" style but worse) "Cut his head off". Leonard laughs nervously, thinking she is kidding, but her expression remains unchanged. He goes out and Sheldon is not there, he heard it with his vulcan hearing. Later when everybody comes in there is a drone accompanying them, Sheldon comes back only after Penny promises him 3 times that she has calmed down and his head will remain intact. And I would like a planned baby because that could be a first for Penny's family, thus a source for comedy in their reactions. But TPTB like everything to be tense and not calmly, jointly decided with Lenny so...
  15. If they get a negative pregnancy test I would like to see them together supporting each other.