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  1. That was just hypothetical, to show a way in which they'd have her pregnant but I wouldn't like it.
  2. It was more than one episode, and in story they dated for several weeks (otherwise she wouldn't meet Sheldon's criteria to be considered "living with" Leonard). Two is too many to cheat on, one is too many, but factually, Leonard did not cheat in every girlfriend he had.
  3. I was reacting to the idea of Penny being pregnant no matter what, suggesting an option that will be sad IMO - that she gets pregnant but really doesn't want kids, not just has fears of having them but does want them. Your comments suggest her wanting kids but being afraid of having them, that's differrent.
  4. I have to disagree. This is all hypothetical, of course, but if Penny gets pregnant in spite of truly not wanting kids, and keeps the baby and raises them because she kind of has no choice, that would be a very sad ending, IMO.
  5. Is a two dollar bill creepy? You learn something every day 😕
  6. bfm

    [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 12

    I didn't notice when I watched, but is that a new recycle shirt?
  7. They can always say they were surprisingly successful and she got pregnant right away. It will be much more believable than Bernadette being pregnant for about 11 months the first time and getting a positive pregnancy test like a week after concieving the second time 🤷‍♀️ I'm leaning toward you're too hopeful haha but everything is possible I guess
  8. I don't like the idea of a surprise pregnancy. They can make her be surprisingly happy about it, but I'd rather having her get pregnant willingly, wanting a child.
  9. Oh wow! Haven't thought of this, that's so little!
  10. This may happen, I hope so for Zack, but maybe not in the next one. The articles said Kraft will participate in "multiple episodes", that sounds like more than 2. If they do this in 12×15 then there's no much reason to have her later on.
  11. I'm not saying he will for sure go through with it, just what would be if he does. I do think for now he said yes or at least said he'd think about it, then in this week's taping we'll either see him preparing to donate, perhaps signing a contract with Zack and Marissa, or making the decision/Zack and Marissa tryign to convince him.
  12. Not really. He wouldn't be getting to be a father, just have a biological child, and at least according to what we've seen in the episode his main/one of his main motivations was to help a couple who wants kids but can't have them. Why yes, Penny, I do, many times, when I watch the show and see your character, e.g., "The Procreation Calculation", "The Romance Recalibration", "The Viewing Party Combustion" and many more.
  13. I thought this was one of the better episodes of the season, one that, as opposed to many others this season, does stand by the standards I'd expect from earlier BBT seasons. I didn't LOL or anything and were it in any season prior to 8 I don't think it would be considered a very good episode, but it was at a level with better post season 8 episodes and mediocre/a bit weaker pre season 8 episodes. There were various amusing parts, the Pen, Astin and Cuoco gave great performances IMO and, as opposed to too many episodes this season, it did not upset me. The Zangen plot, though another one for Bernadette, was IMO more about Penny, which was long overdue. Finally Penny got a plot where she was front and center, and where something about this character, about her self-perception and way of dealing with challenges and her feelings was "said" (BTW, I think Bernadette saying everybody feels not good enough, not smart enough, was perhaps somewhat true but was the wrong move by the writers because making it a general thing was a little like withdrawing what they "said" about Penny). The "haven't seen it yet" was a fun and very timely bit. "Fun with Flags" was indeed fun and funny as always, and as always I think Mayim kills as Amy being awkward in front of the camera. The SA (just realized it stands for both Super Asymmetry and Sheldon and Amy, what a hoot!) plot was good as a plot, I liked that they mentioned it would be potentially getting a Nobel much earlier than expected, and I do think Sheldon and Amy showed a lot of growth there. In season 4 who would've thought these two would one day have such a conversation, wanting to sacrifice such a huge thing for each other? Some may say this is OOC and the show ruining the Sheldon charcater and so... but I see it as earned character development, which is a great thing to show in the show's last season. I do have reservations here, that are not about the plot itself but about the "larger picture": 1) Here we have another SA plot, after already having sooo many this season, many of them in a row, this one coming after only an episode break after the previous one. Meanwhile, Penny drops a no kids bomb in episode 3, only for the issue to come up 9 whole episodes later, with a whacky plot that ends with us not knowing Leonard's decision, and then we don't hear a word about it in this episode! Ridiculous is way too small a word for that. 2) Sheldon and Amy getting a Nobel or a Nobel nomination feels unnecessary, too much of a fairy tale IMO. Like their wedding, it's too sweet and fairy-taley for me, which makes me dislike it. And it just makes the Sheldon-Leonard imbalance all that greater. Sheldon may get all his dreams, Leonard got an important one of his blown in his face. Yay. Also no word about Anu, but that makes more sense, supposedly they're dating now. I was fine with Bernadette up until her scene with Raj and Howard, that was too much IMO and painted her too bad. Penny in the end was a bit too Bernie IMO, but maybe she was trying to implement what she had learned from her?
  14. Penny has been overdue a plot that about her or her and someone else in this case. She got a new responsibility at work and there was also a saying there about her way of handling challenges and feelings. Though I do not like at all that there was nothing about the donation bomb from the very previous episode, I think this is a rare good move by the writers for the Penny character.

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