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  1. Chapter 20, Halley POV.
  2. Sure it is for entertainment, but I would like it if they made a bit of effort to get things more like they are IRL, or at least not so far from IRL as they did in the russian paper episode. But I stopped expecting that from them.
  3. I like him too but I doubt a university president does 80% of the things he does on the show LOL Od they couldn't bring Gablehouser back they should have just cast a new department head and say Gablehouser quit because of all the.. peculiar people in the department (and no I'm not talking just about Sheldon).
  4. I think the conversation with Siebert is supposed to be an over-correction by Leonard, as is common in comedies. I agree that they just arbitrarily decide someone is happy or unhappy with their job, then again they also arbitrairily decide someone suddenly doesn't want kids so I don't look for believability or something close to realism there anymore. (Also, Leonard goes straight to the president of the university? Yeah right...)
  5. Could be, but if they're still going to do this for the audience then some of it may be in studio or at least something they could recreate well enough in the studio
  6. Thank you so much @insomniak!!! That was very generous of you. They have touched on Leonard being a "satisfier" before, and we have seen him do things he wants with Penny so that sounds like a bit of a step back, but the job thing is new and good for him for finally getting something. Hmm maybe they're worried they will be too emotional to shoot it properly (I remember Johnny half-joking about that).
  7. I guess at this point her saying she may some day change her mind is the best we can hope for... And I don't have high hopes for that...
  8. At this point I think whatever they do will be problematic because they wrote themselves into a lose-lose situation. I guess the best scenario for me would be a reveal that there was some deep reason for Penny saying she doesn't want kids and it is not that she really doesn't want them, in fact she does want kids but "gave up" on them due to something, maybe some insecurities/fears that she can overcome with Leonard's support, and they will end up having kids and being happy together. And Penny will keep enjoying and succeeding at her job because I wouldn't like that to be like her only purpose is having kids.
  9. Yeah but since when do the writers care about that?
  10. I don't think it would go that way if they were to move away, which again they're probably not. Sheldon, like everyone, has qualities that others enjoy and some that are harder to deal with. He can be demanding and had established a relationship with Leonard where he has certain requirements that can be hard to deal with. That doesn't mean he's unworthy of the friendship, but a change of dynamics could be beneficial for both.
  11. Umm... what? You're generalizing and making assumptions, it feels like you assume I have a certain opinion about Sheldon just because I'm a Lenny fan. I'm not one of those who always put Sheldon in a negative light and that was not what I was trying to say. I didn't mean they would go out with a feud, just with the understanding that they can now be less reliant on each other and have a better relationship as a result of that. I don't have much disdain for Sheldon, nor do I dislike him.
  12. This is all just hypothetical but it could be a case where taking some distance helps the relationship The Leonard-Sheldon relationship was for years at the center of the show so the show could end with a change in that relationship
  13. I don't remember such an interview, do you remember where/when that was? And if Penny is pregnant there won't be a dilemma, the only question will be whether they stay in Pasadena or move away but they will stay together...
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