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  1. Then they'd have a swiss army knife, swiss cheese and a swiss child
  2. And yet they did write unfunny, unnecessary, OOC angst for them like the boat kiss and the no kids drama. Apparently, post season 6/7 Lenny angst was okay, but Lenny working on their issues (as we saw in episodes like "The Tangible Love Proof")? Not so much*. *There have been some exceptions, like "The First Pitch Insufficiency"
  3. I think a distinction has to be made. Claiming Leonard and Penny are not in a bad place and don't seem to have major issues (the claim made taken by many here) doesn't equal being happy with the way the pregnancy was written, and with the no-kids and Zack drama.
  4. Is it really that common to postpone sex till marriage? Here it is considered an orthodox thing, it'd be rather unusual for secular people to do that. My impression is that in the US it is also related to religion or to being conservative or "old-fashioned".
  5. Why are we looking for "perfect" though? Does that even exist? Sometimes people do things that are not great for their spouses. One is allowed to point that out when it comes to a sitcom couple, and when they think there are issues with the writing. That doesn't mean they think the couple is in trouble. A marriage can be great, while having it's challenges.
  6. Raj had Selective Mutism, they did say that. Did he have other diagnoses as a child? We have zero details, there's no Young Raj show and we weren't given much detail about his childhood on TBBT. He doesn't have ASD though and I dare say I'm 98% sure he didn't as a child.
  7. Sorry, but that's just not true. Maybe the expert meant something a bit different and wasn't clear enough. Some of us may have autistic features, that is true, but spend a part of our lives on the spectrum? No. As for "growing out of" it, that's more complicated. There certainly may be a change in the existence or the degree of symtpoms. Also, to have a diagnosis the symptoms should hinder one's functioning or cause significant distress. Then you get into more of a philosophical issue. Some view ASD as neurological difference, meaning a person with ASD is different (different, not lesser) than a neurotypical person (i.e. person without ASD). So, if a person has some ASD symptoms but they don't create problems in functioning nor distress, do they stop being different? In a way it reminds me of deaf people saying children with hearing aids are still hearing-impaired/deaf and should not be robbed of that identity (I'm making the comparison to say something about identity, not about the nature of the situations).
  8. I'm not sure Lennys were tiny and lacking influence. I think many of us kept watching because we still wanted to see them, and we also kept clinging to hopes that things will get better. Also, I know some Lennys didn't think it was that bad (or thought it wasn't bad at all) and truly enjoyed the later seasons.
  9. I actually got to the point where I skipped episodes or saw parts of episodes. I never thought it'd get so bad, but it did. If this went on another season or two, and perhaps with a Shamy pregnancy taking center stage, I might have quit watching entirely. 12 seasons and leaving on top is an unbelievable achievement, but would they still be on top in season 14, if they kept going the way they did?
  10. I think they shouldn't have written it even if they had another season or two. It was not true to the characters and their story and it was, to me at least, painful to watch. Unnecessarily painful. More episodes wouldn't have changed that. Mind you, they didn't even make use of the episodes they had. The Zack plot was IMO just whacky and it did nothing to change the situation. The only "progress" happened off screen (and by that I don't mean the actual conception but the mental-emotional processes preceding and following it). As Holland said, the whole thing was in fact done because they planned to have Penny pregnant in the finale and wanted to add a surprise factor. I think if they took their time to think about it more thoroughly, including thinking about past and future episodes (again, not something they're used to because it's simply not their way of working), they may have realized all the problems it would make far outweigh that surprise factor.
  11. Again, I wasn't referring to how boring it was. I was just saying Lenny IMO were at their low point in the second half of season 10, with all the nonsense out of the blue fighting. I found their dynamic in season 11 a great improvement compared to that.
  12. I meant re Lenny dynamics. I found the season 11 Lenny dynamic much better than season 10's and much more them. One of the problems is that as a rule, they didn't plan. And when they did plan a bit, in season 12, it was a mess, perhaps because they weren't used to building stories up and to think them through deeply (e.g. the awful Lenny no kids drama). I think they could have finished with eight seasons as a really great show, or ten as a really good show. 12 was way too much, although there have been nice moments here and there. And of course we can't deny their inbelievable success. They made history.
  13. IMO the worst season was 12. No other season comes close for me. There may have been a few good moments here and there, and the finale was decent, but, sadly, I mostly disliked it. I found season 8 just kind of boring. And then there was the boat kiss... But that was at the very end. So to me season 8 is just mostly boring. No more than 12 though. There was also the second half of season 10, which I think might have been the low point for Lenny. To make it worse, all the out of the blue arguments there turned out to be completely pointless. I did like most of the first half though, and it got much better in season 11. I agree season 6 was great. I also really liked the second half of season 5. There were many classic moments in the first 3, I think season 3 is my favorite among them.
  14. It is weird. I feel like my connection to the BBT universe is getting weaker, and it's even weirder that it's hapenning so fast. The show ended less than 3 months ago! I used to check the forum every morning, like a newspaper, and then some times during the day or at night. Now I only check it every once in a while. Also, because RL is...busy and complicated right now, I don't get to writing my fanfic. I miss writing my characters and my versions of the BBT characters. I also don't get to read other fanfics as much. I also miss communicating with you guys, it used to be a regular thing, and now it's barely happening. So... weird. I hope everybody is doing well.
  15. D'arcy Carden didn't get a nomination for her work in the latest srasom of "The Good Place" so even if this were the best BBT season I wouldn't have been surprised. (And no it wasn't the best season at all...)
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