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  1. Chapter 20, Halley POV.
  2. Sure it is for entertainment, but I would like it if they made a bit of effort to get things more like they are IRL, or at least not so far from IRL as they did in the russian paper episode. But I stopped expecting that from them.
  3. I like him too but I doubt a university president does 80% of the things he does on the show LOL Od they couldn't bring Gablehouser back they should have just cast a new department head and say Gablehouser quit because of all the.. peculiar people in the department (and no I'm not talking just about Sheldon).
  4. I think the conversation with Siebert is supposed to be an over-correction by Leonard, as is common in comedies. I agree that they just arbitrarily decide someone is happy or unhappy with their job, then again they also arbitrairily decide someone suddenly doesn't want kids so I don't look for believability or something close to realism there anymore. (Also, Leonard goes straight to the president of the university? Yeah right...)
  5. Could be, but if they're still going to do this for the audience then some of it may be in studio or at least something they could recreate well enough in the studio
  6. Thank you so much @insomniak!!! That was very generous of you. They have touched on Leonard being a "satisfier" before, and we have seen him do things he wants with Penny so that sounds like a bit of a step back, but the job thing is new and good for him for finally getting something. Hmm maybe they're worried they will be too emotional to shoot it properly (I remember Johnny half-joking about that).
  7. I guess at this point her saying she may some day change her mind is the best we can hope for... And I don't have high hopes for that...
  8. At this point I think whatever they do will be problematic because they wrote themselves into a lose-lose situation. I guess the best scenario for me would be a reveal that there was some deep reason for Penny saying she doesn't want kids and it is not that she really doesn't want them, in fact she does want kids but "gave up" on them due to something, maybe some insecurities/fears that she can overcome with Leonard's support, and they will end up having kids and being happy together. And Penny will keep enjoying and succeeding at her job because I wouldn't like that to be like her only purpose is having kids.
  9. Yeah but since when do the writers care about that?
  10. I don't think it would go that way if they were to move away, which again they're probably not. Sheldon, like everyone, has qualities that others enjoy and some that are harder to deal with. He can be demanding and had established a relationship with Leonard where he has certain requirements that can be hard to deal with. That doesn't mean he's unworthy of the friendship, but a change of dynamics could be beneficial for both.
  11. Umm... what? You're generalizing and making assumptions, it feels like you assume I have a certain opinion about Sheldon just because I'm a Lenny fan. I'm not one of those who always put Sheldon in a negative light and that was not what I was trying to say. I didn't mean they would go out with a feud, just with the understanding that they can now be less reliant on each other and have a better relationship as a result of that. I don't have much disdain for Sheldon, nor do I dislike him.
  12. This is all just hypothetical but it could be a case where taking some distance helps the relationship The Leonard-Sheldon relationship was for years at the center of the show so the show could end with a change in that relationship
  13. I don't remember such an interview, do you remember where/when that was? And if Penny is pregnant there won't be a dilemma, the only question will be whether they stay in Pasadena or move away but they will stay together...
  14. I don't think so, because the poster said it was something they should have confronted him about years before, or something like that. There was also no mention of Penny, so it didn't seem related to her in my eyes, but who knows. I know, but I was going with the "could be basis for the end of the show" thing. I could see an audience member write that if there was some inquiry as to why Leonard keeps living next to Sheldon.
  15. Or Sheldon...? Like him complaining about Sheldon all the time even though he could move away...?
  16. Thank you very much for the spoilets and for the details about your experience. I'm very very curious about the spilers, especially the Leonard story, if you could elaborate a bit in the "Series Discussion" thread that would be so so wonderful of you, that is the thread where we post all spoilers, no need to warn or avoid details. Of course you don't owe anyone anything, what you wrote was definitely generous enough
  17. I had no problem with his statement in general, that women don't have to have children to be fulfilled, the problems relate to dropping this on these specific character, the timing of doing so and what had been previously shown.
  18. <This is long and not really about the show so if the issue is not of interest to you just skip this post> Very disappointed at Kaplan with this: https://metro.co.uk/2019/03/16/big-bang-theory-producer-explains-sheldon-coopers-lack-social-skills-wont-ever-labelled-8914549/ The man is highly intelligent, but he clearly doesn't know what he's talkong about when it comes to diagnosis in the mental health field. He shouldn't be talking this way about something he clearly lacks knowledge about. Kaplan seems to think there's a profession called "diagnostician", and what that person does is just applying diagnoses to people for them to get payments from insurance companies or something like that. Umm... What? There may be cases where people go to meet a psychiatrist or a psychologist to get officially diagnosed so they could get the support they desrve from inssurance companies but that is not where it ends, at least not the way it is supposed to end (you cannot make an adult person who's not a danger to themselves or others go to treatment so yes, in some cases it may end there because that's what the person chose). In some cases it also doesn't start there, the person may have been sent to that professional by someone who had raised concerns and is not allowed to diagnose or is not sure about the diagnosis. So let's clear some things out: A dignosis is a means to guide treatment. It is not the entire story, it is not the only thing that defines a person to mental health professionals, and itbis not the entire treatment plan. It just sets a certain direction. The professional who makes a diagnosis, that would be a psychologist or a psychiatrist (not sure if there are other professionals legally allowed to do that and maybe it's different in different countries), also won't just print out a paper with a label and that's it. There will be an assessment, more or less comprehensive, and various details abojt the person and their surroundings will be taken into consideration. If treatment, either by medicine and or psychological, is to start then the treating professional will make a more comprehensive, thourough assessment and devise a(n ever updating) treatment plan. If it is a psychodiagnostic assessment then again there will be a more comprehensive and through assessment and it will include some tests and end in a report that tries to convey an undertanding of the person and make reccommendations accordingly. In both cases the professional will try to understand the story of the specific person and make suggestions slecifically tailored for that person. (To clarify, there won't always be an inital assessment leading to a more thorough one, that's just in case there's a prior more ad-hock meeting.) So no, dear Kaplan, these "diagnosticians" you're talking about are not so different than you writers trying to tell a chatacter's story. They don't just label and that's it. They try to understand a person's story (in a way that's deeper than what TBBT writers do), while also applying a label that helps guide their treatment and get the person what they deserve (if there is something they deserve). I can understand the writer's reasons to not diagnose Sheldon, including Kaplan's feelings about it not beloging with what he does. That's fine, that's how he feels. But, he shouldn't be spreading misinformation, especially the kind of misinformation that may lead people who need professional help to avoid seeking for it (not saying this specific article has high chances to do that to many people, I assume it won't reach many people, but I'm talking about the kind of things he said in a more general way). Also, Kaplan is making a generalisation that is just not true. He says "diagnosticians" and writers speak in "different registers" and makes it seem like a diagnosis cannot work in a comedy. However, there are writers out there doing marvellous job with mental health diagnoses on their shows. "Crazy Ex Girlfriend" is an outstanding example. They included a diagnosis in a way that is sensitive, realistic and multi-faceted. They also showed how a diagnosis can help in finding an appropriate treatment and enhance self understanding and feelings of belonging and being understood. And it resonates with people who deal with mental disorders, there are very touching posts and comments in a Facebook fan group I'm at. So I guess what I'm saying is, Kaplan, speak about what you know and speak for yourself and it would refer, probably (I don't know all mental health professionals and what each of them calls themselves), to psychodiagnostic(/psychodidactic) diagnosis, which is a full process, not just labelling. /rant over *ETA: To clarify, one may describe themselves as a diagnostician but that's not their profession, it's a job description.
  19. She apparently already thought she'd marry him before their breakup so maybe earlier than the Priya era, but it could be that she didn't admit it to herself.
  20. I could totally watch them just going on with their banter for a full episode length
  21. Thanks, didn't know you read them I saw a fic I think some months ago where the son's name was Stephen/Issac George. I don't remember which one...
  22. I came up with the names about 2-3 years ago (I came up with the story long before I started writing and published about 6 months after I started writing). At the time all we knew was Sheldon did not appreciate his dad at all, there was no mention of him missing his dad or his dad being a good father. It was only after YS that we got these sort of things. So, at the time Sheldon naming his son after his dad didn't even occur to me.
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