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  1. Wonderful! And the locket looks great on the second one
  2. I think when Sheldon said he loves them in his way, he was recognizing he would likely still hurt them or fail to meet their expectations at times. That is completely realistic, progress is much less linear than we would like to believe. But I want to believe he will try better, and I hope they keep making him see where he's failing, accepting him but also not just taking it and saying "Sheldon will be Sheldon".
  3. To paraphrase Bernadette, because sometimes the writers are ich.
  4. There doesn't seem to be an interest in having a spin-off with some but not all of the BBT characters. I would like it so much though if Leonard and Penny (and perhaps baby) suddenly made an appearance in another Lorre sitcom. I don't think it would ever happen but IMO that would be so cool, I just want a short glance of them about a year later.
  5. And Stephanie (This has weirdly turned into a Name All Leonard's Exes game)
  6. Penny also liked Christian, so maybe...? But you know, one may like a name and the other won't like it, it's both their decision. Also, they could think of a name but feel that it doesn't fit the baby once s/he's born. So who knows, I guess it's whatever we want it to be
  7. Well, this is fiction so they're all imaginary.
  8. I'm confused about the in-narrative dates of the last episodes haha IRL, Nobel announcements take place in October and the ceremony in Decmber, but it didn't seem to be winter for them.
  9. By the way, I added a list of chapters+synopsis to the first post here, so it's easier to pick a chapter to read (since in this story it's not necessary to read all previous chapters to enjoy a certain one)
  10. I was surprised they nailed that very specific reference!
  11. Not AU/OOC anymore, yay 😁
  12. The last chapter of the Lenny storybook Thank you @luminous Gonna miss those two
  13. It wasn't the last episode, it was just an additional special. The last episose is "The Stockholm Syndrome", with the Nobel ceremomy.
  14. TCT continues, with this week's Michael POV. Well, it's still AU to season 12 because the dates would be off, but not as much as it seemed to be earlier this season
  15. I guess Raj will have to find his happiness in fanfiction.... Although there are very few Raj fanfics
  16. I thought Sheldon's hard time with the changes was completely realistic. He won't be okay with changes now just because he made it through some. That's not how it works. Sheldon will probably always have problem with change. He may get better, even much better, in dealing with it, but it will always disconcert him. He experiences changes in ways different than most other people. I think the problem is not in the plot but more in them not delving enough into Sheldon's issues, whatever they are in their eyes, which makes viewers judge him as an everyman, which he's not. I don't think they did, that girl was just a very good casting, she looked like Amy and did a great job imitating an Amy expression.
  17. You can have continuity and IC writing in a light series
  18. Can't help but smile looking at these. They look so happy! BTW, my reactions are back. Likes to everybody!!! 😎
  19. I was referring to some well known controversial endings. For example, I know there was controversy over the "Lost" finale, without having watched it. I did watch "How i Met Your Mother", which may had one of the most controversial finales among the sitcoms of the latest decades.
  20. Haha yeah... I guess now we're just gonna have to live with the mistakes they've made, no matter how annoying they may be. It's just hard to forget about the thing that had made me so upset, it was the major issue that led me to kind of stop watching (or maybe half-watch is a better term, I watched some episodes partly, I think there's only one I didn't watch entirely). I am glad they did end with warm and happy feelings We all know not every show managed to do that haha
  21. Kinda feels like trying to think of the things that go in the characters "mind" is (sometimes) a waste of time because it can be so arbitrary, with no real reason grounded in the way the character thinks and feels
  22. Seriously?! They should've thought this through, wayyy longer than they did anyway, and realize that the damage they have done outweighed the surprise factor. At the very least they should have implied there's something behind Penny's flip of mind, meaning it wasn't really true that she did not want kids. And not have the donation plot or use it to imply Penny's no-kids stance wasn't genuine. Or at the very very least take a moment to discuss her feelings after she got pregnant (well, the better way to go IMO would've been to show her changing her mind and initiate pregnancy).
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