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  1. Also, they seemed to insinuate it was some kind of a "wild, popular teenage girl" thing to do, a little adventure of hers. I can't believe they did that, and also got away with it like that. A few years later they may have gotten far greater protest for that. This Luther guy is the one who should be deemed responsible for that, and might be considered a rapist or sexual offender.
  2. The Luther jokes were in very poor taste. Not unlike the aftermath of the Raj fiasco, where the show places the blame on Penny and the way alcohol makes her a promiscuous monster, apparently, and somehow her actions at such condition are to be judged as if she were 100% sober and concious. In many cases, I think the writers treated the Penny character poorly. She was often more like The Popular Girl™ than a real person, with human thought processes and feelings. They seem to have projected their own perceptions and feelings toward this Popular Girl idea, instead of trying to see things from the Penny character's perspective. Relatedly, I've always thought it would've been better if the show had more female writers... It seems like it was something of a boys' club, with something like 9 man and 3 women in ther writers' room, even when they started expanding on the female characters. They'd also have the chance to explore more grounded, common fears with Leonard and Penny, especially with her being pregnant.
  3. To put simply, no. None of Penmy's behaviors that you described (and none of those you did not describe) is at a level to be considered a symptom of BPD. Also, although they had their ups and downs, I do not think you can consider Leonard and Penny's relationship very "unstable" (especially later on), and she does not idealize nor degrade him. I hope you're doing well and taking care of yourself, by the way, knowing that BPD can be challenging to handle. If you're looking for a representation of BPD in comedy, I highly recommend Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.
  4. The whole no-kids fiasco. What a load of... And The Boat Kiss And the Raj and Penny (non-consensual) make-out, as well... There are a lot of other things but these were the worst, IMO
  5. Thank you! Glad some people are still reading 🤭
  6. Yeah... that didn't work. But hey, I finally finished that chapter! If anybody's still interested, here it is: 29. Decisions - Max POV - After finishing his finals, Max is about to make a big decision, but there's someone special who makes a big impact on his decision, and himself.
  7. The show is full of inconsistencies, some more ridiculous than others, like Penny blaming Leonard for them living with Sheldon when a year before we see her convince Leonard to live with Sheldon...
  8. Well, going back to the original question of this thread, I think Sheldon's a very Enlightment guy. As for Sheldon as a parent, IMO of course he'd be "unusual", and he'd have many challenges, he's Sheldon. But I don't think he'd be so bad.
  9. Sheldon is not good at understanding facial expressions, so I do think it was too much to expect him to realize Penny was excited (the girls did), but he could've at least asked if she was upset. That wouldn't be the best response, for sure, but it is something within Sheldon's capabilities.
  10. They didn't give an explanation as to why Penny didn't want to have kids because there wasn't any. It was just their way to make the pregnancy announcement unexpected. One of the writers said that (the second part). So we might as well forget 12×03, it didn't really involve any character work, it was all driven by out-of-narrative factors and it didn't fit well with the already established narrative.
  11. The thing about the "Penny doesn't want kids" storyline was, it was just a (IMO unbelievably terrible) way for them to make the pregnancy announcement in the finale a surprise. This is not a guess, one of the writers straight out said that. Apparently they did not think this through, not even a little bit. This is a very serious issue that shouldn't have been dealt this way ("Oh hey Penny just got up one morning and decided she doesn't want to have kids even though she did before, and it just happened, just like that, because her character is not supposed to resemble an actual human. Also because of that, she'd just get pregnant and everything would be totally fine 'cause who cares about the message we send about people who actually don't want kids. Oh, and in the meantime, here's a very weird, and goofy to a disrespectful level, story about Zack wanting heartbroken Leonard's sperm.") I think being this successful, and going on for so long, just made the writers complacent. They just didn't think things through.
  12. Darn it... I haven't been around so I missed some birthdays... Here are my belated congratulations @Tensor and @veejay. Hope you had wonderful days and have many, even better, days to come.
  13. Haven't been here that much, but here's a belated happy birthday @chucky
  14. So we're under fire again... Early morning today IDF killed a leader of one of the major terror orgnizations in Gaza. They targeted him specifically, waiting until "non-involved" (e.g., children, non-terrorist citizens) left his house and then shot and killed him and his wife. He was responsible for many shootings lately (the towns and cities close to Gaza are often under fire, when I say we're under fire it's when there's more shootings and they target further areas). So now there's a lot of shootings, over 180 since this morning. Most of them towards the southern areas, mostly the people close to Gaza, but there have been further shootings, e.g., close to Tel-Aviv. The IDF is not responding massively at this point, wanting to get things to calm down. Hopefully things will turn back to normal (or better than this, because "normal" for the people near Gaza is frequent shootings...) as soon as possible... I live closer to Tel-Aviv so it's not that bad, definitely wayy better than in the south, but I do work in a southern city. A rocket actually hit an area I was close to just yesterday... Today they cancelled school and closed work places in a big part of the country, we'll have to see what happens tomorrow...
  15. Thank you guys And happy birthday @vonmar! Hope you had a wonderful day
  16. So it's been a loooong time... But I did finish outlining the chapter and start writing it. I'm writing this comment more for myself than for anyone else, really, maybe that would make me feel more compelled to keep up with the chapter.
  17. Good for Americans to have those rules. Here they sometimes put the rocket alarm sound on the news, in related articles. It can be frightening for a moment, before you realize it's from the TV. It's annoying, and it's really unnecessary. I don't need to hear the alarm when they talk about shootings, I know it well enough.
  18. Stay safe everyone, glad to hear people here are prepared
  19. Interestingly, since the show ended my fic is getting a bit more traffic. I thought it would be the other way around. I also heard something similar from another fanfic writer, so I think it may be a general trend. I guess people miss seeing the gang do new stuff. I kinda wish Prady would open a secret FF account and write something haha I don't really know who would write things I'd like, but I liked the way things were going when he was showrunner so I'd place my bet on him
  20. Finally managed to write a new chapter Sorry for the big delay, I didn't have time to write recently. 28. Lost - Halley POV - Halley has one week, and no idea how, to figure out her major. Meanwhile, things do not go as planned in the Hofstadter Fund's new hall opening, leading to a surprise the gang would have never imagined.
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