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  1. D'arcy Carden didn't get a nomination for her work in the latest srasom of "The Good Place" so even if this were the best BBT season I wouldn't have been surprised. (And no it wasn't the best season at all...)
  2. Happy birthday @Carlos, best of wishes
  3. Well, @joyceraye was extra awesome today! So here's the chapter! 27. Playing - Michael POV - It's senior prom night, and Michael tries to keep with certain plans and expectations. *"Easter egg": Not accidentally named in a similar way to Michael's first chapter in Corollaryverse, "Not playing".
  4. Hey guys, Just letting you know I finished writting chapter 27, but it has to undergo beta reading. I'll post it as soon as I can. RL has been kinda crazy the last few weeks so I couldn't get much writing in. Hopefully I'll be able to go back to schedule some time, but if I don't know that that doesn't mean I had abandoned the story.
  5. We're around 90 as well. Thankfully still not with August humidity.
  6. You were saying you didn't believe what the writers said, that they planned ahead to have Penny pregnant in the finale. Your claim was that they weren't creative and you gave Melissa's pregnancy as an example. I said, IMO, they didn't have to be creative to think of the Penny pregnancy.
  7. They don't need to be creative to think of making Penny pregnant in the finale to refer to the very well known smart and beautiful sentence.
  8. What I was saying is that according to the writers themselves it was something they wanted to do, not fan service.
  9. Just pointing out, by their interviews, the writers actually planned for Penny to be pregnant at the finale all along, it wasn't just a bone thrown to fans. In fact, according to Holland, it was this tat made them decide to "write against it", i.e. 12X03. I won't go into my opinion about that strategy, but I wanted to point out the facts as revealed by TPTB.
  10. 26. Revelations - Dakota POV - Dakota discovers things about herself and her beloved. Meanwhile, Raj faces an unexpected problem. Note: Chapter 27 will be delayed, hopefully by a week, not more.
  11. The trip may have been in December, we weren't given a date so I'm not sure if they followed the RL Nobel timeline or not. Leaving home or taking to Sweden a 7 months old may be hard but possible. I'm disappointed about the season, not so much the finale. 12×03 was a huge mistake IMO. I think a pregnancy arc would've been far better, and if not maybe some thinking over the timing and then trying.
  12. Happy birthday @Swedish Chef I hope you have a great one
  13. She doesn't strike me as being in her early 20s. Lauren is far from that, they wouldn't have hired her if they wanted a very young woman. Who knows, maybe Denise studied something and then decided she's unhappy and wants to go into art. Or she didn't have the money earlier in her life and had to work to get it.
  14. I also hear studying costs a whole lot in the US. Besides, we don't know her life. What if she didn't have much to begin with? BTW, I don't remember the details about Denise being a student, what is she studying?
  15. bfm

    Episodic Errors

    Because if we assume the reason he stopped going was Sheldon, then not having met Sheldon (the premise of the imagined scenarios in the episode) he would've kept going, so he would eventually meet her there once she had started working there.
  16. bfm

    Episodic Errors

    When Leonard moved in with Sheldon Penny was a teenager, she wasn't a TCF waitress yet. Assuming he stopped going because of Sheldon, he wouldn't have met her.
  17. bfm

    Episodic Errors

    Maybe he went there until he moved in with Sheldon and started to go by the latter's schedule. If he hadn't known Sheldon then he would've kept going.
  18. I agree with this. Denise was a very optional extra, and they also did use her at times as a gate to the nerd world for the girls, which I think they could've done more if the show were to continue.
  19. I don't think the issue with Emily was Penny. I think the character just didn't fit in well enough with the gang. I think the one who had the most potential to fit with them (character-wise) was Lucy.
  20. No one was polarized because we barely got to see her and got maybe less than a minite of them interacting. She did seem promising and I do wonder why they didn't follow up on that and what would have happened, but we really don't know. It could've got boring quickly, it could've become a mess. We have no idea if that cat was dead or alive, so the talk about Yvette being Raj's greatest match (not saying you specifically said that) is just shipping for shipping's sake (which reminds me of this, because sometimes I think in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend songs).
  21. That's why people should get beta readers @joyceraye
  22. Usually you can see what the ships are before you enter the story. I avoid Shenny stories, but there are people who like them so to each their own.
  23. I like fanfiction, but there was a previous attempt to do a forum fanfiction where each person continues what has been written before and it didn't last long.
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